Obama--in my elderly, experienced, seasoned opinion--you have no character at all. You are a soulless, evil, driven simulacrum; you are a simulation. You are a mimicry of Humanity


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Donald J. Trump, if I were part of the assigned detail to protect you with my body, I would.

Donald J., even I were just there for some other reason I would still protect you with my body, if I could.

Donald: Barry Soetoro, AKA Barrack Hussein Obama, was elected President twice.

On both occasions—twice—he was also SWORN IN TWICE.

And I don’t believe anything they say as to why he was sworn in twice, both times. In both 2008, and 20012.

Because they are proven liars, and I don’t believe their lies about anything.

I think Barry Soetoro was first sworn in privately, off camera, so he would be in full possession of all powers of protection as President—when he was publicly sworn in, for the cameras, both times he was elected. He wanted to be “ready.”

I think he and the mad-dog Democrat horde expected all us white, “KKK Fascist Racist Republican Nazis,” to riot, kill, and plunder, at his inauguration—as he apparently saw things.

Him bein’ all black ‘an sech‚... as he has since stated.

Well, that never happened. No race riots. Not even a single non-race riot by us. We—Americans—we have always peacefully accepted Presidential election results. It’s who we are. It’s what we’re about.

We are not like lying, thieving, violent Democrats.

However, in apparent contrast, the loon, Democrat cabal seems almost 100% subscribed to 19th and 20th Century European, Socialist, Marxist, Communist, Fascist political dogma. That of riot, violence, bombing, burning, shooting, kidnapping, murder, lies, and general mayhem.

This alien plan was brought to America incipiently by 20th Century, foreign, “immigrants, unionists, bolsheviks” and others. It was, and is, an illicit doctrine which is alien to America and American values. It is also incompatible with human life.

From En.m.Wikipedia.org:

“The >Red Scare of 1919-1921 had fueled…fears of foreign radicals migrating to undermine American values and provoke an uprising like Russia’s 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. The number of immigrants entering the United States decreased for about a year from July 1919 to June 1920 but also doubled the year after that….”

And it was that very same doubled “migration” which helped introduce alien socialist poison to the living bloodstream of a free America.

My own ancestors began arriving here, in the late 1800s, but they were fleeing the Russian slaughter of Jews. The “pogroms.” They came here, freed and thankful—they loved America, worked very hard, learned English, and assimilated.

But there were still those dark forces, European Communists and One Worlders. Just like those of today; vastly cold and unsympathetic intelligences who watched, envied, and conspired to tear America down. America the Beautiful.

Today, their inheritors—the seething, psychotic, melting, Democrat Horde, foreign trillionaires, Socialists, Commies and Fascists, and every other loon splinter group—all of them.

Continued below...

Donald J. Trump: do NOT count on President Barack Hussein Obama to protect you at your inauguration

All of them want to raze American traditions and institutions to the ground. And eradicate you, shut you up, ship you off, or kill you, it seems to me.

They want to replace you and me with themselves. Like in the insectoid capacity for “mimicry.” They may look like us, but they are not us. They only simulate being us. They are not “human,” as we think of it. They can only mimic our own, inherent humanity. And they eat our young.

They want to replace our young with theirs. The young snowflakes whom they are today cultivating for harvest and consumption. The useless zombies who have already fallen to their incantations and lies.

Is that what you want?

To be a farm animal?

—So. And this is central to our survival: why was Barry Soetoro sworn in twice, each time he was elected President of the United States? That’s my question here.

—And my answer is: it was because in their diseased Democrat brains, their twisted viewpoints, they automatically project onto us, their OWN evil desires, needs, and political lusts.

They accuse us of whatever sins THEY are actually committing and carrying out against us—against Truth, Justice, and our American Way.

—So. You see: I conclude that, Barry Soetoro thought at his public “swearing in,” he would need and want to fully “crack down” with all Presidential power, upon a rioting, hateful, American populace. “Folks who don’t like me, because they don’t look like me,” I think is how this hateful, nauseating creep phrased it, about us. About you and me.

Frankly, Barry, I have NEVER given a flying, stinking damn about your skin color. Call me stupid, but I believe the content of character trumps the amount of stupid melanin in one’s skin.

And you—in my elderly, experienced, seasoned opinion—you have no character at all.

You are a soulless, evil, driven simulacrum; you are a simulation. You are a mimicry of Humanity.

So take your hatred and shove it, creep.

It’s the twisted, corrosive hate of a narcissistic creep.

—Therefore: in conclusion, to me, the difference between the Soetoro inauguration and the Trump inauguration, is that the Democrats REALLY DO INTEND FOR RIOTS, violence, and maybe even murder to attend.

The Democrats and their Masters—the foreign, European trillionaires—are publicly importing busloads of provenly paid thugs and rioters. They freely admit to this. Will they be armed? Will they kill us? What is the goal here?

Will they try to kill trump?

True to their European, “bomb thrower,” Bolshevik model and doctrine, imported at the turn of the Century, the current Democrats seem to me, to seek violent overthrow of these current Presidential election results. Violent overthrow—of Trump—and our America.

If they can’t do it by terrifying and threatening death to the Electors, as they are doing right now, then they will try it again at the inauguration.

Donald J. Trump: do NOT count on President Barack Hussein Obama—with his self chosen Arabic names—to protect you at your inauguration.

We made you President-Elect. Now it is up to you to be sworn in privately—first thing—and then publicly, if needed, use that Power to legally crush your enemies; all enemies domestic and foreign.

And then, please proceed with the Rebirth of America.

It’s what’s for breakfast.

And it ain’t Kellogg’s, anymore.

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