Miriam Carey, Aaron Alexis, hearing voices

Two D.C. Attacks and a Series of Unfortunate “Coincidences”

By —— Bio and Archives--October 8, 2013

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So - what do you think are the odds that within a few weeks of each other, two 34-year-old black people from Brooklyn, New York, with nothing in common so far as is known, begin acting out in the same U.S. city in such a manifestly dangerous manner after claiming to have been exposed to vague, arcane technology that they wind up having to be put down like animals by the local constabulary?


I thought so… 

At this juncture, I’m sure that any other connections that may have existed between Miriam Carey (the woman who used her car as a weapon against the Secret Service and D.C. Police on October 3) and Aaron Alexis (the former Navy technician and contractor who murdered 12 people and wounded several others at the D.C. Naval Yard on September 16) are being judiciously scrubbed by the White House.

In actuality, there may not have been any commonalities between them, save that both were 34 years old, black, from Brooklyn – and that they both decided to go berserk in the nation’s capitol within a few weeks of each other.

In the aggregate, I would still say that’s a hell of a set of coincidences to swallow…

So where do I get off considering connections between Carey and Alexis where none are apparent? Because, as I advised my listening audience this week, I’ve been connecting the dots long enough to see existing connections where none are apparent. In an environment in which an American president who openly commits treason (in the form of supplying military aid to al-Qaeda fighters in Syria) is not prosecuted with all due speed, journalists investigating the administration die in mysterious, fiery car wrecks; in which SEAL teams inexplicably perish within weeks after historic, sensitive operations, practically any scenario should be considered a viable possibility.

The rapid, pat assessments that were made with regard to Ms. Carey’s condition, history, and possible motivation for the attack were too… well, rapid and pat. These assessments, reported as having come from “sources,” also give rise to questions about the narrative with regard to the condition, history, and possible motivation of Aaron Alexis. Were these accounts of mental incapacity mere cover stories, crafted over time in advance, in order to validate the antisocial behavior that was to occur later, by design? 

It would not be the first time it was suggested that our government or this administration engaged in PsyOps, sophisticated psychological manipulation techniques calculated to impel an individual toward a predetermined action.

Prior to his meltdown, Aaron Alexis told a Rhode Island policeman that he was being followed by people who were using some sort of technology to disorient and torment him. According to some reports, Miriam Carey believed that President Obama was electronically monitoring her Connecticut home in order to “broadcast her life on television.”

Other reports stated that she said he was communicating with her “via radio waves.” Well, which was it?

Prior to attempting to run the barricade in front of the White House, Carey supposedly exchanged words with the Secret Service agent she nearly ran down moments later. What was the nature of the exchange?

And who brings a one-year-old child to an assault on one of the most closely-guarded compounds on the planet?
A crazy woman, of course. But was she?

First things first: Do we (meaning we as a technological society, and more specifically, our government) possess the kind of technology that could whip a person of normal mental constitution into a murderous frenzy, or do so even more easily in the case of someone who was not particularly stable to start with? It depends upon who you ask. Among those who buy into nearly every conspiracy theory that comes over the transom, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Others presume that we are simply not sophisticated enough at present from a standpoint of understanding the human brain to influence behavior to such specific purpose.

There are still others, credentialed experts who testify to having actually worked to develop such technologies.
We do know that the government, and even private concerns, have been working in the field of mind control since before World War II. We know that unscrupulous methods have been used by the government in the area of medical and psychological experimentation before. Respecting the question of whether or not technology that could distort someone’s perceptions to the degree that they became capable of violence exists, in this case I shall have to defer to the conspiracy theorists and the accounts of experts.

In recent weeks, unconfirmed reports have surfaced from within and outside of the US, claiming that the Obama administration and the president have been under investigation by various parties in the American intelligence community. These have proffered a number of profoundly alarming allegations, such as charges being prepared against Obama for treason and murder, the D.C. Naval Yard shootings having been a “message” to enemies or a false flag attack, accusations of planned false flag attacks – one of them including a nuclear device to be detonated by Obama operatives in the D.C. area – and several others.

Is it another strange “coincidence” (such as the commonalities between Aaron Alexis and Miriam Carey) that Navy Vice Admiral Tim Giardina, the Number 2 official in charge of America’s nuclear arsenal, was suspended and came under investigation by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (which just happens to have offices at the D.C. Naval Yard) at the same time it was alleged that the NCIS discovered the false flag nuke plot?

Why, it’s all so bizarre that it couldn’t possibly be true, could it? Au contraire; bizarre has been an ongoing theme of this administration’s modus operandi: Operate so far outside the realm of believability that no one believes you’re doing what you are in fact doing. If you’re implicated, the President will dispel all suspicion with teleprompter and Jedi hand wave…

No one would have ever believed beforehand that the President might conspire with his Department of Justice and other agencies to funnel weapons to Mexican drug lords in order to precipitate a panic over America’s rampant “gun culture” – but indeed, this occurred. Nor would Americans have thought that the President would clandestinely provide arms to the same Muslim fanatics who attacked us in 2001, then order an attack on the compound facilitating such action when it became a liability. No one would have believed that Obama would allow American personnel to perish at that compound in order to preserve his power.

Yet it is more or less apparent that he did all of those things and more. In fact, he is now supplying the same Muslim fanatics in Syria with weaponry overtly, having simply declared that he has the legal right to do so.
If that is not definitive of a tyrant – and one who would employ any means necessary in order to attain his objectives – then what is?

In the eyes of most Americans, the idea that Obama could or would perpetrate such evil or participate in such abject criminality remains as likely as the president being a shape-shifting reptilian overlord from another dimension. We can thank the press for this of course, as well as the Democrat congressional leadership and hundreds of cretinous journalists who continue to idolize this clumsy, two-bit hustler just because he’s black.
None of that negates, nor will it ever negate the fact that Obama is a traitor and a criminal, regardless of whether he had a hand in the tragic events of September 16 and October 3 of this year, and whether or not it is ever revealed.


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