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By —— Bio and Archives--December 13, 2010

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“One man or woman, or a group of men (or women) with governmental power over the masses, but without limits, oversight, or confronted by a force of equal power, will eventually assume absolute power.”  Ron Ewart

History is the great painter of the future because man seems to be hopelessly destined to repeat it.  There have been numerous attempts by different cultures over the last 2,000 years to build a republic, where the rights and dignity of the individual were respected and protected.  But in the year of our Lord 2010, two and a half millennium after the Greek Republic fell into the brutal hands of the Spartans, there is only one true Republic left, and that is America.  Some say that even that is open to debate.


The tally of the nations of the earth is abysmal.  All of Europe, under the European Union has fallen to socialism, including England; Russia and the old Soviet Block are still flirting with different forms of communism and socialism; China is toying with a strange mixture of communism and capitalism; Sub-Sahara Africa, South and Central America are still embedded with despots and dictators, the Middle East and North Africa are deadlocked in the brutality and savagery of the seventh century; and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, are neck deep in their own brand of socialism.  The question is, how does America stand up against this planet-wide trend towards collectivism, religious zealotry and centralized power ..... or has it?

The Romans started out as a Republic (508 BC) and did fairly well until a consummate bureaucrat came along (Octavian Augustus) and managed to “fundamentally transform” the Republic of Rome into Imperial Rome. (circa 27 BC)  Octavian assumed dictatorial powers when the Roman Senate granted extraordinary powers to him.  Let’s see.  The Roman Senate granted extraordinary powers to one man and the country ended up as a dictatorship.  In America, since the days of Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, on up through FDR and all remaining presidents thereafter, the U. S. Congress has been granting more and more power to the Executive Branch by allowing the Executive Branch to expand its powers through control of the rapidly growing federal bureaucracy, under the direct control of the President and his cabinet.

FDR issued an executive order granting extraordinary powers to the president because of the declared emergency of the Great Depression.  That executive order has not been rescinded.  Future presidents, on both sides of the aisle, have issued executive orders granting extraordinary powers to the president in the event of an “emergency” with a description so vague as to cover almost any event, at the whim of the President.  The opportunity to abuse that power is ever present.

So with a government so powerful, what is to stop it from taking actions, in secret, that are in direct conflict with the limits placed upon it by a constitution that has been so corrupted and so bastardized that it is now unrecognizable from the one drafted by the Founding Fathers?  And in spite of those limits that are no longer observed, what is to stop an all-powerful government issuing executive orders, passing laws and adjudicating Supreme Court cases with the sole purpose of supposedly protecting the “public from harm or from itself”, or to increase the “umbrella of their security”, without regard to constitutional liberties?”  Absolutely nothing!

But what is even more disturbing, what is to stop a powerful government, unfettered by constitutional limitations, from conducting clandestine, covert acts to start a war, even if it meant harming or murdering its own citizens?  Again, absolutely nothing!  Certainly they wouldn’t let a little thing like the Constitution to get in their way if they have already abandoned it.

Secrecy is the fuel that feeds the fire of conspiracies and conspiracy theories thrive in such a tepid environment.  Throughout the American contemporary culture, conspiracy theories abound.  For example it is theorized that the American government sent (or allowed) a cruise ship (the Lusitania) to sail into German waters on purpose, loaded with Americans (and munitions), knowing full well the Germans would torpedo it, it would sink with the loss of 1,198 souls and the Americans would be so angry over the event that they would convince the American government to go to war in Europe.  (World War I)  President Wilson campaigned on not going to war in Europe, but one month after his inauguration, America declared war on Germany.

And what about the Rockefellers and a whole bunch of other “magnates, financiers and industrialists” getting together on Jekyll Island in 1910, in a top secret meeting, to plot the 16th Amendment that created a banking cartel called the Federal Reserve and established the income tax and the Internal Revenue Service?  It has been theorized that the 16th Amendment was fraudulently passed because two thirds of both houses of Congress and three fourths of the states did not actually ratify the Amendment.  The government’s position is that in the end, 42 of the 48 states at the time did ratify the Amendment.  Will we ever know the truth?

And why would the United States government (under President Herbert Hoover) contract with the University of Illinois and Harvard University, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, to study how to manipulate the American people through their subconscious minds?  Why indeed!  This much we know as fact.  If government would do this, what else would they do under the same pretense?  And what did the Rockefeller Foundation hope to gain by funding the study?

Many believe that the Government, including FDR, knew full well that the Japanese would attack Pearl Harbor and that the collective anger over the attack would launch America into World War II, since the mood of the country was leaning heavily towards isolationism.  They might have even sacked an Admiral as a scapegoat, to cover up the dirty deed.  If the government would allow 2,600 people to be killed at Pearl Harbor without taking pre-emptive action, in order to propel us into war, what else would they do to the people to get what they want?

And how many secrets are still uncovered over the Vietnam war and the assassination of President Kennedy?  There are more theories on these two events than there are grains of sand on a sandy beach.  (Well, not quite)

Which brings us to the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 by radical Muslims.  Just the other day the purveyor of the Southwest Free Press, one Jeff Maehr, sent us a video that supposedly “proved”, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the federal government, or some entity within the government, planned, perpetrated and carried out the 911 attack as an “inside” job.  He provided all kinds of evidence.  It appears that millions of Americans believe this conspiracy theory with great conviction, because there is so much so-called “incontrovertible” evidence that points to the fact that the airplanes couldn’t have brought down the Twin Towers and further evidence that a plane did not hit the Pentagon.  They cite things like the World Trade Center buildings couldn’t have fallen the way they did, unless it was planned a head of time using thermite bombs that only the government had access to.  They go on to say that WTC Building 7, that fell 5 hours after the Twin Towers fell, had to have been brought down with human hands.  Is this evidence of a government conspiracy?  Perhaps, but it’s hardly a quid pro quo.

We didn’t agree with Mr. Maehr’s assertions and suffered a vicious personal attack as a result.  These people are intransigent in their belief that the government would take the chance of killing 30,000 to 50,000 people in the World Trade Center (full WTC buildings) so that the United States could “launch the war in Afghanistan and Iraq and the CIA could import opium into the United States”, for reasons only they seem to know.  (the words in quotes are Mr. Maehr’s words, not ours).

And one more thing on a different subject.  Why did Obama and the Congress insert $4 Billion into Obama Care, to establish a civilian defense corps and a civilian ready reserve corps, under the control of the President?  What does a civilian defense corps have to do with providing health care to the un-insured?  Could this be another grab for more power by the Executive Branch?  Remember Octavian Augustus who presided over the “fundamental transformation” of the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire?  We’ll let the reader decide what the possible use would be of the Obama Civilian Defense Corps, but whatever its use is, it doesn’t bode well for freedom and liberty in America.  All the more reason to repeal Obama Care!

Now we have all kinds of conspiracy theories erupting around Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Soros, the left, Obama Care, Cap and Trade, Fusion Centers, FEMA camps, military operations to quell large uprisings and civil unrest, along with a whole host of other liberal initiatives and secret goings-on, that threaten to “fundamentally transform” America.  The possibility of Star Chambers, international cabals and secret meetings of governments, bankers, industrialists and the like, plotting to bring down America and merge it with the one-world-order, are racing through cyber space at light speed, on a daily basis.

But ladies and gentlemen, do we dare utter the unthinkable?  What if these things aren’t conspiracy theories but instead, there is an element of truth in them?  Could a government so powerful, with a wave of its traitorous hand, sweep away the limits on its power, with little or no compunction?  Would your government do these things we have mentioned here?  In the realm of possibilities and given history for what it is, the answer is a resounding yes, they obviously could, but did they?

Frankly, this author does not know what to believe because there are so many conflicting “stories” on what is truth and what is fiction.  All we are doing here is asking the questions.

We submit therefore, that if there is any chance that the conspiracy theorists are right, the problems we face as a representative Constitutional Republic, pale in comparison to a government that has broken every limit on its power and now operates in the forbidden zone of fascism!  If we do not break the curtain of secrecy that surrounds the inner workings of the American government and expose once and for all what they have done and will do with their absolute power, voting for Republicans or Democrats, or some unknown third party, will be irrelevant and of little consequence.  The three branches of government will be equally irrelevant, except maybe the executive branch who could become a dictator.  Can you imagine President Obama with absolute power?  A scary thought indeed!

A government this powerful will have no qualms about interning people in FEMA camps; taking private property without due process or just compensation, assigning one or more arms of the military to keep “the peace” anywhere in America, in direct violation of the “Posse Comitatus Act”; merging America into the “global” community; take our guns by force and declare martial law on the whim of a president declaring an emergency ..... any emergency no matter how inconsequential.  The President actually has that legal power right now.

The individual has very little if any protections against a powerful, tyrannical government that has flagrantly and openly severed the bonds on its limits.  Strict adherence to the constitution by the government and the people is the only thing that stands between freedom and slavery.  It is only by banding together en masse, does a society have any hope of gaining control over that government and returning to one that respects and protects individual freedom.  If the society cannot take control by peaceful means, only capitulation or violent means are left to them.

It has been said that timing is everything and so it is, in the midst of national anger, turmoil, confusion and frustration, a book comes along to light the way, at a time in American history when it needs it the most.  In the hopes that peaceful means will reclaim our liberty, we must rally around a platform of ideas that are patterned after the ones that gave birth to our freedom.  Celebrated author, columnist and lecturer Beverly K. Eakman has put together such a platform in her just released book entitled, “A Common Sense Platform for the 21st Century”. 

Positive reviews keep piling up on this timely addition to the dialogue that is sweeping America about what has happened to our great country and what can be done to reclaim her liberty.  In 120 pages with lots of white space and fairly large print, Mrs. Eakman succinctly lays out where we came from, how we got here and specific ways on how freedom-loving Americans can re-chart the course of America towards the original vision of our Founding Fathers.  If you read any book on freedom, liberty, sovereignty, or even the Tea Party movement, you can’t miss this one.  This educational, inspirational, motivational and illuminating, soft-bound book, is at a price that everyone can afford.  You can read the rave reviews of Mrs. Eakman’s new book and purchase a copy HERE.  If we, as a nation, will only rally around the principles expressed in this book, we may have a chance to save America before it falls into the hands of the fascists and the one-world-order crowd, with our wealth, resources, freedom and sovereignty sold to the highest bidder.


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