What they don't understand in their hysterics is that Donald Trump is playing them like a Yo Yo


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The New York Post’s Michael Goodwin writes: I support Trump—but he’s annoying us all

Not long ago, a friend was reciting things she needed to do before celebrating Passover with her family: preparing the ritual foods, doing something special for her grandchildren and making room for her daughter’s in-laws.

Exhausted by the list, she looked at me and said, “It’s not easy being Jewish.”


I know the feeling. I’m a Donald Trump supporter.

The president rarely makes it easy on the faithful, often testing his tribe through errant word and deed. Even on his best days, he manages to insert a hurdle or two or 10.

The James Comey affair is the perfect example. On substance, Trump made the absolute right call. Comey had to go, with his blunders on the Hillary Clinton case reason enough. And there were many others.

Yet being right isn’t enough in Washington, and being Trump raises the bar exponentially. The Democratic left and the media (I know, that’s redundant) get out of bed ready to pounce.

They don’t need facts to unleash their volcanic hatred of him. A juicy rumor and an anonymous source will suffice. Any mistake sparks talk of impeachment

Arguably, Donald Trump is, was, and will be, reliably unreliable and reliably hated by the Usual Suspects. He warned us of it during the campaign, so why the surprise CNN?

The media’s narratives get even more hysterical and unhinged every day, as they lose the arguments following the fake news they invent every day, but among their echo chambers who’ll believe anything. The Trump Haters get bolder daily as they, frustrated to utter madness, throw out Nothingburgers in the hope for some of them to stick. The volume rises. They are united in the Great Hope. Impeachment.

They lost in the courts. They lost at the polls. They lost 1042 legislative seats nationwide. 13 governorships. They lost the senate, they lost the House, they lost the Supreme Court and then they lost the Presidency. They’ve become unhinged and they have only one path left…

That won’t work either.

For example, while Barack Obama reliably told America’s enemies his plans in advance so they, and not us, will prevail on the battlefield, Trump shrugged his shoulders, made a grimace to be distributed worldwide, and launched 59 cruise missiles into Syria. The Donald reliably wiped out one third of Assad’s air force with one shoulder shrug.

Trump reliably and regularly insults America’s enemies (mostly we know them as the Mainstream Media, CNN, BBC, REUTERS, NY Times, Washington and Huffington Post—The Usual Suspects.) Donald’s outbursts can be seen in high contrast to the former president’s who reliably insulted our friends. The Usual Suspects backed the former’s insults reliably and constructed justifications reliably for them—even if the action or the justifications for them made no sense. Today, every day, they are reliably attacking this president to diminish him, to diminish the nation along with him, and to prevent him and government from governing and keeping this nation safe.

Given these facts, and his adventures with Winston, and his former SecState’s adventures with servers and deleted emails, I say it’s not even close to being Even Steven for making a case for impeachment. And that’s all the Democrat’s and media’s plans are, friends!

Speaking for myself ... I’m With Him!

After all, all these years I expected perfection from Hillary and Bill and from the proto-Muslim who sat in the Oval Office with his Muslim Brotherhood friends, but not from The Donald who’s only like other humans… imperfect on occasion. And American on all occasions.

Ask the media if you don’t believe me. Over eight painfully-grinding years they found Barry Soetoro perfect. Ask the wildly cheering crowds in 2008 Berlin as Obama spoke by the Branderburg Gate BEFORE he became president. The Germans found Barry so perfect they voted for him. So did the Saudis and the Iranians—the last of whom not only gained HOPE, but got the CHANGE. The glazed-eyed Germans and cheering French found Barry so perfect in fact, that Russia shortly invaded Ukraine in agreement with the cheering, and now Berlin and Paris have to spend billions more for NATO’s armaments to repel the Russians the Democrat party in the United States supported for at least a half century.

Ask the Nobel Committee who reliably found Barry so perfect that they bestowed a Nobel Peace Prize upon his image in anticipation of a half million innocent women and children to be peacefully and reliably slaughtered in Syria. Can it get any more PEACE than that?

And the five million to be peacefully and reliably displaced to Hamburg and Paris. But unlike other men and women who get Nobels and Oscars for utter BS and leave disasters and poverty in their wake, the guy everyone hates with a passion happens to be far more effective killing America’s enemies than the one giving advance notice of our plans to make sure they will be killing more Americans. The guy they hate didn’t create the conditions for a half million to be brutally murdered and five million to lose their homes, villages and cities. The guy who won the Nobel PEACE Price did.

But that’s just me having another reliably improper thought.


Trump filled stadiums imperfectly and reliably with 30-50,000, with tens of thousands waiting outside to get in - and some paying to do so. Hillary reliably filled high school gyms with 30 - 80 people on a good day, mostly kids (that’s why the cameras NEVER panned in front of her, just to the few people set up behind the podium to support her just in case her knees buckled.) They waved signs on cue, and cheered on cue. Reliably.

Goodwin continues:

Trump may thrive in chaos, but his staff, the government and the public require more order and certainty. Because he inherited plenty of crises, there’s no need to create new ones.

So here’s my plea, Mr. President: Make it easier for others to keep the faith. You’ll accomplish much more and many more Americans will be proud to stand with you.

Meanwhile the Mainstream Media’s talking and walking heads 24/7, day in, day out, have images in their heads of Donald Trump giving Vladimir Putin a USB stick filled with the nation’s innermost secrets.

From the moment Donald put his hands on Jefferson’s Bible on January 20th, the Usual Suspects had images of unimaginable, supernatural, surreal losses to their party, failures at the polls and in the courts and in the public eye….and impeachment.

The latest kerfuffle ongoing of Donald Trump having shared actionable intelligence with the Russians is a Nothingburger - as were the rest that came before—for THERE’S NO PATH TO IMPEACHMENT….

What they don’t understand in their hysterics is that Donald Trump is playing them like a Yo Yo.


I mean, the actual document!


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