Deep in a nest of vipers – traitorous snakes intent on destroying you, and us, and our dreams for ourselves and future generations of Americans

Tweet to President Trump: We the People Have Your Back

By —— Bio and Archives--May 21, 2017

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Members of the media have derisively compared President Trump to President Nixon.—Chris Pandolfo “Media hit the gas on the ‘Trump is Nixon’ theory

The globalist media’s (AKA mainstream media) comparison of President Trump to Nixon is marginally less absurd and offensive than their previous leitmotif of comparing Trump to Hitler, but the media still has a long way to go before they touch back down on terra firma.  I for one am not holding my breath awaiting the media’s return to sanity, as they seem hell bent on staying stuck on stupid in perpetuity.


Media, Academia, Hollywood, the “Deep State,” and more NGOs than you can shake a rolled up 501c3 tax code at are arrogant snobs

I’ll let you in on a not so secret secret—the media, academia, Hollywood, the “Deep State,” and more NGOs than you can shake a rolled up 501c3 tax code at are arrogant snobs.  You heard me correctly, arrogant snobs.

In fact, arrogant snobbery is a thread that runs throughout all of the radical left’s history.  It is oh so obvious if you keep an eye out for it.  There is no law against being an arrogant twit (or twitette), unfortunately, but as Sun Tzu noted long ago it is wise to know your enemy.

In any event, when the snobbish globalist media hysterically attack Trump they are in effect hysterically attacking we the people, for he is our messenger and we put him where he is.  Make no mistake, when the media show disdain for President Trump’s “commonness” they are being arrogantly dismissive of we the people by proxy.

The Democrats apparently could not care less what we the people think, and are enthusiastically digging themselves a deeper and deeper political pit.  I say “Bravo Democrats!”  Here, let me help.

When we the people protect Trump’s back we are merely exercising enlightened self-interest.  By protecting Trump’s back, we are protecting our own backs.
My friend Joan Swirsky recently penned an article in which she outlined the many ways in which we the people have already benefited from Trump’s presidency, which she compares to a juggernaut. 


This Mt. Everest of accomplishments belongs to a man who is straight out of central casting.  Every day, he looks like a million dollars and is stunningly successful in his dealings with everyone from heads of state to manual laborers to ardent fans to entrenched skeptics.  Every day, he brings both ebullience and laser-like focus to a job he clearly relishes, displays admirable courage in making hard choices, and is zooming along at warp speed to Make America Great Again!—Joan Swirsky “The Juggernaut and the Jerks

President Trump has set a phenomenally fast pace for getting America back on track.  His is a vision of hope and freedom, sustenance and safety.  He, and his agenda are, in the words of William James, “a powerful and magnetic force.”   

Positive images of the future are a powerful and magnetic force….  They draw us on and energize us, give us courage and will to take on important initiatives.  Negative images of the future also have a magnetism.  They pull the spirit downward in the path of despair.—William James (1842-1910)

I believe that ultimately history will put President Trump in the same league as Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln.  But for now, we the people have to suffer through the lashing out and flailing of globalism’s death throes – an ugly and dangerous time indeed.

But we the people are getting hip to the left’s tricks.  For example, one of their favorite tactics is to preempt an attack from an opponent by first claiming that their opponent is guilty of what they themselves are guilty of.  This tactic is used so often that anymore when the Democrats accuse conservatives of anything my Pavlovian response is to immediately look for whatever the Democrats are hiding of the same nature.

Russian brouhaha

The Russian brouhaha comes to mind.  As far as President Trump is concerned there is no “there” there – as has been proven ad nauseam.  But if we the people look to the left what do we see?  We see collusion aplenty between the Russians and the Clintons and other Democratic “movers and shakers.”  My, my, imagine that.

As more and more concrete, tangible, positive results of the Trump Administration’s policies come to fruition, more and more people will board the “Trump train,” and the current strident cries of hysterical derision and slander will gradually fade into a richly deserved ignominy.

President Trump, know this: We the people are well aware that you are deep in a nest of vipers – traitorous snakes intent on destroying you, and us, and our dreams for ourselves and future generations of Americans.  We pray for you, your family, and your aides.  We know that many media pundits are hate-filled liars, and we dismiss them out of hand.  We greatly appreciate that you are tirelessly working on America’s behalf, on freedom’s behalf, on our behalf.  President Trump, know that we the people feel blessed to have you at the helm, and we have your back boss, believe it.

Obviously, this isn’t an actual “tweet” per se…but it’ll do.     



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