Another attempt by the Progressives to extend unemployment ‘benefits’ to ‘stimulate the economy.’

The unemployment ‘benefits’ compassion sham

By —— Bio and Archives--December 3, 2010

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The unemployment ‘benefits’ compassion sham is in the spotlight once again.  As the ‘under and unemployment’ saga continues to inhibit our tepid recovery, we are bracing for another attempt by the Progressives to extend unemployment ‘benefits’ to ‘stimulate the economy.’  What a crock!  Under the guise of compassion, Progressives continue to enslave increasing numbers of American citizens.


The only way to effect a productive change of a challenge is to view it from different perspectives in order to identify real and lasting solutions.  Progressive Democrats will undoubtedly accuse conservative Republicans of saying that many of the unemployed are lazy and not seeking rewarding work.  Jesus suffered Judas, and we must suffer those who are slothful and scheming, but the vast majority of those unemployed are genuinely frustrated.  Finances are a driving force for a person wanting and needing to work, but, more importantly, it is intrinsically human to seek to be productive.     

The unemployment buck stops at the desks of the Progressives in Congress.  Their legislative actions have been the primers on the powder kegs that continue to rip through our economy.  Each extension of unemployment ‘benefits’ actually contributes to the stubbornly elevated unemployment figures, not because the unemployed are lazy, but because it gives Congress, especially the Progressives, a reprieve from taking responsibly corrective action to restore our moribund economy.  This extends and compounds the victimization of the unemployed, robbing them of their current financial needs and opportunities, and self-actualization, and steals from their future financial security as well!

With all of the media attention paid to the unemployed, an issue rarely addressed is the plight of Form-1099 income earners, including sales people, independent contractors and small business owners.  While unemployment ‘benefits’ are available for W-2 wage earners, there is a large pool of the unemployed who don’t qualify for the unemployment ‘benefits’ safety net.  Who in Congress is working for the benefit of these entrepreneurial individuals who lubricate the inner workings of our economy?

Elevated unemployment sucks the oxygen out of a vibrant economy.  Not only is money siphoned out of the economy to fund unemployment ‘benefits,’ but ‘under and unemployment’ interrupts the natural flow of money running through the economy and into government coffers.  You don’t have to be an Ivy Leaguer to realize that increased tax rates will steal critically needed money for hiring people, and lead to decreased tax revenues, as will purposely inflated health care premiums, energy rates, and gas prices.

It appears that everything this regime has done under the light of day, and clandestinely, has been designed to arrest our superior economy.  It has mastered the ‘rope-a-dope,’ bringing us in closer with carefully crafted lies and distortions, only to pummel us with another flurry of legislation and mandates intended to exacerbate uncertainty and distrust, further imploding our economy.  Isn’t it cruel, sadistic, and sinister to deny people their own self-worth on purpose?  If those in Congress were forced to live on the unemployment ‘benefits’ available within their respective states until their man-made disaster of our economy returns to pre-dip levels, don’t you believe they would spare nothing to restore our economy?

We have the ability to act, as does a frog sitting in a pan of boiling water; the question is, ‘Will we act?’  Now is the time for the TEA Party contingent to demand that the Obama tax hikes be halted so that the first of many corrective actions is implemented to begin our long road back to full employment and a buoyant economy.  Also, in blocking an extension of unemployment ‘benefits,’ the Progressives will be exposed for their financially traitorous actions.  Hopefully, they will begin to act in good faith and in the best interests of those they have sworn an oath to serve, devising responsible legislation to lead us out of our sputtering economy, putting people back to work and rescuing the American Dream!


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