Humility and honesty have never been part of Obama’s long suit

Tea Party to Obama: You’re Not OUR Daddy!’

By —— Bio and Archives--January 10, 2017

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As he struts out of the same door whose glass he mistakenly ran into in 2009, Pretend President Barack Hussein Obama is trying to take credit for being “The Father of the Tea Party”.

“Stop, thief, Stop!” and hear the gales of laughter your 11th-hour claim has unleashed across the fruited plains.

This ‘Father of Abysmally Failed U.S. Marxism’, kissin’ cousin to unrepentant domestic terrorist Billy Ayers, Ace in the Hole for rampaging Islamic terrorists, Hillary Clinton’s election stalled Queen Maker, and Valerie Jarrett protegé,  will be duly history-anointed as the ‘Big Daddy of Racial Discord’.

Save for the signature “ums”, “ers” and “ahs” when being showcased by ABC Correspondent George Stephanopoulos, we would have thought he was just kidding.

“I’m the Father of the Tea Party,” the same president, who allowed the term “tea baggers” for TP members and on whose watch the IRS was sicced on the Tea Party, crowed. A dramatic change from his hissy fit back on Sept. 12, 2009 when he flew over the heads of millions of protesters in Washington, D.C., trying desperately to make it seem they weren’t really there.

“As he left Washington this morning aboard the Marine One helicopter, President Obama flew over the crowds forming near the Capitol. But as the protests continued, President Obama’s own rally was already under way in Minneapolis.” (ABC News, Sept. 12, 2009).

Sulky, U.S. sovereignty killing Barack Obama the Father of the Tea Party?

Before his long GoodBye is over, Obama will be taking full credit for the election success of Donald J. Trump, one of the stink bombs he’ll lob from one of his coming protests as a resurrected Community Organizer.

The monstrous meme of the Obama cabal, advanced by Pretend Indian Princess Elizabeth Warren, has long been “You didn’t build that!”

That’s how we know it is typical of Marxists to swipe the good ideas of their enemies, number one on the Enemy List being the Tea Party Movement.

Some worry about the grief Obama will lay on the doorstep of We the People on his way back to obscurity.  Few ever thought he’d leave the best belly laugh to be heard in eight long years of his misery.

Sulky, U.S. sovereignty killing Barack Obama the Father of the Tea Party?

Propaganda already rotting in its cradle.

This mean-spirited, spiteful, hate fuelled little man’s got a lot of Marxist moxie.

But none of it does a danged thing for the young blacks being slaughtered by other young blacks in his hometown of Chicago.


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Obama’s real unforgivable legacy

That is Obama’s real unforgivable legacy.

The sands of time are swiftly running to the bottom of the hourglass, of soon-to-be Citizen Soetoro.  A little humility would have made his loud and brash Swan Song a little more appealing.

But humility and honesty have never been part of Obama’s long suit.

It’s time to say goodbye,  and Meryl Streep,  Barbra Streisand, Michael Moore and Rosie O’Donnell can only rant but not help the newly-self-acclaimed ‘Father of the Tea Party’.

People still waiting on jobs, affordable health insurance and the peace of mind that comes from knowing their children are safe at school, are praying, “Deliver us from evil”.

And as someone posted to Facebook today, “and take your feet off of Donald Trump’s desk while you’re at it!”

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