Journalism ethics has gone out the window time and time again as the media works as a spin machine to try to derail Mr. Cain’s presidential chances.

Throwing all ethics out the window

By —— Bio and Archives--November 10, 2011

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In order for society to run smoothly, a certain level of respect should be afforded all people. That is how GOP candidate Herman Cain has sought to deal with people during this time running as a GOP candidate, no matter how much they try to smear his good name.  I DO NOT believe all the claims that, now, five women (who are supposedly hurt after all these years) were sexually harassed by Cain.


There are numerous sources that have backed up the integrity of Herman Cain when America began to learn of him in the early stages of this presidential race, but because of Cain’s quick rise in the polls, he continues to be lashed in the media over unfounded accusations of sexual harassment.  These women have decided, after a decade or more, that what they claim he did, still burns them to the core, and they need revenge against Mr. Cain and self-satisfaction of not only dragging his integrity and character through the mud, but also his wife.

I could imagine the intensity one faces when campaigning for president—it is physically and mentally draining.  With the prompting of the media for Cain to answer to sexual allegations, let’s add the emotionally draining component.  But Cain has stood strong and emphatically said he will NOT QUIT no matter how much some would like him to.

What is going on is unethical.  Journalism ethics has gone out the window time and time again as the media works as a spin machine to try to derail Mr. Cain’s presidential chances.  Cain sees this tactic and has not given in to the charade.

The latest unprofessional move by the media came at the Rochester, Michigan, GOP debate when Herman Cain was asked about the charges against him by CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo. The debate did not stay on topic, on point (the economy/jobs) as it should have, due to the question on alleged scandals raised by Bartiromo. But Herman Cain’s reply says it all:

“The American people deserve better than someone being tried in the court of public opinion based on unfounded accusations [applause from audience] and I value my character and my integrity more than anything else, and for every one person that comes forward with a false accusation…there are thousands who would say, none of that sort of activity ever came from Herman Cain… despite what has happened in the last 9 days are still very enthusiastic behind my candidacy…the voters have voted with their dollars and they are saying they don’t care about the character assassination, they care about leadership and getting this economy growing and all the other problems that we face.”

Fellow moderator John Harwood continued on to address GOP candidate Mitt Romney and asked him if he was pleased with Cain’s answer, “would you keep him on if you had bought his company,” he asked?  It was clear from the jeers in the crowd they were not happy about Harwood’s continued harping on Cain’s character and wanted the subject to stay on the economy.

Presidential debates are supposed to be about the issues, not dragging a candidate through the mud because of the media’s agenda.  This is tabloid journalism and only the shallow amongst us has time to indulge in it.

Since this mess has started, Mr. Cain has kept his integrity in tact by not giving in to the media’s insistence that he respond right away at their prompting and lust for sensationalism over this “non-story.”  However, he has addressed the situation, but in his own time, has said time and again that he has done nothing wrong.

Herman Cain is not part of the establishment, but those who are a part of the establishment and those connected are trying their hardest to bring “no-nonsense” Herman Cain down.  He is a candidate no one has seen before and has proposed bold, new reforms, and that is a threat.

Cain represents America, an America that is ticked off about the same old tired tactics.  The media is sorely wrong in thinking that the American public cares about disgruntled women (whose stories don’t add up) who want vengeance, NEWSFLASH! We don’t care!

I would add that it is a good idea to vet a candidate who is running for president, but these women are nothing but opportunists and somehow still have a score to settle.  It is an attempt to bring a good candidate down, a candidate who is leading in the polls and, thankfully, the story of these women are having little to no effect.

We are FAR ABOVE this, America. Let’s continue to ask the candidates about what really matters.

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