14 new pardons and commutations, none of which are the agents! SHAME!

Where is the Pardon for Agent Ramos and Compean?

By —— Bio and Archives--November 25, 2008

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Agent Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean have been in prison for 2 ½ years now for shooting a very bad, serial drug runner in the butt.  They didn’t even know they had shot the bad guy because he kept running and they thought they were shooting in self-defense.

So far what have we seen in this drama from hell?  I thought I would lose my mind when I heard of the horrifying decision by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals against Agent Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean.  So many of us who had followed this case for the last few years were hoping that once all the evidence had finally been heard, unlike with the first trial that justice would be done.  Wrong!!  Justice was not done!!!

You may recall in the first trial that the illegal alien, drug thug Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila, who brought 743 pounds of marijuana over our border was given immunity by Prosecutor Sutton to testify against the two agents.  I remember hearing Sutton and his cronies implying that the two agents were rogue, racist against Mexicans and had shot a poor, desperate illegal alien in the back of the butt while he was running away from them.  On and on the distortion, misinformation….ok….lies went on.  I had thought from the very beginning that the racist accusations regarding the two agents against Mexicans was fascinating since Ramos and Compean are Mexican Americans.  It was also fascinating that ‘suddenly’ these two long standing, almost awarding winning agents, Dads and husbands would suddenly decide to break the rules and try and kill an unarmed, desperate illegal alien running away from them. 

The only problem with Sutton’s idiot revelations was that folks like Dr. Jerry Corsi, lawyers and those concerned with the real truth started uncovering the facts and it was crystal clear that the poor little illegal alien wasn’t just a one time, accidental tourist of sorts but a career drug thug who had come across the border with several drug shipments.  It also became clear that there was no bullet hole in the back of poor little Davila’s butt, but rather it was through the side of his hip and had traveled into his groin area.  This reflected the exact testimony of the two agents that they shot in self-defense and thought he had a gun pointed at them.  He would have been turned back toward them to get shot through the side of the hip, NOT the back of the butt as Sutton testified. 

Who would you believe in court?  The illegal alien drug dealer who lied to everyone and was arrested many times carrying drugs, but was magically given immunity to testify against Ramos and Compean, or the two long standing and well liked border patrol agents who said they fired in self defense and didn’t even know they had hit Davila?

Given the insanity that they were even arrested in the first place, let alone convicted and thrown in prison,  I was naturally so relieved and thrilled that finally an appeal was in process.  Those of us looking on for the last few years of suffering and horror with these two families, hoped that justice would finally be done.  Apparently not yet!

Over these many months many Representatives weighed in trying to get our President and congress to do something to right this horrible wrong!  Congressman Ted Poe, R-Texas stated how bad the decision was and stated when congress put through U.S.C. section 924c and that was never meant to be applied against law enforcement officers.  He promised he would get this horrible misuse and confusion regarding 924c clarified in congress immediately. 

Congressman Duncan Hunter many months ago after the ridiculous appeals court ruling against the two agents asked President Bush for a pardon or commutation.  We waited and waited and waited for a response, NOTHING.  Finally this week we find that Bush has granted pardons to 14 individuals and commuted the prison sentences of two others.  THESE DO NOT INCLUDE AGENT RAMOS AND COMPEAN!!!  I am SO angry I can barely write and think.  This is a national betrayal and our President should be ashamed of himself for not doing the right thing regarding Ramos and Compean.  29 Pardons last Christmas…nothing.  14 Pardons this Christmas….nothing again.  He has had the evidence, countless signatures from members of congress almost begging for mercy or commutation.  Prosecutor Sutton and the Gov. of Mexico are Bush’s friends.  Apparently people honorably serving your country and doing the right thing AREN’T. 

Mr.  President,  I voted for you twice.  I have supported you where I can for many years on a host of issues.  I cannot support you on this.  It is not only wrong but does not reflect the facts of the case and REAL compassion!!  I had hoped more of you Mr. President.  You can still do the right thing and pardon these patriots and heroes who are suffering horribly in prison for simply trying to do their jobs.  PRESIDENT BUSH, PARDON AGENT RAMOS AND COMPEAN!!!! 

Make your opinions known about pardoning Ramos and Compean.  Write to your leaders at:  http://www.house.gov 


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