The problem with being a ‘useful idiot’ is that when you are no longer useful, you are no longer just an idiot

The Vacuum Under the Soetoro Sombrero

By —— Bio and Archives--December 28, 2010

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The problem with being a ‘useful idiot’ is that when you are no longer useful, you are no longer just an idiot.  When a useful idiot no longer controls his niche political market, he becomes an expendable USELESS IDIOT.  For Barry Soetoro this metamorphosis happened far faster than any of his supporters anticipated.


The glossy Barry façade was hastily placed on the century old, rotted progressive framework in hopes of being the final, in a difficult to control, faux democracy scam, also known as the ‘Puppet Show’.  Obama was to be the stop-gap placeholder until the final ‘command and control’ structure could be completed.

Transitions of power have traditionally been a difficult time for monopolists.  There is always the danger that some rouge faction could become attractive to a suddenly conscious electorate and could actually expose the fraud of the current power structure.  To hedge their bets, the elitists stack the deck with two willing puppets.

The 2008 election cycle had a bumper crop of potential New World Order puppets in both the DNC and RNC primaries.  The ancient McCain was chosen to play the same spoiler role that Bob Dole played with Clinton in the 1996 election.  The plan: get in the ring, swing a few punches and then take a ‘dive’ for the team.

With his McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill, the McCain-Feingold defeat free speech act,  and suspending the presidential campaign to vote for TARP, John had proven his NWO bonafides.  This john was the hooker’s win-win fall back if the ‘main man’ stumbled on his climb up the peak.  This john stayed on the NWO message after the election by assisting the Connecticut Ding Dong with the McCain-Lieberman cap and trade tax and the McCain-Lieberman police state act.

An interesting war gaming is about the NWO choice of the hope and quick-change artist from the south side over the noisy nag in the New York senate chair.  In the end, ‘youthful’ carried the day because youthful totalitarians have been known to get ‘re-elected’ for decades, avoiding the change of power problem.  Strict constitutionalists might mention four year election cycles and two term limits, but this assumes that martial law would allow elections.

If the entire US government were to be forcibly collapsed prior to 2012, a shiny Barry could be appointed head of the UN and the unelected One World Government.  If Barry was also ineligible by foreign birth and did serve, then the NWO gang had an additional precedent for invalidating the constitution. 

The Audacity of Ignorance

One of the more successful areas of Progressive mind control has been in the teaching of history.  Generations of Americans have had their history rewritten right under their unconscious noses.  This calculated misrepresentation then reinforces the divide and conquer goal of the elites.  These distortions nurture the demented mind set of many, for example those supporters of Black Liberation Theology.

Barry’s metaphorical ‘weird uncle’ Wright is an example of the malicious mistreatment of American history.  In a sermon, Dec 7, 2008 Rev Jeremiah Wright said

  “This day, sixty-seven years ago we bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki, and we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon….and now America’s chickens are coming home to roost.”

Actually America was bombed 67 years ago that December day, at Pearl Harbor, and the Japanese bombings occurred four years later following a conflict that Barry and Jeremiah are completely ignorant about.  Americans are not a vindictive people.  One must wonder why the ‘greatest generation’ was supportive, even proud of the nuclear bombing of Japan, when later generations were taught to be embarrassed.

What is totally lacking in the modern history curriculum is any mention of Japanese Imperialism.  For centuries Japan was a homogenous, closed, yet productive society.  All this changed on July 8, 1853, when Commodore Matthew Perry steamed into Tokyo Bay and shook this feudal giant awake.  The Japanese quickly realized they must industrialize and colonize in order to survive.

The Japanese studied and quickly copied state of the art military equipment and methods, then set about conquering their neighbors.  The Americans had established a whaling station on the deserted island of Chichi Jima, 900 miles south of Tokyo in May of 1830.  On January 17, 1862, while America was fighting itself to end slavery, the new Japanese Navy had their first foreign conquest, the American farmers, fishermen and shop keepers of Chichi Jima.

China, the giant of the east had been intentionally addicted to opium by the Europeans and the better bits carved into colonies.  In the summer of 1894, the Japanese invaded northern China in a sneak attack, later declared war and on April 17, 1895 signed the treaty of Shimonoseki giving them Taiwan, the Pescadores Islands and the Liaodong Peninsula.

On February 8, 1904 Japan launched a sneak attack at Port Arthur which culminated in the Battle of Tsushima on May 27, 1905.  This gave Imperialist Japan the Manchuria region from Mother Russia.  Ceding to the Japanese sphere of influence, western nations abandoned the Kingdom of Korea and Japan then ‘annexed’ this neighbor.

For the next forty years Japan imposed a brutal serfdom on these conquered peoples, exploiting material and slave labor for its further industrialization.  When Europe descended into the madness of WW II, the British, French and Dutch lost their grip on their former Asian colonies and expansionist Japan moved further into China. 

Live, bound Chinese were used for bayonet practice in what the Japanese called “bravery tests”.  The decades of atrocities practiced on their Korean, Manchurian and Taiwan colonies was put to use.  This the new Chinese territory failed to provide the other components of modern warfare, petroleum and natural rubber, which were beyond their reach in south Asia, so Japan felt compelled to widen its war.

The World War Two You Never Knew

While Europe was self destructing, the United States Navy was the only obstacle to Pacific expansion and Japan responded with its proven sneak attack method.  This was a multi-target region wide event and left Japan as temporary masters of the eastern Pacific.  The history book, “Ship of Ghosts” tells the story of captured US sailors and marines from the heavy cruiser, USS Houston, sunk in the Java Sea.  For three and a half years, these men starved and labored on the River Kwai railroad through the Thailand jungle.

The book “Flyboys” tells the story of nine US airmen shot down trying to retake Chichi Jima on Sept 2, 1944.  Eight of those airmen were shot down, captured, tortured and killed in actions so repugnant that the trial of the Japanese officers was ordered sealed for fifty years.  Part of the reason that generations of Americans do not know about these war crimes, is that the indignation over their abuse would still be an issue today.

The book “Battleground Atlantic” provides the history of the Japanese submarine I-52 on its way to the French port of Lorient with a cargo of 228 tons of Tin, Molybdenum, and Tungsten, 54 tons of rubber and two tons of Gold.  The Gold was to purchase the new Messerschmitt ME-262 jet airplane, the new V-2 rocket and material for the ‘genzai bakudan’ or ‘bomb of now’.

Both Germany and Japan had nuclear bomb programs, but both realized that a workable fission bomb would not be ready in time to prevent defeat.  Hitler had tons of radioactive, but not bomb usable U-235, that could make a ‘dirty bomb’.  This salt the Earth weapon would contaminate large areas for a century or more.  Hitler, not willing to use himself, was willing to sell this to his ally in the east, who was willing to use this weapon.

On June 24, 1944 the Japanese I-52 was on the surface exchanging a German harbor pilot from the German submarine U-530 when they were attacked by Avengers from the US carrier Bogue and the Jap sub was sunk.  On May 15, 1945, two weeks after Hitler’s suicide and ten days after VE Day, or ‘Victory in Europe’ for those new to history, there was another development.  German submarine U-234 surrendered with 560 Kilograms of Uranium Oxide intended for Japanese dirty bomb use.

Japan had built four of the largest submarines in the world and these were no ordinary ships.  The smaller carried two and the larger three, single engine folding wing Aichi bombers.  These aircraft were to strike unsuspecting targets including the troop ships of the US landing force harbored at Ulithi Atoll, the locks in the Panama Canal and the dirty bombs for the US east and west coasts. 

The Japanese had manned Kamikaze torpedoes, biological weapons and school yards full of children practicing to fight the invaders with sharpened bamboo sticks.  The Emperor had prepared his nation for extermination, a logical expectation given the Japanese treatment of its conquered peoples.  Of the estimated three million Chinese prisoners of war that the Japanese captured, there is ONE documented soldier who survived the war.

The Japanese toll on American, British, Australian, New Zealand, Thai, Burmese and Gurkha soldiers are just somewhat better.  The world’s only wartime use of atomic weapons saved far more lives than it cost, the painful reality hidden by deceitful historians.  You will not learn a lot of true history sitting in Rev Wright’s church, however, he may be right on another bit of history.

Rev. Wright claims that the US government was to blame for the crack cocaine epidemic and that appears to be correct.  There are plausible connections with the one airman who was rescued from Chichi Jima and the CIA- Contra weapons and this ongoing nation’s drug scandal.  This same airman surpassed Neville Chamberlain as the greatest coward in history, selling a billion Chinese into slavery during Tiananmen Square.

History will repeat itself only if you let it.  If you learn nothing from the Chinese opium dens, then you will see crack houses and meth labs in your neighborhood.  If you cannot see greedy emperors running your government, then their pending sneak attacks will steal your nation.  Ignorance is man’s deadliest sin.  Overcoming ignorance is freedoms greatest weapon.  Sharpen your mind and help us defend this sacred land.


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