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The Unofficial Merger of the GOP and Democrat Party!

By —— Bio and Archives--March 4, 2013

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People continually complain that with the different faces who have disgraced the Offices of the President and Vice President, the one hundred (100) seats within the Senate and the four hundred thirty-five (435) seats within the House of Representatives, nothing improves for the masses, only for those who are elected and special interests.  This is frustrating and we need to assess why, so we can change this ‘continuing resolution’.  It appears that the GOP and the Democrat Party have merged.


For those who are old enough to remember the rivalry of the American Football League (AFL) and the National Football League (NFL), you remember how strong the enmity was between the two leagues.  When it came to the Super Bowl, the pressure on the two teams representing the two leagues was immense.  Because these two teams were representing their respective leagues, the Super Bowl was a controlled war on the football field.

The first four Super Bowls offered an energy that none of the subsequent Super Bowls has offered, or ever will offer again.  The Green Bay Packers of the more established NFL had a goal of destroying the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders, and by proxy, the upstart AFL, in Super Bowls I and II.  The Packers were successful; they dominated both games and temporarily established the superiority of the NFL over the AFL.

Going into Super Bowl III, the Baltimore Colts were the considerable favorite to extend the NFL domination over the AFL.  Then, a funny thing happened in the two-week build-up to the third Super Bowl.  New York Jets quarterback, Joe Namath, not only predicted a Jets victory over the Colts, but he guaranteed the victory.  Many in the NFL and the sports media scoffed at the prediction and guarantee of a Jets victory, but in this case, the third time was a charm.  The Jets, representing the AFL, controlled the game in a manner akin to how the Packers had controlled Super Bowls I and II in defeating the Colts.

Super Bowl IV saw the second multiple appearance by a team in the Super Bowl when the Chiefs were pitted against the Minnesota Vikings.  The last Super Bowl between the two competing leagues prior to the merger of the two leagues was a Chiefs’ blowout.  The 1971 Super Bowl was the first Super Bowl of a combined league divided into divisions, not by competing leagues.  The energy and enmity of the first four Super Bowls will never be relived because there is only one league.  The only remaining major professional sport with opposing leagues is in baseball, with the World Series being the pinnacle competition between the American League and National League.

Circling back to our political malaise, while there has not been an official merger of the GOP and Democrat Party, the elites atop each party appear to protect themselves against all others, including those within their political party, and certainly against the electorate.  While there is competition for power and wealth, there is little competition between competing ideologies.  This is a major reason why the GOP has failed to devise a strategy to combat the blatant lies and racism of the Democrat party.  The GOP elites answer to the same puppeteers that the entire Democrat Party answers to, so, if they can just interfere enough with what true, patriotic Republicans attempt to advance, the hood rats within the GOP are rewarded with contributions and media protection, as are all within the Democrat Party.  The Democrat Party is the favored Party, but for the puppeteers to guarantee their own victory, they need to control those atop the GOP too. 

The latest attack by an elite within the Gutless Opposition Party (GOP) was by Majority Whip Eric Cantor upon fellow Republicans.  If conservative Republicans didn’t violate their conscience to vote for the purposely misnamed and radically expanded ‘Violence Against Women Act’, there was to be war within the GOP.  Here is a memo to both sides within the GOP; an increasing number of the core of the GOP electorate is talking with their registration.  They are registering as Independents because neither party represents them.  The only ones winning with this movement are the puppeteers and the hood rats within the Democrat Party who sold their souls long ago for worldly power and wealth.     

Cantor’s attack adds to a growing list of socialist advances within the GOP.  Consider the party socialists’ hijacking of the Rules Committee at the GOP National Convention,  Romney’s refusal to campaign against Obama in the manner in which he politically knee-capped his conservative opposition during the GOP primaries, Boehner’s blindsiding of conservative committee chairmen in the House, and Rove’s defiance of the core of the Republican Party, and it is readily apparent to any thinking person that the GOP elites are in league with the demons within the Democrat Party.  If this isn’t enough to disgust a conservative, consider the bastions of conservatism in an increasing number of state Governorships who are caving to the lies of Benghazi Care, a/k/a Obama Care, or the misnomer of the ‘Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’.   

The socialists within the GOP are puppets of the truly elite who have been compromising our political and legal systems for decades.  Just as with the ‘Rule of 72’ that addresses the automatic compounding of federal government spending of taxpayers’ money every year since 1974, the faceless elites have been pushing our republic to approximate the socialist ravages they have wreaked upon Europe, Canada, Australia and other countries around the world.

We need a new league, or, in this case, a new party, to combat the elite socialist stranglehold of both current major political parties.  I pray daily for reluctant conservative leaders to emerge as leaders of a new party that can appeal to the core of the Republican Party and those who have left the GOP because the GOP elites have left them.  Combined, this new force, with divine intervention, can compete against the hood rats remaining within the GOP and within the Democrat Party.  This new party must field candidates for each seat at the state and local levels to be effective.  Until this occurs, all we need to do is to look at how other countries under the thumbs of the truly elite socialists are faring to see what our children and grandchildren will be subjected to as they live in a declining republic.  So often, we hear that the reason for poor legislation is that it will benefit the children.  How’s that working so far?  Don’t you, your children and grandchildren deserve better than what the puppeteer elites and special interest groups are forcing upon all of us?

The 2014 General Election is twenty (20) months away.  Will patriotic conservatives and Libertarians find the confidence to step out, as our Founding Fathers did, to re-establish our republic to restore our freedoms, or will they allow the puppeteers and their hood rats to continue their blitzkrieg against all that has made the United State of America the envy of people around the world?  May God have mercy upon our sinful nation that needs His intervention to prevent the destruction of our republic and the American dream that has meant so much, to so many, for nearly 237 years!


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