Trump builds economy and war machine

Trump builds economy and war machine
On March 1 Donald Trump announced that his Administration would implement a 25% tariff on all steel imports and a 10% duty on aluminum. President Trump initially said the tariffs would apply to all steel and aluminum exporters but a week later, facing pressure from Republican free-traders, temporarily excluded Mexico and Canada while NAFTA talks continue.

The tariffs were needed for national security reasons, argued Trump, based upon an investigation by the US Commerce Department which found in January that cheap foreign steel was indeed a threat to America:

The continued rising levels of imports of foreign steel threaten to impair the national security by placing the U.S. steel industry at substantial risk of displacing the basic oxygen furnace and other steelmaking capacity, and the related supply chain needed to produce steel for critical infrastructure and national defense. - US Commerce Department

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Joe Biden: I would have ‘beat the hell out of’ Trump in high school

Former Vice President Joe Biden boasted to a crowd of University of Miami students Tuesday that he would have “beat the hell out of” President Trump in high school.

Speaking during an anti-sexual assault rally at the private university in Coral Gables, the Democrat mentioned Mr. Trump’s infamous “Access Hollywood” recording that captured the real estate mogul talking in 2005 about being able to get away with groping women because of his fame.—More…

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Gasoline—not corn alcohol—belongs in our fuel tanks!

Gasoline—not corn alcohol—belongs in our fuel tanks!
DALLAS, Texas—President Trump frequently boasts of his success in rolling back costly and harmful regulations.  Let’s hope that effort includes the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

The RFS is the latest phase in Congress’s decades-long support for the ethanol industry.  The problem is that support has outlived its usefulness.

When U.S. crude oil production began to decline in the mid-1970s and middle-eastern countries began restricting oil exports to punish the U.S. for its pro-Israel policies, Congress decided to act.

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Preparations for the Nakba March: Hamas’s Cognitive Campaign

The Hamas leadership in the Gaza Strip is heavily engaged in preparations for a major event, the “Great March of Return,” when thousands of Gaza’s Palestinians will march toward the security fence and position themselves in tent cities along the Israeli border. This event, scheduled for May 14, 2018, marking seventy years since the establishment of the State of Israel, is designed to highlight the Palestinian refugee issue and connect it to the plight of those living the Gaza Strip. The move is also designed to serve the Hamas leadership in Gaza in its struggle within the Palestinian arena, given its assessment that the reconciliation talks with Fatah and the Palestinian Authority (PA) are doomed to fail, and in order to position Hamas as leader of the national struggle and a worthy alternative to Fatah.

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Vatican media chief resigns over doctored letter scandal

VATICAN CITY (AP) — The head of the Vatican’s communications department resigned Wednesday in a scandal about a letter from the retired pope that he mischaracterized in public and then had digitally manipulated in a photograph sent to the media.

Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Monsignor Dario Vigano on Wednesday and named his deputy, Monsignor Lucio Adrian Ruiz, to run the Secretariat for Communications for now. Vigano will stay on in the department in a lesser capacity.—More…

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New drug-release method avoids harming healthy tissue

New drug-release method avoids harming healthy tissue
Researchers at the Technion Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering have developed a new, highly targeted technology for drug delivery that uses light to affect only the diseased tissue the drug is targeting.

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Making water from the air to keep kids healthy in India

Making water from the air to keep kids healthy in India
Max Simonovsky’s two-and-a-half-year-old son was well trained in routine handwashing. But one day when the water in his Rehovot neighborhood was shut off for repairs, the boy reasoned that if water wasn’t available, he therefore had no need to wash his hands after playing outside.

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Study: Trump Tariffs May Add 19k Steel and Aluminum Jobs

A study conducted by the Coalition for Prosperous America found that President Donald Trump’s tariffs on aluminum and steel will add roughly 19,000 jobs.

The group found that Trump’s 25 percent tariff on steel imports and 10 percent tariff on aluminum will add roughly 19,000 jobs, offsetting potential jobs losses from other sectors of the economy.—More…

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Balanced budgets still matter to Canadians

Balanced budgets still matter to Canadians, fiscal prudence
When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals ran on a platform of deficit spending in the last federal election, many pundits wondered aloud whether the public would go for it.

The Conservatives (in spite of having just inched their way back to balance after six consecutive deficits) were promising to keep the books in the black. Even the NDP, which for the first time entered a federal election on more or less equal footing with the other main parties, had committed to keeping budgets balanced.

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Austin bomb suspect Mark Anthony Conditt blows himself up as SWAT team approaches

The suspect in a spate of bombings that terrorized residents of Austin, Texas, died early Wednesday after detonating an explosive inside his vehicle as a SWAT team tried to apprehend him on the side of a highway, officials said.

Authorities had tracked the suspect — a 24-year-old white man — to a hotel in Round Rock, a city in the Austin metropolitan area, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said at a news conference.—More…

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The Craziest Pilot Who Ever Flew

The Craziest Pilot Who Ever Flew
When the caller asked if I would fly to the Gulf Coast and get his dead brother, I didn’t know what to say.

“He died while vacationing, but the local ambulance company charges too much for the trip,” he said. “If you’ll do it, I’ll rent the airplane and pay you $100.”

His offer came at an opportune time. I had completed every student pilot requirement but one — a cross-country flight requiring a refueling stop and an airport attendant’s signature in my logbook. I promised to meet him the next day.

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Schweizer: Obama Admin Regulations Helped His Friends

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” Breitbart Senior Editor-at-Large and author of “Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends” Peter Schweizer discussed how regulations during the Obama administration helped the president’s friends.

Schweizer said, “Barack Obama’s best friend, a guy named Marty Nesbitt…sets up a private equity fund while his friend is the regulator-in-chief, and what he does is he invests in what he calls ‘highly-regulated industries.’ … And so, to give you one brief example, the University of Phoenix, the for-profit school, Barack Obama’s administration says, ‘We think this school is bad. We’re going to suspend the Pentagon from using GI Bill money for soldiers to go to school there.’ Well, of course, the stock price goes from $100 a share to about $3 a share. Guess who steps in to buy it? Barack Obama’s best friend Marty Nesbitt and his company Vistria investors. They come in. They buy it for pennies on the dollar. And then lo and behold, the Obama administration says ‘You know what, we think we’re going to let GI money flow again back to the University of Phoenix.’ And that pattern is repeated over and over again in other sectors of the economy. It was rampant.”—More…

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It might be easier to believe some news stories if the hypocrisy wasn’t so blatant.

It might be easier to believe some news stories if the hypocrisy wasn’t so blatant. Have you seen pictures of Al Gore’s 9 million dollar mansion which is reported to use nearly $3,000 worth of energy a month? Kind of hard to listen to him tell us to reduce our carbon footprint. Or how about Bernie Sanders showing up at an anti-gun event while being escorted by armed guards?

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Premiers’ Performance: Moe and Horgan claim highest approval, Wynne’s worries continue

Premiers’ Performance: Moe and Horgan claim highest approval
Canada’s newest premiers boast the highest job performance approval ratings in this quarter’s analysis of polling data from the Angus Reid Institute.

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SCOTUS Concerned with CA Law

SCOTUS Concerned with CA Law
WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral argument today for National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) v. Becerra, one of four cases brought by crisis pregnancy centers challenging a California law as a violation of the First Amendment. Argument inside the Court lasted for one hour.

Under the California law, licensed pregnancy counseling centers in the state are required to post the following government-prescribed message in their facilities and in their advertising or be fined $500 for the first violation and $1,000 for each additional violation:

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NOAA Data Tampering Approaching 2.5 Degrees

NOAA’s US temperature record shows that US was warmest in the 1930’s and has generally cooled as CO2 has increased.  This wrecks greenhouse gas theory, so they “adjust” the data to make it look like the US is warming.

The NOAA data tampering produces a spectacular hockey stick of scientific fraud, which becomes the basis of vast amounts of downstream junk climate science. Pre-2000 temperatures are progressively cooled, and post-2000 temperatures are warmed. This year has been a particularly spectacular episode of data tampering by NOAA, as they introduce nearly 2.5 degrees of fake warming since 1895.—More…

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The Real Reason We Have Mass Shootings

One of the unavoidable tragedies of youth is the temptation to think that what is seen today has always been. Nowhere is this more noticeable than in our responses to the recent Parkland, Florida, massacre.

Part of the responses to those murders are calls to raise the age to purchase a gun and to have more thorough background checks—in a word, to make gun purchases more difficult. That’s a vision that sees easy gun availability as the problem; thus, the solution is to reduce that availability.

The vision that sees “easy” availability as the problem ignores the fact of U.S. history that guns were far more available yesteryear. With truly easy gun availability, there was nowhere near the gun mayhem and murder that we see today.—More…

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Florida Governor Signs Bill to Fund Pregnancy Centers Saving Babies From Abortion

Florida mothers and babies will continue to receive life-affirming support after Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill Monday to fund pregnancy resource centers.

State House Bill 41 will support more than 100 pregnancy centers across Florida that provide free counseling, material support and sometimes STD testing and ultrasounds.—More…

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Police officers injured while arresting demonstrators opposed to Trans Mountain pipeline

RCMP say three officers suffered minor injuries while making arrests Monday evening at demonstrations against the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline in Burnaby, B.C.

The Mounties say one officer suffered a head injury after being kicked, another suffered a knee injury and a third injured a hand.—More…

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Robert Mueller Invested In Hedge Funds Linked to Russia and George Soros

Robert Mueller’s complex financial entanglements include investments linked to George Soros and Russia. During Mueller’s tenure at the FBI, high profile cases of financial wrongdoing within hedge funds that he invested in were ignored by federal law enforcement.

An Offended America investigation has revealed that Robert Mueller’s holdings in a fund of funds expose him to Russian investments and to hedge funds tied to George Soros. Mueller’s exclusive hedge funds were not open to the general public, but rather wealthy private accredited investors. The minimum investment in several of the funds is $10 Million.—More….

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