America is at Existential Peril Far Greater than Last Century's Soviet and Today's Islamist Threat

The Secret Handshake of the Deep State

By —— Bio and Archives--January 30, 2018

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The Secret Handshake of the Deep State
COUP! Draining the US National Security Swamp

WiKI: A coup d’état; French, also known simply as a coup, a putsch, golpe de estado, or an overthrow, is a type of revolution, where the illegal and overt seizure of a state by the military or other elites within the state apparatus occurs.


Deep State



To obstruct democracy and choice: to dislodge the democratically-elected President of the United States and throw the party in power out of office, and to disenfranchise the Will of The People. It is called the One Party Solution.

Andrew McCarthy at NATIONAL REVIEW

“The Republican script is that this was “Watergate on steroids.” The Democratic counter is that the memo is a one-sided partisan summary that takes investigative actions out of context in order to make mountains out of molehills.

“The FBI has said that significant efforts were made to corroborate (Brit spy) Steele’s sensational claims (in the Russian PP Dossier), yet former director James Comey has acknowledged (in June 2017 Senate testimony) that the dossier was “unverified.” If the dossier was used in (fraudulent) FISA applications in 2016, has the Justice Department—consistent with its continuing duty of candor in dealings with the tribunal—alerted the court that it did not succeed in verifying Steele’s hearsay reporting based on anonymous sources?

“These are not questions that call for nuanced explanation. These things either happened or didn’t.

“Conforming to House rules, Chairman Nunes has taken pains to make his memo available to all members of Congress before proceeding with the steps necessary to seek its disclosure. Thus, lawmakers have an opportunity to propose the inclusion of details that may be necessary to correct any misimpressions.”

From the Daily Beast:

“A controversial Republican memo alleging surveillance abuse specifically names FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein along with former FBI Director James Comey.

(These three operatives, with other associates named, are the same top officials at the US Justice Department and its investigative and enforcement agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, we now know to have been implicated and complicit in the plot - a genuine conspiracy in this case - to absolve their choice for president of criminal conduct and massive corruption she has demonstrably committed. They are complicit in undemocratic and criminal conduct to get her elected president and sweep under the carpet the threat to national security she and the previous administration posed - see below. They are complicit in obstructing the democratic process while sabotaging the election of the People’s Choice for president. They have provided “insurance” that if these attempts failed, to railroad the duly elected president, his family and his associates, with fraudulent criminal charges and derail his presidency. In other words, complicit in their own words that have come out recently, these people may be guilty of a malevolent plot to destroy a president for purely political, and not criminal, reasons. They are the same operatives who created a national scandal on false premises: Rod Rosenstein who advised Donald Trump to fire James Comey then appointed Special Prosecutor Team Mueller to investigate Donald Trump for obstruction of justice in the firing of James Comey based on the advice given the president by Rod Rosenstein.)

“Capitol Hill sources on both sides of the aisle say the memo’s release is only a matter of time. And when it comes out, these current and former officials—all GOP b√™tes noires—are likely to face even more criticism from the right over their involvement in FBI counterintelligence work.

“Republicans, including Trump himself, have spent months attacking McCabe and Comey while special counsel Robert Mueller has been investigating Team Trump’s connections to the Kremlin. Rosenstein put that probe in place—a move Trump has derided as a witch hunt. [...]

“Rep. Chris Collins, a New York Republican, told The Daily Beast that Nunes has told Republicans his staff spent months putting the memo together.”


It may come as a surprise that the memo and the Trail of Tears for the suspects will eventually lead to none other than Barack Hussein Obama himself.

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-State of Insanity) called the memo that reveals and then unravels an actual, documented conspiracy backed by democrats, a “Conspiracy Theory.”

Rep Adam Schiff (D-State of Moonbeam) called it a partisan attack and wants the memo sealed and given to the FBI (whom the memo indicts with out-and-out criminality and who are now under investigation themselves) - so they can “review” and first “approve” the memo before anyone not criminal - meaning the rest of America - sees it.

Andrew McCarthy continues at National Review:

“The Failure to Share the Memo with the FBI The Justice Department and the FBI are reportedly angry that, after they complied with the Intelligence Committee’s demand that they make classified and investigative materials available for inspection, Nunes will not permit the FBI to inspect his memo summarizing that information before moving to disclose it. The irony here is rich. These executive-branch agencies did not cooperatively comply with congressional investigators; they stonewalled for five months. To this day they are stonewalling: Just this weekend, they belatedly fessed up that the FBI had failed to preserve five months’ worth of text messages—something they had to have known for months. An American who impeded a federal investigation the way federal investigators are impeding congressional investigations would swiftly find himself in legal jeopardy. Moreover, it is not like the Justice Department and FBI did Nunes a favor and are thus in a position to impose conditions; Congress is entitled to the information it has sought in its oversight capacity.”


Meanwhile the Democrats, whose entire game to overthrow the U.S. government and the winners of the 2016 elections, using fraud, a massive propaganda machine (meaning the US media) and other illegalities to unseat the duly-elected president of the United States, is unraveling. They have prepared a counter-memo worthy of MAD Magazine. This memo done in haste by a battery of lawyers, political operatives, possibly Russian agents working for Fusion GPS and other propagandists, will try to shut down the conversation, to shield the culprits in the attempted coup, and to cover up their activities and crimes. The Democrat memo is aimed to deny, discredit, and divert from the implications covering capital offenses of treason, collusion, conspiracy and cooperation, the self-same culprits and their party had committed:

1. An attempted coup using fictions, fabricated collusion narratives, fake Russian dossiers they had paid for, sold to, and then paid American media to distribute. It appears they had paid through third parties and even Russians to prepare and distribute the same.

2. They had overwhelmed and misled the nation with stories, innuendo and fictions for a year and a half with propaganda prepared by Russian agents while accusing their innocent targets of crimes only the first had committed. They had managed to enable prosecution of an opposition candidate based on false and fraudulent applications to illegally-obtain FISA warrants their operatives prepared, on which they had signed off, and accordingly, perjured themselves. It is a plot and a conspiracy that is now becoming surely undone and the Democrats are up against the wall.

The firing squad is in the wings

No one, no countermemo on earth, no Adam Schiff glassy-eyed stare, can prevent the incriminating memo detailing the crimes of these Democrat higher-ups, operatives, Senators and congressmen and their media accomplices from being released shortly. Where it leads may be Kenya.


In his weekly Wall Street Journal column Bill McGurn took up “The curious case of Adam Schiff” (behind the Journal’s paywall). Even without drawing on the transcript, McGurn observes: “Mr. Schiff appears to be the only man in America who doesn’t seem to want to know whether the material in the Steele dossier is true or not. All along he has stood against getting relevant information—fighting subpoenas for Justice, fighting subpoenas for the FBI, and fighting the subpoena for the bank records of Fusion GPS (which ultimately prompted the admission that the Clinton campaign had helped fund the Steele dossier).” Tucker Carlson had McGurn on his FOX News show to review his conclusions (video below).

“Today Kim Strassel follows up in her weekly Journal column. She dubs Schiff’s current mission “Operation Sabotage the Memo” (behind the Journal paywall). With the help of key players in the Department of Justice, the Democrats have marshaled an impressive army for this particular operation. Kim treats Schiff’s caterwauling as a symptom: “Rep. Adam Schiff has many talents, though few compare to his ability to function as a human barometer of Democratic panic. The greater the level of Schiff hot, pressured air, the more trouble the party knows it’s in.”

The problem with the release of the memo, counter to what the Democrats and their media would like you to think, is not a threat to national security.

The problem with NOT releasing the memo is the threat to national security!

As the Democrats prepared their countermemo offensive led by Director of the Propaganda Ministry Rep. Schiff, just another attempt at obstructing justice to move forward, just as he doubles down on the Democrat’s and their media’s year-long mythmaking, the IGs not beholden to the Deep State have just recovered thousands of potentially incriminating chats that earlier “disappeared.”

These will impact negatively on Hillary’s Get-Out-Of-Jail Free card and tens of thousands of disappeared emails and destroyed evidence from the Hillary cabal. Yes folks, it’s getting better every day as we DRAIN THE SWAMP:


“The OIG has been investigating this matter and, this week, succeeded in using forensic tools to recover text messages from FBI devices, including text messages between Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page that were sent or received between December 14, 2016, and May 17, 2017,” Horowitz wrote in the letter, which was provided to CNN by the office of Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin.

“The gap in the exchange between the top FBI officials was revealed to lawmakers by the Justice Department as it produced a second batch of the pair’s text messages to six congressional committees over the weekend. The texts themselves were first discovered as part of an internal investigation by the inspector general into the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email investigation.

Trump has called the matter “one of the biggest stories in a long time,” and Attorney General Jeff Sessions has promised to “leave no stone unturned” in an investigation to determine how the messages, sent on bureau-issued phones, were not collected by the FBI’s retention software…”

This welcome development does not merely signify a constitutional crisis in the making. It is the biggest scandal ever, covering a complex series of plots, secret society meetings off site, felonies, high crimes, malevolence, conspiracy and malfeasance ever committed by high government officials, their associates and their enablers.

That most of these people happen to be Democrats is not besides the point.

It is, the point.

It explains the contortions and the hysterical behavior, unfunded charges and pile-ons we have regularly heard from the general US media, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, New York Times, Washington Post (all recipients of leaks from the James Comey and his FBI and other intel agencies), Adam Schiff and the other democrat politicians coming out of congressional hearings as you see them interviewed by the press. Just note that Adam Schiff is smiling…..and sweating.

In the winter.

The national interest and the national security of the United States and the entire free world is at serious peril to an extent that the general public is wholly unaware. Below are a few excerpts on this matter beyond what we see. FOR THE EXISTENTIAL THREAT you will have to read the article next for a full assessment of how your life can change in a moment - and not for the better.

Dr. Peter Vincent Pry & William Graham write:

“One year into President Trump’s tenure, anti-Trump political bias in the FBI and Department of Justice is now so obvious that objective observers should fear for the future of our constitutional republic from the “deep state.”

Frighteningly, the deep state has been exposed as a real thing, with names and faces. Senior officials in FBI and DOJ are conspiring with the national liberal media and allies in Congress to delegitimize, criminalize and ultimately unseat a legitimately elected president.

Yet there is an even graver threat to the American people and the very existence of the United States.

Deep Staters dominating bureaucracies within the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, and intelligence community, are undermining national security policies Mr. Trump was elected to implement.

The deep state thinks it knows better than Mr. Trump and the voters. They would “stay the course” on failed policies that are now reaching the point of crisis with North Korea, Russia, China, and Iran.”

Dr. Pry reminds us that, “many of (these officials)...wormed into the permanent ...federal bureaucracy, including national security departments and agencies that has moved steadily leftward, pausing under the second President Bush, but rapidly accelerating hard-left during President Obama’s 8 years.

Today’s deep state, hostile to Mr. Trump, Republicans and conservative policies generally, has been in the making a quarter-century, or more. The left that so hated “the establishment” in the 1960s has today become “the establishment” in the government, media, and universities….Mr. Trump’s administration is still largely manned by deep state Obama-Clinton apparatchiks hostile to his “America First” worldview and “Peace Through Strength” agenda.

The national security deep state is not only hostile to Mr. Trump—they are dangerously incompetent:

  • The Intelligence Community (which also wrongly claims Russia rigged elections favoring Mr. Trump) grossly underestimated North Korea‘s ICBM capabilities and proximity to the H-Bomb.
  • Washington’s foreign policy establishment continues to seek denuclearization of North Korea through China, even though evidence is overwhelming that China and Russia helped build the North Korean nuclear threat to advance their geostrategic interests.
  • Even many Republicans mistakenly accept as gospel the narrative of the Department of State and intelligence community “professionals” that Mr. Obama’s nuclear deal stopped Iran from getting the bomb. Yet there is compelling evidence, ignored by the deep state, that Iran has already clandestinely developed nuclear weapons, as North Korea did in 1994.
  • We have first-hand experience working inside government for the Congressional EMP Commission during Mr. Trump’s first year.

Dangerously, the national security deep state is undermining protection of the nation’s electric grid and other life-sustaining critical infrastructures from electromagnetic pulse (EMP), contrary to the president’s election promise in the Republican National Committee Platform and his recent National Security Strategy:

  • Obama-holdovers in DOD slow-rolled and sabotaged the EMP Commission, hoodwinking Congress into terminating the EMP Commission in September 2017. That same month North Korea successfully tested an H-Bomb they describe as capable of “super-powerful EMP attack” and released a report accurately describing a Super-EMP nuclear weapon.

Mr. President, drain the national security swamp.”


What you’ve just read about is the Classical definition of the existential danger the swamp has wrought and of a coup they were planning to execute.

A coup from within whereby unelected officials and elites immune to accountability decide to choose the president and the political infrastrucure of a formerly free nation while overcoming the constitutional political process. The same officials have enabled the decision, because of a malevolent ideology promoted by the last president and his media, an ideology with which they have infiltrated the top levels of government, that the union must cease to exist, at least as it was in the vision of its Founders. And if this union modeled after California which also wishes to decide for the rest of the nation ceases by the hand of America’s enemies, Iran or North Korea, or by economic collapse, so be it. What difference does it make? The non-paranoid conclusion is:

  • By whatever means and by whatever it takes.
  • We have caught them with their fingers in the cookie jar and their pants down.
  • We need to recover not just the seat of government and its pocket, but too, the custom of revolutionary times.

We need to recover the meaning of justice, and take the gallows out of mothballs.


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