The Democrat's Insurance Policy has been cancelled. The cancellation takes effect immediately

Unpacking the Memo and the Coup - An Interactive Map

By —— Bio and Archives--March 19, 2018

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Unpacking the Memo and the Coup - An Interactive Map
If you’re a Democrat contemplating the possibility of an electoral loss and the political loss of the nation, even if the possibility is remote, you’d probably take out an insurance policy.

One thing you will never consider: for the insurance policy to get cancelled.

Another thing, for the contents of the policy to become public, so burglars know exactly what was insured and worse, for what reasons , and when you won’t be at home .


Being a smart Democrat means that you plan way ahead and have the understanding that unity is everything.

As D’Artagnan swore to Athos, Porthos and Aramis: One for All and All for One!

And you ‘ll never consider the possibility that Man Plans; G-d Laughs, or that Man Proposes; G-d Disposes.

Planning ahead means that you position your allies close to the vest - taking JFK’s advice about Lyndon Johnson, JFK’s potential rival.

Keeping these “friends” and rivals near you while making sure that, as in a good marriage, you don’t just look into each other’s eyes, but, in the same direction.


On the horizon, the fly in the ointment if you will, is that other family that’s winning the Apprentice Game. Its head, hardly an apprentice, is an expert who wrote the book about winning, and arguably created the game itself. He was warned by the entire media-propaganda complex, our allies, of a certainty that it can’t be done.

And damn, The Man got up and did it anyway!

He’s no FLAKE.

But he was no threat we told each other, because he was unfit physically and mentally unstable.

He had orange hair.

Not like our candidate who is a paragon of physical fitness.

Crooked Hillary has ANOTHER seizure

Keeping insulting the intelligence of our media and CNNMSNBC viewers, he demolished seventeen of his seasoned Republican rivals.

None of them could take the joke.

So we Democrats - much smarter than The Hair with its own Twitter account - needed to take out an insurance policy:

Just in case.

We have.

And just in case the insurance might not be adequate, we better have the fire department on our side and the chiefs too.

We are indeed lucky , because we already do have them on our side…and in our pockets

For example we have our best man in charge of the investigation of our innocent president Hillary.

Highly unlikely.

He’s our man.



While we’re at it, we might as well get another of our friends already on our team, one whose wife is on board who will help us with the dossier. After all, our friends and the foreign spy whom we will pay well and even offer him more money if necessary, have been associates for a decade. He’s got his back covered by The Deputy director, After all, and we tell you again, this plan can’t fail!

There will never be a problem fellow Komrades, because our boss is well-placed, and besides, we cannot possibly lose:

Not the election and not the aftermath.

The insurance is almost too good to be true.

And we even have a co-insurer at the top.

We tell you, this plan can’t fail!

As additional insurance, our president even bought a gap policy that will make the first PP dossier just an aperitif.

It is a “What if?” policy.

The second dossier will be a political bombshell that will end the career of The Hair and put his entire family out of business.

At least out of our business!

Don’t worry Komrades.

Our friends in Congress will help cover up and stonewall any attempt to disclose our activities to the media or The People.

We will do whatever is necessary. We’ll sit on our hands, grit our teeth and pout if we have to!

The People - we mean the Little People - have no need to know.

It’s not their business.



The unified collusion, cooperation and conspiracy, the

Democrat’s colluding with the DNC, Camp Hillary, FBI, senior intelligence agents James Clapper DIA and John Brennan DCIA to overthrow the elected government and the winners of the 2016 elections, using deception, disinformacia, fraud, perjured FISA applications, a massive propaganda machinery (meaning the US media), cyber crimes and the cyber break-in at Trump Tower and other illegalities to unseat the duly-elected president of the United States, has just unraveled right in front of your eyes.

The Democrat’s counter-memo will be worthy of MAD Magazine. Prepared by a battery of lawyers, political operatives, possibly foreign and even Russian agents working for Fusion GPS and other propagandists, the Democrats in congress as a last resort intend to shut down or shout down the conversation as they have before, or shut down the government. Whatever it takes. They will shield their mates and each other’s complicity in the attempted coup that blew up in their faces, to cover up their activities and crimes. To cover up what throughout history has been seen as nothing less than treason.

The Democrat’s memo aims to deny, discredit, and dismiss the implications covering the Democrat’s and their agents in high office of capital offenses of treachery, treason, collusion, conspiracy and cooperation, a multitude of felonies the self-same culprits and their party had committed in violation of their constitutional oath of office - and as lawyers, officers of the court. Offenses which they had cynically projected on their political opponents.

They have attempted a coup d’etat - a silent takeover of the government - using racial strife, generated mass protests and riots, fabricated collusion narratives and other fictions, fake Russian dossiers they had paid for, sold to, and then paid American media to distribute. Their accomplices are the mainstream media that has been working for them. It appears they had paid through third parties and even Russians to prepare and distribute the same while charging their opponents with collusion with Russians.

They had overwhelmed the airwaves and print media and misled the nation with a series of FAKE NEWS

fabrications and improvised narratives for a year and a half. They had waged a coordinated agitation-propaganda campaign prepared by foreign agents with a deep hate for our nation and its president. They had managed to enable the unjust prosecution of the opposition candidate based on fraudulent applications to illegally-obtain FISA warrants their operatives prepared, on which they had signed off, and accordingly, perjured themselves. They then used the FISA court, after having denied it salient conflicts of interest and self-dealing persons with whom they were allied, denying the court the fact that they themselves: Hillary Camp, DNC and FBI had paid for the fake Russia PP Dossier they intended to use as justification tor the cyber break-in on the campaign headquarters and persons of the political opposition during a major politica campaign. They then continued their criminal and treasonous activities after the opposition had won the presidency and a monopoly of states too, in a massive electoral landslide.

It was a plot and a conspiracy - a slow-motion coup that is now unraveling like a large spool of rope being unspun by a frisky cat. The plot is becoming surely undone and unpacked as all the fictions, deceptions and cover-ups see the light of day.

What the Democrats wanted was less information.

What we want is more of it.

And we will get more of it as they dig themselves into the biggest hole this country has ever seen.

No counter memo, no Adam Schiff glassy-eyed stare, can prevent the incriminating memo detailing the serial crimes, infractions, ethical lapses, felonies and other violations of the US constitution, and the deliberate bearing of false witness of these Democrat higher-ups, operatives, Senators and congressmen and their media accomplices, from being pursued and aired until all of them account for themselves. And if necessary, pay the heavy price society and freedom will demand from them.

Where it leads may possibly be Kenya.

The chickens have come home to roost for a bunch of bad cops and bad political operatives.

The Democrat’s Insurance Policy has been cancelled.

The cancellation takes effect immediately.


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