Obama is the architect of chaos and destruction, everything Obama touches plummets into disorder

The Most Dangerous Man in the World:  Barack H. Obama

By —— Bio and Archives--June 3, 2009

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Congratulations to President Obama!  Osama bin Laden is no longer the most dangerous man in the world, having been effectively neutered by former President Bush’s war on terror.  Obama has deftly picked up the mantle and has become America’s number one enemy.

Demonstrating its consummate mendacity, the mainstream media referred, during the 2008 campaign, to Barack Obama as “no drama Obama”.  Just a few short months into his presidency, it is manifest that no drama Obama is instead, the architect of chaos and destruction.  Everything Obama touches plummets into disorder.

The example de jour is the administration’s disastrous handling of the GM bankruptcy, an extortionate exercise in thuggery and demolition.  Obama’s Soros-manipulated economic policies have plunged our once prosperous nation into a level of debt that will enslave future generations.

Obama’s non- response to the detonation of a nuclear bomb and ongoing missile launching by North Korea sent the rogue regime the unambiguous message that they are free to run wild with nukes, terrorizing the rest of the world.  Pyongyang is celebrating its own regime change by launching missiles every fifteen minutes, running something of a lavish infomercial, hoping to impress the truculent leadership of Iran.

Barack Obama’s upcoming Speech to the Muslim World will provide the Chaos Generator in Chief with a singular opportunity to put the United States and our ally, Israel in grave danger.  The prevailing wisdom is that Obama will use his Middle Eastern tour as the second leg of his Apologize for America Tour.  It was bad enough to apologize to our allies; they may not have loved us, but they aren’t likely to lob any nukes at us either.

When Obama speaks in Cairo, the take away will be far different.  Islamic extremists are always watching us for any evidence of impotence.  Radical Islam cannot be pacified by dialog or real estate.  Dr. Charles Krauthammer explained in 2005 how Ahmadinejad reasons:  “The president of a country about to go nuclear is a confirmed believer in the coming apocalypse.  Like Judaism and Christianity, Shiite Islam has its own version of the messianic return—the reappearance of the Twelfth Imam”.

Iranian Madman in Chief, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has crowed that he has been chosen to beget the blazing apocalypse that will summon the 12th Imam.  Showing presumable support for Ahmedinejad’s plans, Barack Obama told the BBC that Iran has a right to nuclear energy.  Of course, Obama added the admonition that Iran should only have nukes if they pinky swear to use them for peaceful energy production.  That arrangement has been conspicuously effective with North Korea.

Obama has been spouting Soccer Mom diplomacy:  just show the radical Muslims how nice we are and they will quit trying to slaughter us en masse, which overlooks centuries of violence against infidels. 

As Krauthammer said:  “Negotiations to deny this certifiable lunatic [Ahmedinejad] genocidal weapons have been going nowhere.  Everyone knows they will go nowhere.  And no one will do anything about it”.

Obama’s own Muslim background gets trotted out occasionally when it serves the president’s purposes.  During the campaign, it was a hate crime to use Barack Hussein Obama’s middle name or to mention his childhood in the Islamic nation of Indonesia.  As he prepares to “reach out” to the Muslim world, his heritage is now supposed to be an asset

It is abominable, but not unexpected that the president plans to disregard our ally, Israel, on his tour of the Middle East.  Obama’s recent meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu didn’t go well.  Confrontations between Obama and non-fawning grownups never go well for Bam.

Obama’s orders are to press Israel into freezing settlements on the West Bank to pacify the make -believe moderate, Mahmoud Abbas, successor to Original Terrorist, Yasser Arafat.  Revered in the radical Muslim world for his pioneering work in creating the suicide bomber, Arafat, like Jimmy Carter and Al Gore is a Nobel Prize recipient.

This land for peace racket has been going on for years.  Bill Clinton saw his legacy fantasies fall apart when Arafat refused to agree to a land for peace agreement that gave the terrorist plenty of real estate;  a move that was foreseeable to anyone who had a smattering of insight into the tactics of Islamic extremists.  This rebuff was especially painful after the Clintons had offered the Arafats such frequent use of the Lincoln Bedroom.

TOTUS would like us all to believe that the magic of the teleprompter will warm the hearts of backwards savages, hell bent on slaughtering all non believers and ruthless tyrants who condone slavery as well as Sharia.  Obama’s flowing gibberish has already begun to grate on the American people.  The Narcissist in Chief wants to change Muslim impressions of us; as if we were the ones sawing off heads and strapping dynamite to our children in the mad furtherance of ancient dogma.

The more probable outcome will be confirmation by radical Islam that our new president is committed to appeasement at all costs and openly sympathetic to their deranged cause.  Tragically for Israel, Obama does sympathize with radical Islam.  Puppet master George Soros, an unrepentant Nazi collaborator, is also not exactly pro-Israel

Gil Hoffman of the Jerusalem Post is reporting that former ballerina, Rahm Emanuel has been meddling in Israeli government, telling an official:  “In the next four years there is going to be a permanent status arrangement between Israel and the Palestinians on the basis of two states for two peoples, and it doesn’t matter to us at all who is prime minister [of Israel]”. 

The Obama administration is trying to force Netanyahu into bringing the left wing Kadima party into his administration to destabilize Netanyahu’s government.

Expect Obama’s visit to increase the piling on Israel and denouncements of Israel’s right to protect herself from relentless attacks by Hamas and the existential threat posed by a nuclear armed Iran.  Israel’s crime?  Persistently asserting her right to exist. Thanks to Ayers-based public education, anti-Semitism has proliferated in the US.

In the most deleterious narrative, the president will address the Muslim World the way he lectures the US:  making unrestrained commitments that he has no intention of honoring.  Should Mr. Obama pledge to the Islamic world that he can prevail over Israel regarding the West Bank, the repercussions will be disastrous.  Obama would have to dismantle America’s friendship with the lone democracy in the Middle East; and, contend with the push back against the US for our inevitable failure to restrain Israel.

Republican politicians are preoccupied with hand wringing and admonishments to each other about the impending confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee, Sonia Sotomayor.  Evidently, it has not occurred to many republicans that the chaos master wants them doing exactly that.  Who benefits if republicans fixate on Sotomayor and squabble with each other?  The 2010 elections are our last chance; republicans need to Cheney up.  The republicans need to honor their responsibility to expose Sotomayor, but not lose all perspective while the loosest of canons is rolling around in Arab states.

TOTUS should choose his words carefully in Cairo but based on what we’ve seen up until now, that isn’t likely.

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