Whatever Obama was doing during Benghazi, we can be certain it was not behaving like a Commander in Chief

The Commander in Disaster

By —— Bio and Archives--May 28, 2013

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In honor of Memorial Day this year, it wasn’t enough to honor our fallen heroes and thank our active duty soldiers, half the country should also be apologizing for sticking our troops with the worst Commander in Chief in modern history.

Obama never misses an opportunity to disrespect the military he commands, in ways large and small. He gave them Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense—huge diss.

The two of them took it on the road recently giving commencement speeches, Obama at the Naval Academy, Hagel at West Point. What a treat. Instead of inspiring rhetoric about America and their futures, the graduates got scolded about sexual harassment in the military. Hagel promised them a future filled with drug and alcohol abuse, suicide and mental illness as well.

Why is it we never hear the word “quagmire” applied to Afghanistan? When Bush was in the White House, that’s all we ever heard from the dead media about Iraq. Now we have a genuine quagmire and nobody dares mention it. Obama keeps shoveling our troops into that hell hole with no clear purpose. What, exactly is the mission? What is his plan for victory?
The truth is more soldiers were killed in Afghanistan under Obama’s “leadership” in his first term than during both Bush terms combined.

Our troops are hobbled by rules of engagement that amount to a suicide pact between our soldiers and the Pentagon.

But, don’t worry, Washington is closely monitoring the sexual harassment situation.

Obama shows his contempt in small ways too, there was the recent umbrella gate incident in which he made it clear that the United States Marine Corps exists for his personal convenience;  in this case, to hold an umbrella for him. Something one would presume an able bodied adult male could do for himself.

He was caught yet again failing to salute the Marine waiting for him at Marine One, not that Obama has ever bothered to learn a proper salute.

And an absent Commander in Chief is a contemptible Commander in Chief. We still don’t know where Obama was during the Benghazi crisis. Who gave the orders for our Special Forces to stand down when they were ready, willing and able to head to Benghazi and help? Nobody saw Obama in the Situation Room; not like the time we saw him with Beyonce and JayZ in there. Did he simply issue orders to stand down and leave it at that? Did he not monitor the situation at all? Or was he getting his beauty sleep for his fundraiser the next day?
Whatever Obama was doing during Benghazi, we can be certain it was not behaving like a Commander in Chief.

Nor has he yet.

During his speech at the Naval Academy, Obama revealed the outlines of his real plans for the military: shrink it. Our enemies are delighted with our Commander in Chief.

©2013 Joy Tiz

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