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The Great “Uniter” Divides the Nation

By —— Bio and Archives--August 3, 2009

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The mystery messiah who was supposed to unite the nation and the world has managed to divide the nation more than at any time since the Civil War, and he’s just getting started!


Two years into blocking all access to his birth, adoption, college and passport records, Barack Obama is finally running out of room to run from his top secret past. Both “birthers” (aka constitutionalists) and “anti-birthers” (aka Marxist Obama minions and constitutional illiterates) number in the millions and the debate between them is beyond extreme, it’s downright vicious, working its way towards violent.

Unable to defend with any real facts, Obama’s decision to keep his entire life top secret, his minions have resorted to accusations of “racism” and “fascist right-wing extremism” in their effort to silence constitutionally conscious dissenters and the exploding demand for Obama to become the “transparent” president he promised to be.

“a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.”

Although this describes the Obama administration to the letter, as well as O-bots, this is actually the definition of “fascism,” proving once again that leftist can’t even get their insults right.

Over the last two years, Obama has named two different Hawaiian hospitals as his place of birth. Neither hospital will confirm… He, or his campaign, offered two different COLBs (Certifications of Live Birth, NOT Certificates of Live Birth) and then FactCheck (owned, operated and edited by Obama’s past community organizing employer, Annenberg) came up with their own Obama COLB, which of course did not match the COLBs offered by Team Obama.

Fact is, anyone could purchase a “Certification of Live Birth” in Hawaii in 1961 and many did during that era, including Obama’s half-sister Maya who was born and raised in Indonesia by Obama’s adoptive father, Lolo Soetoro.

Still, many Obama minions on the web and in the press claim to “know” that Obama was born in Hawaii, even though none of them have ever seen Obama’s official birth records from Hawaii because Obama refuses to release them for verification and authentication. Even Vanderbilt Law Professor and Huffington Post blogger Carol Swain, is now calling for the records to be opened. (See WND report here: ‘It’s so easy. I think most of us have ours in our important papers at home’)

Yet, Obama’s own family in Kenya claims to have been present at his birth in Kenya and now a very real looking Kenyan birth certificate for Barack has surfaced. (See WND Report here: Attorney files motion for authentication of alleged 1960s certificate from Africa)

Like the Obama COLBs, the Kenyan certificate has not yet been authenticated. But if all of them are forgeries, then the Kenyan forgery is by far the most convincing, bearing all of the right markings in all the right forms, unlike Obama’s COLBs. Frankly, I will be somewhat shocked if the Kenyan certificate turns out to be real. Odds are much better that it was created and released by the same people who created and released Obama’s COLBs… Team Obama.

But the simple fact is, nobody knows with any certainty where Barack Hussein Obama II was born, and that’s Obama’s fault. I can prove when and where I was born, and so can any other legal US citizen with nothing to hide, as Professor Swain points out.

In defense of CNN’s Lou Dobbs, Newsmax finally weighs in on the matter with Lou Dobbs Right on Obama Birth Certificate. “As it stands, Obama is the only president in history whose birthplace is unknown to the public – a fact that would be stated on the actual birth certificate. Interestingly, his family has mentioned two different hospitals in Hawaii as the place of birth.—Obama’s refusal to release his birth certificate does mean that Obama remains one of America’s most mysterious and opaque presidents ever.” Proclaims the Newsmax staff…

The issue of Barack’s top secret past is not going away as Barack and his mindless minions had hoped. It is growing and with each passing day, more and more Americans, even some who voted for Barack, are demanding to know what is in those Obama files that could be more damaging than the divisions caused by his lack of transparency?

As a new reader going by the name XobamaVoter recently posted over at Canada Free Press,—“Very well written ...You couldn’t have made it more clear than this! I just wish I could go back since I did vote for Obama, not that I liked McCain either tho…But something is indeed weird about BO…I finally agree, what is he hiding?” As all current polls indicate, the public tide is turning against Obama and Democrats.

Meanwhile, his blatant Marxist agenda is now meeting with such a massive public revolt that his fellow Democrats in congress are scared to meet with their constituents back home, as has been a long standing tradition during their August recess.

Democrat town-hall after town-hall is turning into an impromptu TEA Party in which members of congress fear for their physical well-being. Instead of taking a deep breathe, sitting down and listening as their constituents (read – employers) attempt to communicate their dissatisfaction with the current rush into Marxism in Washington, Democrats are canceling meetings with constituents and running for cover like the cowards they have become.

Convinced that constituents are not as smart as elitist Democrats in Washington, congressional Marxists plan to bulldoze ahead without the consent of their idiot constituents who don’t seem to know as well as DC Democrats, what’s good for them. Democrats not only fail to represent the half of Americans who didn’t vote for them (but do pay most of the taxes in this country), now Democrats don’t even want to meet with the folks who did.

Between Obama’s continued attempts to escape his secret past and the fascist bullying present in the Marxist agenda of the leftist Washington DC Thugocracy, not to mention the lefts constant beating of the “racist” and “economic envy” division drums, the “great uniter” has managed to divide the nation at a level not seen since the Civil War.

This can’t end well…

No matter how many millions of Americans demand Obama transparency, it’s clear that he has no intention of being the transparent president he promised to be during his campaign. His Marxist policies make it equally clear that he has no intention of being in any way “bi-partisan” or “moderate” either.

For the record, I stand firmly with the half of Americans who still believe in the US Constitution, who still revere the concepts of freedom and liberty, decency and honesty. As a result, I am becoming increasingly intolerant of the leftist attempts to scare Americans into Obammunism and deflect attention away from the apparent reality that we have an unqualified anti-American thug in the Oval Office.

Maybe that’s because I own a business that my wife and I started almost twenty years ago, which has lost 30% of its hard-earned revenue since Obama took office six months ago. As a business owner and life-long American investor, I “know” that Americans will NOT invest in Marxism. There is no turning this economy around until we turn Washington DC around and head it back in the direction of freedom and liberty, instead of counterfeit “entitlements” and tyrannical confiscation of hard-earned private assets. When businesses lose revenue, they lose investment and people lose jobs… It took my wife and I twenty years to build it. But it took DC leftists only six months to wreck it.—I digress….

The Burden of Proof

Article II of the Constitution is not written as a requirement for American citizens. It is written as a requirement for only those who wish to be president of the Unites States. Implicit in that requirement, is the fact that one held accountable for the requirement must be willing to provide proof of meeting the requirement, if asked to do so. Obama has been asked to do so thousands of times, hundreds of ways, including in courts of law, for two years now.

He thus far refuses to comply, and on that basis alone, he does NOT meet Article II requirements. The burden of proof rests with the applicant, not the people he is employed by.

Like any other job applicant in America, if as a condition of employment, he is asked to take a drug test to prove he is not on drugs, he can decline to take the test, but then he doesn’t qualify for the job.

The employer does not have to prove that the applicant is on drugs, the applicant has to prove he isn’t, as a stated condition of employment.

The same is true here. Being a “natural born citizen” is a “stated condition of employment” for the Oval Office. It is up to the applicant to prove that he meets that condition, when asked, if not before.

Obama Agrees!

Not now, but when he sat on the Senate Committee which resolved that John McCain was indeed eligible to run for the Oval Office, Obama seemed to understand and fully agree with the Founders constitutional requirement of “natural born citizen.”

In fact, he and his fellow Democrats went so far as to establish how and why John McCain met the Article II “natural born citizen” requirement. Here’s their resolution… http://leahy.senate.gov/press/200804/041008c.html

In it, Obama and fellow Democrats state three very important facts….the entire basis for their resolve in confirming Senator John McCain as both a “natural born citizen” and in compliance with Article II requirements to be President.

  1. Whereas the Constitution of the United States requires that, to be eligible for the Office of the President, a person must be a ‘‘natural born Citizen’’ of the United States;
  2. Whereas John Sidney McCain, III, was born to American citizens;
  3. - be it Resolved, That John Sidney McCain, III, is a ‘‘natural born Citizen’’ under Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution of the United States.

In short, as Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy stated so well, “Because he [McCain] was born to American citizens, there is no doubt in my mind that Senator McCain is a natural born citizen.”

There is NO such Senate resolution concerning Barack Hussein Obama, because as Obama & Co. know so well, Obama was NOT “born to American citizens.”

His birth father, Barack Hussein Obama I was a “natural born citizen” of Kenya, and was NEVER a legal citizen of the United States. As a result, Barack Hussein Obama II cannot pass Article II – Section I – Clause 5 requirements for the office he fraudulently holds at present.

Even Obama and his Democrat friends were VERY clear about this when it concerned Senator John McCain. They have clearly had a memory lapse since…

Obama’s Future is in his Hands

Personally, I have strong doubts that the Kenyan birth certificate is real. But I don’t “know” it, and yet I have NO doubts that the Hawaiian COLBs offered as proof of Obama’s eligibility under Article II, are forgeries and irrelevant.

It makes NO difference where Barack Hussein Obama was born, other than as further proof that he is a fraud and nothing he reports himself to be, now a foregone conclusion for most Americans.

Technically speaking however, as Obama was NOT “born to American citizens,” he is NOT a “natural born citizen” as even Obama and friends resolve in their Senate Resolution clearing John McCain’s White House bid.

What happens next is up to Obama. He can keep himself out of prison or from being tarred and feathered as he is removed from the Oval Office in handcuffs, by coming forward and opening up all secret files to clear his name, or—he can wait for the vicious debate to become violent… at which point he may have to run back to Kenya to escape a public revolt.

Obama has brought this on himself and he can stop it anytime he wants. If he doesn’t, I predict that the people will. Clearly, the debate over whether or not Barack Obama is a US Citizen will continue until Obama releases his documents to prove it one way or another.

But no document release is needed to know that Barack Hussein Obama is NOT the son of American citizens, as Barack has stated himself in his books. No document release is needed to know that only one born to two US citizens is a “natural born citizen,” because even Obama and fellow Democrats confirmed that in their Senate Resolution concerning McCain. And NO document release is needed to know without any doubt whatsoever, that Barack Hussein Obama does not meet Article II – Section I – Clause 5 requirements, on this basis alone.

However, with the help of “crazy as an out-house rat” Nancy Pelosi, Obama is pushing the nation to internal conflict just the same, and he is at the epicenter of that conflict. He alone can stop it. I hope that all Americans will join me in asking him to do just that, before people begin to take matters into their own hands, out of desperation.

Obama holds the keys to his locked past, and the key to his political future. People running interference for him are at risk of going down with him. I sincerely hope that both will choose their path more carefully over the coming days.

If they simply continue to run from constituents and Obama’s past, this cannot end well, for any American…


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