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The Rise and Fall of Vicente Fox: A Five-Hour Thriller

By —— Bio and Archives--October 15, 2007

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Former Mexican president Vicente Fox spent most of last week sticking his intrusive nose into matters that are the exclusive domain of the American people and elected representatives, and which are absolutely none of the business of Mexico, it’s current president, or any former Mexican president.


Interesting enough, Fox came to America to promote his new book, “Revolution of Hope” in which he rips his “friend ” George W. Bush to shreds.

For example, Fox does not think too highly of W’s Spanish, disparagingly calling it high school level.

I wonder if Fox realizes that high school Spanish far exceeds Bush’s level of proficiency in English?

When he was not slicing George W. Bush into taco stuffing, Fox was unloading on the American people and the U.S. Congress. To begin with, Fox called Americans “racist” for demanding that our borders be secured and immigration laws enforced.

Fox went on to lecture that by insisting on the rule of law, we Americans are in danger of losing our “immigrant soul.”

Good grief, there are upwards of 38 million non-English speaking alien peasants living here illegally! Most of whom are Mexicans, by the way.

And we have lost our immigration soul? And are racists because we will not let another 38 million in?

Who the hell does this moron think he is? Harry Reid? Ted Kennedy? John McCain? George W. Bush?

If only America had a president who could speak fathomable English and communicate effectively, Vicente Fox would have been told to shut his mouth and get the hell out of America before someone decked the damn fool!

But, alas, all we have is George W. Bush, and his 8th grade English and 10th grade Spanish!

Still, there is some good news to share on the trash Vicente Fox front.

Specifically, while Fox was blaming America for the fact that Mexico continues to be a third-world embarrassment that cannot feed, educate, house, or provide health care to it’s own citizens, Mexican protesters in Boca Del Rio were having fun with a bronze statue of Fox just hours after it was erected.

These upstanding and obviously intelligent Mexicans began by egging the statute, after which the crowd fastened a rope around its neck and pulled it to the ground, breaking off the right hand and damaging the base.

Holy Baghdad. That sounds very much like what happened to the bust of dictator Saddam Hussein back in 2003.

Of course, we all know how Saddam spent New Year’s Eve 2006, namely, swinging from a noose.

Wonder if that is Vicente Fox’s destiny?

Dear Boca Del Rio protesters: Need rope?


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