What ever happened to the missing 18 pages of the 9-11 cover-up report? Forget about it! It's the same game they always play. Don't look for it to end anytime soon

Will republicans release the FISA report or cover it up?

By —— Bio and Archives--January 23, 2018

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Will republicans release the FISA report or cover it up?
Sean Hannity and others have been talking about the FISA memo, otherwise known as the FISA abuse report, that some Republicans say exposes corruption in the FBI and Justice Department. FISA stands for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Some say the information in the FISA memo is jaw dropping, and others say it makes Watergate look insignificant in comparison. The current story is that most Republicans want to release the report to the public, but Democrats want it withheld. Democrat Adam Schiff went on CNN and said the memo should be withheld from the public because he doubts the American people will understand its contents.

According to Adam Schiff, the memo is nothing more than Republican talking points, and he implied that the American people are too ignorant to understand it. If that’s so, then why are Democrats opposed to releasing such a trivial and insignificant document that most Americans are incapable of understanding? This kind of government secrecy and total control over information should be troubling to all Americans because the job of each member of congress is to represent the people not the FBI, CIA, Justice Department or any other government agency that abuses its power or purpose. It’s their job to expose corruption and abuse of power not hide and shelter it like Schiff and the Democrats propose.

Representatives are supposed to work for the people not the government. As representatives of the people, it’s their job to inform the people not hide government corruption and lawlessness under a cloak of secrecy. Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy both warned the American people of this kind of abuse of power. President Kennedy warned us about deep state secrecy being used for official government censorship. The same censorship that Kennedy warned about is being used today, just as it was in Soviet Russia, to undermine the will of the people. We know it’s true because any incriminating document is immediately hidden from the public by labeling it a state secret - vital to national security. That’s what Kennedy warned us about, and there’s numerous examples of official censorship.

Most recently, some of the JFK assassination documents were withheld supposedly because they contained names of people still living. When NIST was asked to provide the computer modeling data they used to simulate the collapse of World Trade building 7, so researchers could verify the results, NIST refused claiming that releasing the data would ‘jeopardize public safety’. Now that’s cow manure if I’ve ever heard it! NIST’s refusal to honor a FOIA request is nothing more than communist censorship. The Freedom of Information Act is a joke. The government can and does withhold incriminating information just by classifying it - that’s official censorship.

Moreover, Congress and government agencies have power over the people, but when it comes to the people, we are powerless outside the voting booth. Our power over government ends as soon as we pull that lever in the voting booth. We have no voice in government after we pull that lever! We can write our representatives, but don’t expect them to listen, because once in office, they become loyal to the party, and we aren’t in it. It’s the party’s agenda they push, not the peoples!

On top of that, we are confronted with laws, regulations, rules, restrictions, and barriers that prevent us from finding out what the government is doing. Here are some questions that should be answered: When did Congress and government agencies gain the power to rule under a blanket of secrecy? Who gave Congress the power to withhold or censor information from the people that they are ‘supposedly’ elected to represent? Is it in the best interest of the people to withhold information that exposes government corruption, wrong doing or abuse of power? Here’s a better question: Do the people or the lawless and corrupt gain by congress withholding information that exposes their lawlessness and corruption?

In addition, Congress and government agencies have been acting as official soviet style censors for many years. The deep state, along with their media sycophants, tell the people what they want the them to hear, and that usually isn’t the truth. The goal is to keep the people ignorant so political hacks like Adam Schiff can go on CNN and use it as an excuse for withholding any information they don’t want the people to know. “Treat the people like mushrooms; keep ‘um in the dark and feed ‘um a lot of manure.” It’s communism in action!

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Meanwhile, the media’s function is to withhold the truth not publish it. The media gives the government, our rulers, unlimited power to abuse their authority by covering up abuses instead of publishing them.  Kennedy warned us about media and government complicity. The job of Congress is to prevent that from happening, but today most representatives answer to a higher power; a higher power being the organizations that contribute to their campaigns and keep them in power. They may say government works for the people, but nothing could be further from the truth. On the other hand, there are a few representatives who are patriotic Americans, but they are a minority. Will the minority win and force the release of the FISA abuse report? We’ll see!

In the mean time, ignore the claims that Congress has to vote on whether or not to release the FISA abuse report. That’s just manure! Any patriotic congressman can openly read the document in Congress. They could also leak the report to the media like Dianne Feinstein did the Fusion GPS transcript. She was criticized for it, but nothing happened to her! And, the president could order the release of the document. Congress is just playing games and buying time to either water the document down, remove incriminating information, censor the information, or wait until everyone forgets about it. What ever happened to the missing 18 pages of the 9-11 cover-up report? Forget about it!  It’s the same game they always play. Don’t look for it to end anytime soon.

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