Barack-caused disasters befall the nation on a near daily basis

The Unsustainable Obama Presidency

By —— Bio and Archives--June 11, 2009

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Less than six months into it and the Barack Obama presidency has been unmitigated mayhem.  Barack-caused disasters befall the nation on a near daily basis, one can scarcely keep track anymore.  We have endured his offensive schmoozing with slave owners tour in the Arab states, punctuated by his contemptible speech in Cairo, in which the president spouted flagrant falsehoods about the charms of Islam, while berating the United States for being a bit churlish about radical Muslim ideology after 9/11. As anticipated, Obama made apocryphal pledges to Muslims about the United States’ ability to constrain Israel.

Barack Obama revealed his left wing embrace of moral relativism by comparing the Holocaust to the current Palestinian condition.  This was not the first time Obama made the same abhorrent allegory.  In Dreams, Barack Obama writes, “I talked to Jews who’d lost parents in the Holocaust and brothers in suicide bombings.  I heard Palestinians talk of the indignity of checkpoints and reminisce about the land they had lost.”  This is an astounding passage.  Is Barack Obama saying that losing land you consider yours or being stopped at a checkpoint is the equivalent of the slaughter of your family members by Nazis or suicide bombers?

Obama’s stimulus bill, the one piece of legislation that was peddled to save the republic from total disintegration, has been an unadulterated failure.

Economy: More than 1.6 million jobs have disappeared since the stimulus package was signed in February. Government can’t create jobs, only dependency. Make-work jobs will not turn the economy around.

The Obama administration, totally unfamiliar with the first rule of holes, has announced it’s about to really, really ramp up stimulus spending to create 600,000 jobs this summer. That’s on top of the 150,000 jobs it has “saved,” though there’s no way to identify or measure such jobs.

The unemployment rate, which was never supposed to rise above 8% because of the stimulus, is now approaching 10%. The excuse given is that not enough of the stimulus money has been dispersed.

Obama’s despotic seizure of the auto industry

Monday’s announcement of a new and improved stimulus is just old wine in new bottles. In the first 100 days of the stimulus, some $44 billion was spent as jobs continued to hemorrhage. Now we’re asked to do more of the same and expect different results.

Obama’s despotic seizure of the auto industry has resulted in entirely predictable calamity.  Rather than allow GM and Chrysler to go through an orderly Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Obama forced the car companies into a prefab restructuring contrived to be political recompense to the UAW.

Characteristically, the mainstream media has been oblivious to the fiscal carnage Obama has wrought in less than half a year.  There has been little discourse about the unjustifiable forced closings of profitable dealerships.  Most franchise dealerships are family owned businesses; many are multi- generational.  The owners have franchise contracts with the parent companies.  Barack Obama simply obliterated them with nary a second thought.  Thus, hard working business owners have had their livelihoods taken by the United States government without due process or any form of compensation.  The savings netted by the closings will be paltry.

Six months ago, we could never have envisaged such a thing happening in America.

We should have foreseen the president’s ignominious treatment of Israel, the lone democracy in the Middle East and our long time ally.  Barack Obama and his wife attended Jeremiah Wright’s church for twenty years.  Jeremiah Wright launched Trumpet, the official magazine of the Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC), in 1982.  In 2007, Trumpet gave an award to anti-Semite hate spreader, Louis Farrakhan.  The Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Trumpet Award was given to “epitomize” Farrakhan’s greatness.

Wright was lavish in his praise for the Nation of Islam leader:  “his integrity and honesty . . .  an unforgettable force, a catalyst for change and a religious leader who is sincere in his faith and his purpose.”

Wright just resurfaced afresh to declare that the reason he has not been in contact with the new president is because “them Jews aren’t going to let him talk to me”.  Wright is optimistic, however, that when Obama’s presidency is over, their friendship will be back on track.

We can add another radical anti-Semite to Obama’s list of troubling friends:  Rashid Khalidi, former spokesman for the original terrorist, Yasser Arafat.

As Stanley Kurtz told radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt:

“They [the American people] would be horrified, Hugh.  They would be horrified.  It would be like saying the strongest advocate for the Palestinians and the greatest critic of Israel in the United States was close to Obama.  And you know something?  He is, and he was and he is.  And so friends of Israel are rightly horrified by this.”

Barack Obama’s flurry of czar appointments represents an unprecedented power grab.  The czars are unelected and not subject to congressional scrutiny or oversight.  They answer only to the president.  Thus, Obama is free to appoint any unqualified or downright dangerous radical he chooses, although he may not be the one doing the choosing.   

Though much is made of Obama’s extremist ideology, thus far his decisions have been plainly political.  His destructive machinations are coming much more hastily than anyone could have presaged.  There is no question that Obama has grossly overreached.  Polls are starting to show a widening gap between Obama’s personal popularity versus his policies.

Is the Obama presidency, like the cars we will soon be compelled to buy, built to fall apart?

When unrepentant Nazi collaborator and Obama proprietor, George Soros, gets hold of power in any government, he makes money.  It is difficult to find examples of Soros invasions that leave the target country better off.  But that is not Soros’ concern.  Obama’s monstrous stimulus bill fits neatly into Soros’ paradigm.  You can read Soros’ economic recovery plan on the Huffington Post (February 12, 2009).

Keeping in mind that Soros will always act in ways that provide maximum benefit to Soros what are his plans for Obama?  It’s clear he found the cult leader he needed.  Obama is performing correctly with his daily catastrophizing and authoritarianism.  But what would benefit Soros more:  a successful Obama presidency or a failed one?  Success would give Soros four to eight years to work in the shadows to destroy America and capture what spoils he can.  But a failed presidency could offer even more.  Obama and his Ministry of Propaganda have managed to create fear and panic in the population.  His policies, if implemented cannot but lead to chaos.  Nobody knows more about how to destroy a currency than Soros.  We have postulated that the peculiar short selling patterns and over hyped economic “collapse” were staged to get Obama elected.  If an inept, inexperienced and radical president has his way, which Obama surely will, the net result is pretty predictable.  Is that kind of social and economic chaos designed to open up a power vacuum that a guy like Soros just can’t resist?

It’s not difficult to understand how Soros can manipulate Obama using his craving for narcissistic supply.  Obama’s pathology may well delude him into believing he will be dictator for life, but Soros isn’t that obtuse.  Born in Hungary, and later becoming a naturalized US citizen, Soros understands that Americans are not nearly as malleable as the Europeans, who have permitted incremental losses of freedom and tolerate deadly political correctness.  Americans have a heritage of freedom and individualism.

Whoever is writing the script had to anticipate such sweeping grasps of power would generate some resistance from the American people.  The puppet master in chief surely knows that even the most besotted can fall out of love eventually and that sensible Americans understand why it’s not a good idea to allow Iran to have nukes while giving up our own.

In less than six months, Barack Obama has managed to foment bedlam and execute baneful policies far more quickly and on a much grander scale that even his most ardent detractors could have imagined.  For all of the talk about Obama being in constant campaign mode, it’s looking as if he may have to fight to stay in office during this term.  Americans are questioning Obama’s poor treatment of our allies while cosseting our sworn enemies.  United States Constitution, Article III, Section 3:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.

The Obama presidency is manifestly unsustainable.


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