“Tis the Season” for Decision

This is certainly a good time of year for American Christians to determine whether they truly believe the sacred truths that all are created (by their Creator, not from some lower form of life from the swamp) with true God-given rights

Our President is trying to negotiate with people who don’t care if a deal is reached or not.

They can grind things to a halt with no pain to themselves. That is why we are deadlock in this country

Impeaching Trump Would Drive Entertainment Industry Out Of Business

It should go without saying that all opportunists making it rich just by hating Donald Trump, will be put out of business if the Democrats succeed at Impeaching him as promised


A Christmas present for patriotic, freedom-loving Americans

Rx: For Christmas Make a Telephone Call

Best present you can give a lonely friend. Pick up the telephone and make the call.

Iran’s Cyber influence Campaign against the United States, and Implications for Israel’s

Over the past six months, cyber security firms and technology companies have exposed extensive Iranian cognitive-related activity in cyberspace aimed primarily at the American public, with Iran’s seeking to exacerbate internal US debates between diff
INSS---- Itay Haiminis   --World

What’s with the Yellow Vest?

Thinking of Vacationing in Europe

The New Inquisition

Sarsour, Hill, Mallory, Ocasio-Cortez, and Salazar. Like their ideological predecessors in the Inquisition, they are united in their hostility towards “bad Jews” who maintain the convictions of the vast majority of the Jewish people
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