U.S. Troops May Use Force Against Caravan Members who initiate Violence

U.S. Troops May Use Force Against Caravan Members who initiate Violence
U.S. troops that are confronted by the illegal migrant caravans now in Central America that are approaching the nation’s southern border will be authorized to use force to defend themselves, President Trump said Thursday as he promised a new executive order next week that will prevent those entering the country illegally from making asylum claims.

Trump’s comments came the day after he released a hard-hitting video reminding voters of Democrat shortcomings on immigration policy. The ad features an expletive-spewing Luis Bracamontes, an illegal alien who was sentenced to death for murdering two cops in 2014 in Sacramento, California, when Barack Obama was president. “I’m going to kill more cops soon,” the smiling, remorseless killer is shown saying in the video.

Gitmo Terrorists Obama Traded for Army Deserter “Reinforce” Taliban in Qatar

Gitmo Terrorists Obama Traded for Army Deserter Reinforce Taliban in Qatar
The Guantanamo terrorists released by Barack Obama in exchange for a U.S. Army deserter have joined the Taliban’s “political” office in Qatar. The move reinforces the terrorist group’s operations, according to the Spanish international news agency that broke the story this week.

The five men were incarcerated at the U.S. military prison in southeast Cuba because they held positions of great importance with the terrorist group, including Chief of Staff of the Taliban Army and the Taliban Deputy Minister of Intelligence. One U.S. Senator referred to the freed jihadists as the “Taliban Dream Team.”

By Judicial Watch - Thursday, November 1, 2018

Good Morning America host Piers Morgan: Why don’t you give up some of your guns?

Good Morning America host Piers Morgan: Why don't you give up some of your guns?

Piers Morgan, one of England’s greatest proponent of civil rights, democracy, rule of law and freedom of speech, tweeted in response to the Pittsburgh synagogue attack where eleven citizens of the Jewish faith celebrating the birth of a child were butchered:

By Andrew G. Benjamin - Thursday, November 1, 2018


BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation today condemned what it considers blatant media bias against firearms, which invariably seems to show up in headlines and news reports just prior to an election.

“We’ve got an important midterm election next week,” noted SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb, “and gun control versus gun rights is an important shadow issue because Democrats have already made it clear that guns will be on the agenda if they take control of the Congress.”
He was not surprised that the Associated Press circulated an article headlined “Guns send over 8,000 US kids to ER each year, analysis says.” Gottlieb said it is “no coincidence” that such stories appear before an election.

By Second Amendment Foundation - Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The foundation of “America’s Law Enforcement Agency”

Richland County Sheriff’s Dept
Countless law enforcement agencies have achieved fame and notoriety over the previous 100 years. High profile criminal cases have led to the renown of many, as have the sheer number of police departments, sheriff’s offices and other law enforcement agencies at every level – locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Among some of the best-known are NYPD, LAPD, the FBI, the U.S. Marshal’s office, even Scotland Yard. There are many others.

By W. Thomas Smith Jr. - Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Canadian to the Rescue in California

Daniel Marsh
On October 24 in Woodland, California, judge Samuel McAdam ordered convicted double murderer Daniel Marsh back to prison to serve his original sentence. Canadian psychopathy expert Matthew Logan helped send him back, but it was a close call and the killer had everything going for him.

Marsh was only 15 in 2013 when he murdered Oliver Northup, 87, and his wife Claudia Maupin in their home in Davis, near Sacramento. A police report said the victims were killed with “exceptional depravity.” After his arrest, Marsh told police that torturing, killing and mutilating the victims was “pure happiness.”

By Lloyd Billingsley - Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A Brief History of Leftist Political Violence in 1 Year

Farzad Fazeli, James Hodgkinson, Steve St. Felix
On September 9, Rudy Peters, the Republican running for Congress in the 15th District in California, was attacked by a knife-wielding man shouting, “XXXX Trump”.

The attacker, Farzad Fazeli, an Iranian Clinton supporter, had previously posted, “Don Trump won’t clean his own house, so he’s too dirty to know right from wrong. Impeach/incarcerate him before more children die. P.S. complacency is worse than being the shooter.”

By Daniel Greenfield - Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Did The Incompetent Bomb-Making Terrorist Have Help?

Did The Incompetent Bomb-Making Terrorist Have Help?
The criminal prosecution of accused 56-year-old mail bomber, Cesar Altieri Sayoc of Aventura, Florida, who is said to have sent non-operating improvised explosive devices to Democrat headliners like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and George Soros, is scheduled to begin today.

Sayoc, a down-on-his-luck male stripper and bodybuilder with psychiatric problems who was reportedly living in a van plastered with pro-Trump, anti-Democrat, and anti-CNN imagery, was quietly arrested Friday outside an auto parts store. He faces five federal charges. He was been identified by the media as a rabid supporter of President Trump, which he may well be, but there is some evidence that calls into question the truthfulness of that assessment and whether Sayoc’s purported beliefs are sincere. And even if the facile media characterization of his politics turns out to be accurate, Sayoc did not speak for Republicans when he allegedly mailed explosives to prominent Democrats. In America, with few exceptions, political violence is a thing of the Left.

Latest on Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

Law enforcement treating synagogue attack as hate crime
The victims of the massacre at a synagogue in Pittsburgh included a grandfather, a husband and wife, and two brothers, officials and family members revealed as new details about the alleged gunman behind the deadly rampage were released Sunday.

The Tree of Live victims were identified as Joyce Fienberg, 75, of Oakland; Richard Gottfried, 65, of Ross Township; Rose Mallinger, 97, of Squirrel Hill; Jerry Rabinowitz, 66, of Edgewood; Cecil Rosenthal, 59, of Squirrel Hill; David Rosenthal, 54, of Squirrel Hill; Bernice Simon, 84, of Wilkinsburg; Sylvan Simon, 87, of Wilkinsburg; Daniel Stein, 71, of Squirrel Hill; Melvin Wax, 88, of Squirrel Hill; and Irving Younger, 69, of Mount Washington.—More…


By News on the Net - Sunday, October 28, 2018


BELLEVUE, WA – While their extremist gun control campaign is being largely funded by less than a dozen wealthy elitists, proponents of Initiative 1639 are feigning desperation in an effort to raise small donations to create the appearance of a populist movement, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

“This week,” noted CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, “backers of the gun control initiative just got a $600,000 windfall from two billionaire couples and New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s gun control lobbying group to pass I-1639. Yet, they sent a mass email begging for donations while complaining that the real grassroots opposition to I-1639 is spending ‘big’ money to fight the measure. What they’re not saying is that they have raised and spent ten times as much money to push their draconian scheme.

By CCRKBA - Sunday, October 28, 2018

The Deep State’s Loony-Bomber

The Deep State’s Loony-Bomber
Less than two weeks before the vitally important mid-term elections a zealous Trump fanatic mails faux bombs to various Democratic shills for violence against Republicans – gee what a coincidence right?

By Jim ONeill - Saturday, October 27, 2018

Charter Rights Violations by RCMP in High River Still Hidden from Public, Legislature, Parliament

Charter Rights Violations by RCMP in High River Still Hidden from Public, Legislature, Parliament

Summary of High River Rights Violations Still Hidden

Read the PDF here

  • Answer to Alberta Justice Minister Jonathan Denis’ question to his Deputy Ministers: “What legal authority do the police rely upon to forcibly enter private property in the flood stricken area?” Alberta Crown Counsel Paper: ‘’The Local State of Emergency-Mandatory Evacuation Order Police Officer Authorities’’ – Withheld by both Alberta Justice and the RCMP.
  • 2,840 pages of RCMP records of High River legal questions submitted to the Federal Department of Justice and Attorney General – Withheld by the RCMP since requested in November of 2016.
  • All High River ‘legal authorities questions’ asked of the Federal Department of Justice – Withheld by the Federal Department of Justice and Attorney General.
  • Why didn’t the charter didn’t protect High River residents? – 885 pages withheld by the Federal Department of Justice and Attorney General.
  • High River ‘Briefing Note to the Minister’ & ‘Talking Points’ - Withheld by the Federal Department of Justice and Attorney General.
  • What were the ‘hard decisions’ made by the RCMP in High River? On September 5, 2013 Staff Sgt. Ian Shardlow told Danielle Smith’s Town Hall: “What I’m suggesting to you though is that the High River members aren’t the ones that made the hard decisions, whether they’re born out to be correct or not. Rather than leave them in a position where they may have to police the community afterward, right, in an unhealthy environment, every member that comes back to work in High River didn’t work from the 24th of June into a significant period into July. None of them made the hard decisions, none of them opened your doors, kicked your doors, smashed your doors, none of them searched your homes.”

By Dennis R. Young - Friday, October 26, 2018

Chinese Micro-Chips Installed in Hardware Pose a Threat to Our National Security

Chinese Micro-Chips Installed in Hardware Pose a Threat to Our National Security
This year, hackers seem to be having a field day accessing our personal data. Google exposed hundreds of thousands of users data on its Google+ social network. Facebook was attacked and hackers gained access to the personal data of some 30 million users. Yet, these strikes pale in comparison to what is perhaps the most serious concern: Chinese manufacturers has been installing micro spy chips inside servers.  This recent discovery raises many red flags as to China’s ability to hack into our secret government computers and related military secrets and operations. 

Computer experts usually assume that hardware—the physical parts of a computer or network—is pretty safe. It is usually the installed software that cause experts concern, as software can be hacked with spyware or through phishing attacks. Yet, according to recent reports, even the hardware may be at risk.

By Megan Barth - Thursday, October 25, 2018


BELLEVUE, WA – A new Gallup survey showing that a majority of Americans now oppose a ban on so-called “assault weapons” could not have come at a better time, the Second Amendment Foundation said today.

“The new Gallup poll shows that 57 percent of Americans do not support a ban on semi-automatic rifles, which have been deliberately mislabeled as ‘assault rifles,’” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “It’s a complete turnaround since 1996, and we think it’s because Americans have wised up to the rhetoric of the gun ban lobby as so much hot air when it comes to actually preventing violent crime.”

By Second Amendment Foundation - Wednesday, October 24, 2018