These small, filthy, sniveling, cowardly, dirty, insane basterds who DARE threaten the lives of American electors in order to STEAL this Trump-won election?


By —— Bio and Archives--December 16, 2016

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I won’t get into the insane, deluded, evil, willfully destructive horse-manure about Putin and his magical, mystery, Trumpitized keyboard.

No, wait. I will mention how the demented, radical Leftist Obama-Clinton Axis wants to defrock Donald Trump on the basis that the All-Powerful Mystical Vlad Putin hacked and cracked Hillary’s “obvious win.”

Where the hell does this meme come from? I can answer that.

I was watching “Batman” (1943). He is trapped by The Wizard in a steel room filling up with deadly gas. Batman is about to die when he suddenly whips from behind his cape—from his utility belt—a full-sized, two-foot long Acetylene cutting torch, and burns his way out.

Where did he get this fix for his losing predicament? From the same place the Democrats have gotten this Putin-hacking lie: they pulled it out of their butt-cheeks.

I want to ask this medical question.

Just EXACTLY who the hell do these dirty creeps think they are?

These small, filthy, sniveling, cowardly, dirty, insane basterds who DARE threaten the lives of American electors in order to STEAL this Trump-won election?

These moronic, violent, dangerous, narcissistic psychopaths and sociopaths. These Obamanoid-Clintonic, Marxist, Islamist, One-World, rioting, lying “protestors,” who DARE threaten OUR Donald J. Trump?

These same stupid slugs, snowflakes, liars, thieves and rewriters of history and humanity—who have decided the Ohio State, Islamo-Fascist murderer was unjustly shot by the police?

Just who the hell are they?

Where do they come from?

Who runs them?

They are misfits, haters, psychopaths, and the vastly deluded uninformed. They are part of our gene pool, bred into it over 10,000 years by kings, cities, queens, rulers, and enforcers. They are run by visionary One-World maniacs who have NO regard for YOUR life, liberty, or families. They are unfeeling, envious intelligences who seek your enslavement into their maniacs’ Great Cause.

But will you merely read or write about it?

Will you allow these vicious, deadly, minor, sidelined, plugged in, Fake News, and Fake Posters to steal this election from us? To Rule you with their slime-encased lies, deceit, and maniacal false World?

From Breitbart.com:

“Students at Ohio State University have added attacker Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s name to a list of ‘individuals of color’ who have been wrongly killed by law enforcement officers….”

Are these the capricious, deluded, propagandized, brainwashed “folks” you want to be in charge of your and American life for the next 500 years? The ones who would fill boxcars, “psychiatric hospitals,” and graveyards, with your families and descendants?

“Oh,” some might say, “But, dude, they are so, like, right and stuff?”

Continued below...

Yeah, I know: “Abdul Razak Ali Artan.”He had four Arab names.

So he must have been even more worthy than Obama, who only has his self-chosen, three Arab names.

And everybody knows what “The Monster in the White House” has done to America and the real world. With only his three self-chosen, Arabic names.

Will you be necrotized an zombified by these monsters? Will you sign a suicide pact with them?

I will not. Them and their “fairy band.”

I will not be quiet and bled, like an animal to slaughter.

Like the frickin’ Ice Capades on blood. Bunker Hill. Gettysburg. Iwo Jima. Fallujah. Kandahar. Wardak.

—And like everywhere police are killed—the last of our Thin Blue Line.

Will you let this dreamed-of band of horror—this fake pageant—will you let them have it?

Will you let it happen?

“Captain of our fairy band…
And the youth, mistook by me…
…Shall we their fond pageant see?
Lord, what fools these mortals be!”
—Puck, A MidsummerNight’s Dream, W. S.

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