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The Bluegrass Backstabbing!

By —— Bio and Archives--October 17, 2013

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The GOP’s ‘supposed’ leader within the Senate crushed the valiant efforts of Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, and freedom-loving patriots absorbed another salvo designed to destroy our constitutional republic.  Apparently, we know the price for zipper-lip McConnell’s treason.


Two billion dollars is the price for the latest Judas-like abandonment in the ‘ObamaCare-OBoehnerCare-O’ConnellCare’ saga.  With the Bluegrass Backstabbing, the Minority Leader has joined the Senatorial Hall of Shame that includes Mary Landrieu (Louisiana Purchase), Ben Nelson (Cornhusker Kickback), Patrick Leahy, Chris Dodd, Max ‘ObamaCare is a train-wreck’ Baucus, and others, in deploying legislated euthanasia.

Thanks to the gutless leadership of Boehner and McConnell, the GOP owns ObamaCare as much as the demons within the Democrat Party.  2014 offers Kentuckians an opportunity to put this gelding nag out to pasture, and Ohioans have the same opportunity to spank crybaby Boehner from the House of Representatives.  With McConnell’s act of treason, the chances of the GOP retaking the Senate just went lame, and it appears the House is vulnerable to falling to the Democrats, as voters are likely to stampede away from the voting booth in greater numbers than in 2012, while establishment Republicans attempt to purge conservative Republicans from office.

As if this isn’t bad enough, Mr. ‘Jobs are my first priority’ has now made amnesty his first priority.  The hits just keep coming, and I don’t mean musical hits.

On the Drudge Report, a headline stated that 13% of us believe our country is on the right track.  This means 87% do not like the direction of our country, yet the stock market surged and the puppeteer-controlled media is pulling a Chris Matthews, experiencing chills up their legs with the passage of this latest pork-barrel ‘resolution’.  I guess this is the cue for the ‘term limits’ refrain.  Do you really believe the hood rats that are enriching themselves as they oversee the purposeful and methodical destruction of our healthcare system (not that it didn’t need improving), economy, society and republic are going to listen to lowly voters about term limits? 

Over the years, incumbent hood rats have rigged the electoral system to favor, unfairly, an incumbent over all challengers.  Not only do they have taxpayer-funded franking privileges, but they also get to rollover unused contributions from an election towards their re-election campaigns, while they sponsor and/or support quid pro quo legislation, ensuring even more contributions and support in future elections.  If a politician keeps his/her nose clean with his/her party leadership, and he/she encounters strong (i. e., conservative) competition from within the party, the party hierarchy will kick in additional funds to save ‘one of their own’.

By now, it is readily apparent that our solution cannot be found within the District of Corruption, but there is one way to ensure ‘term limits’, if the 87%, who do not like the direction of the country, will act in unison.  We need to unseat the establishment elite within both parties through an electoral enema.  The one way to do this is to NEVER vote for an incumbent!  It doesn’t make any difference if an incumbent is the next George Washington, he or she goes; no more career politicians within Congress!  This means the House of Representatives starts over every two years.  It will take three elections to decontaminate the entire Senate, but, ‘oh, what a feeling it will be’, akin to the first day of Spring, after an unusually severe winter!

With the vindictiveness displayed by ‘Bebe Doc’ Obama, while zipper-lip McConnell ‘bartered a better deal’ (much like Mornay, Lochlan, Craig and Robert, the Bruce did in ‘Braveheart’), when he betrayed a modern-day William Wallace in Ted Cruz and Hamish in Mike Lee, the storm clouds of a Longshanks-like tyranny are gathering above. 

The tyranny of the past sixteen days portends even greater persecutions in the future, as the establishment elites within both parties eviscerate our constitution.  Catholics, Christians and Jews, along with veterans and patriots who embrace our God-given and constitutionally guaranteed fights and freedoms, are under increasing attacks by those who despise God’s Ten Commandments, our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Divine intervention is our only prayer for saving us from those in elective and appointive office, who rule as tyrannical masters, not as civil servants.  May God have mercy upon our nation!


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