Higher gas, car truck prices in Canada

Vive le Free Trade

By —— Bio and Archives--October 24, 2007

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What a great country we live in. Today we can all see how Canada’s wonderful free trade agreement works for everyone except the average consumer and hard working taxpayer.


The Canadian dollar is now worth about $1.02 American yet:

A Cadillac Escalade in the U.S. goes for about $40,000, in Canada $80,000

A GMC Yukon sells in the U.S. for about $50,000, in Canada $69,600

You can get a Nissan Altima in the U.S. for about $24,430, but in Canada it will cost you $31,182
Vive le Canada!

But I’m sure there must be a bright side somewhere, there always is right?

What about gas prices? Surely Canada, as a major producer of oil and gas, must have better prices at the pumps than they do south of the border.

Sorry, gas prices in the eastern U.S. avg. 2.80 per gallon, in east coast Canada they’re closer to $4.00 per gallon. That’s $4.00 Canadian not in American pesos.

Vive le Canada!

Are you into the latest technology? Well you can always buy an iPod Touch in the U.S. for $399, or in Canada for $449.

Vive le Canada!

Like to read? You can now get the latest Harry Potter book for U.S. $35, but in Canada it’ll cost you $45.

Vive le Canada!

Not to worry though. In defence of Canadians from coast to coast to coast the Federal Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty, plans to “speak with manufacturers and retailers” and ask them to try a little harder if they don’t mind too much. I’m sure that’ll shake them up and the photo op for the Minister should really get his point across.

You’d think Flaherty would have a little more influence, what with free trade being such a feather in the cap of a former conservative government. Isn’t there something in that agreement about “Free Trade”?

Can’t Ottawa even exert some influence over the Auto sector in Ontario or Bombardier in Quebec. After pumping all those Canadian tax dollars into keeping them afloat for decades can’t they at least pressure them to treat Canadian citizens fairly.

Sorry, but no.

Don’t even consider going south of the border to buy a car or truck at a rock bottom price. The dealers there are being told not to sell to Canadians. If you decide to give it a try, beware. If you actually manage to find some desperate dealer willing to sell, you might come back with a nice new vehicle, but your warranty won’t be worth the paper it’s written on.

Vive le Canada!

With winter coming on maybe you’re interested in a new snowmobile. Well Quebec based Bombardier makes, ships and sells a long line of summer and winter recreational equipment in the U.S. In fact if you want to purchase their Renegade X 800 snowmobile in the U.S. it will run you about $10,000. In Canada expect to pay at least $13,000 to $14,000 for the same machine.

Until the recent rise in the Canadian dollar Bombardier’s standard policy was to impose a 7.5 per cent surcharge on sales to Canadian customers in the U.S. The same Canadian consumers/taxpayers who bailed them out countless times.

Just this month Bombardier expanded their policy to charge 7.5 per cent or $1,250—whichever was higher. Later they raised the rate to $3,000 and now, taking a cue from the highly subsidized Canadian Auto industry, Bombardier is telling U.S. retailers not to sell to Canadians at all.

Vive le Canadian tax bailouts!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Canadian free trade, folks. You’re on your own.

Vive le Canada!!!


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