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Old Health and Medicine Articles from 2007 and Before

Euthanasia is ‘Unethical’ for Dogs or Cats, as a Socialized Health Care Solution

At one time a long time ago, I would have said pet euthanasia was ethical for animals that could not be saved. After all, who wants to watch an animal suffer? None of us do, and so we take our younger and older pets to a doctor who shaves their leg, inserts an IV and injects poison in a shot injection, or worse, in secret, they hold the dog down and stab a long needle into the dog’s heart while the dog is yelping in severe pain and trauma from the heart injection pain of the euthanasia death.

By Dean A. Ayers - Tuesday, November 24, 2009 - Full Story

Oprah: Now She’s Become a Hormone Specialist!

Oprah is rich, immensely popular, internationally known, and very, very media smart. But is she a legitimate doctor dispensing hormonal advice to women? Two internationally known endocrinologists claim she gets an E for misinforming women about this important matter.

By Dr. Gifford Jones - Sunday, November 22, 2009 - Full Story

Can Radiated Patients Spread Radiation To Others?

How careful do patients have to be following nuclear diagnostic tests, or after radiation for the treatment of cancer? How long do these nuclear materials remain in the body? And how long will this radiation remain detectable and transmissible to others?

By Dr. Gifford Jones - Monday, November 16, 2009 - Full Story

Soap Off Poo Or Eat It Later

It’s not as prestigious as the Nobel Prize. But now that the virus season is here, it’s time to think about influenza and the H1N1 virus. And remember there’s more to infection than these two diseases. That’s why the Golden Poo Award was recently presented to contestants who made outstanding contributions to hygiene and sanitation. But can you guess what winners of this peculiar contest won?

By Dr. Gifford Jones - Wednesday, November 11, 2009 - Full Story

Should You Take A Baby Aspirin Every Day?

A reader writes, “I’ve been taking a baby aspirin daily for years to prevent a heart attack. Now, I’ve read that not everyone should take this pill.” She then added, “So is there a natural way to decrease the risk of coronary attack?”

By Dr. Gifford Jones - Sunday, November 1, 2009 - Full Story

Vitamin C Prevents Heart Attack

Why would I travel to snowy England in January? I had the chance to spend a week studying with Dr. Sydney Bush, a distinguished English professor of optometry. This week, why I believe his research on the cause of coronary artery disease deserves a Nobel Prize, and how you can benefit from his research.

By Dr. Gifford Jones - Sunday, October 25, 2009 - Full Story

The Doctor Game

Trained Monkeys Should Attend Hockey Games.  Do you know what I’d do if I owned a trained monkey? I’d give him my season tickets to hockey games at the Air Canada Center (ACC) in Toronto. It would save me from incessant, ear-splitting noise. Besides, it would also save me from repeatedly asking, “What did you say?”

By Dr. Gifford Jones - Monday, October 19, 2009 - Full Story

What You Should Know About TBIs

What would I worry about if my children were playing hockey and football? In two words, brain injury. Earlier, this year actress Natasha Richardson fell and struck her head while skiing on a beginners’ slope at Mont Tremblant in Quebec. She walked away apparently without injury. But what shocked the world was the headline news 24 hours later. She had died following this accident.

By Dr. Gifford Jones - Thursday, October 8, 2009 - Full Story

What Was The Diagnosis?

This week, how about letting me relax, and you play doctor? I’ll just pass along pertinent facts about a patient. Then you can see how smart you are in making a diagnosis. First, a couple of clues. The final diagnosis was made by common sense, not by fancy hospital tests. And it’s also possible that any of us could arrive home from vacation with this distressful problem.

By Dr. Gifford Jones - Sunday, September 27, 2009 - Full Story

A New Eco-Friendly Skin Cream

What’s the latest eco-friendly product? It’s not a new discovery to run your car or get rid of your garbage. Rather, it’s an eco-friendly skin cream that contains green tea extract. I thought green tea was for drinking. But a report in the American Academy of Dermatology claims that 150 studies prove green tree is beneficial to skin in several ways.

By Dr. Gifford Jones - Tuesday, September 22, 2009 - Full Story

Why Would I Write About a Lame Racehorse?

How would you like to own a racehorse that won hundreds of thousands of dollars? I’m sure I’d crack open the champagne bottle after each race. But how would you feel when the horse developed arthritis and chip fractures in the knee? Then four veterinarians and two trainers tell you, “This horse could not, and should not, run again”. That’s when I’d start crying in the champagne. But what has a racehorse to do with our aches and pains? In one word, plenty.

By Dr. Gifford Jones - Sunday, September 13, 2009 - Full Story

Super Mushrooms Fight Swine Flu Virus

“What’s the best natural way to boost immunity against the swine flu virus (SFV)?” a reader from Winnipeg inquires. It’s a good question, as currently this virus is killing small numbers of people. But some researchers believe that H1N1 will return in a few weeks with a vengeance, killing thousands of North Americans. If this happens, can it be possible that a group of powerful medicinal mushrooms can decrease the risk of succumbing to this virus?
By Dr. Gifford Jones - Sunday, September 6, 2009 - Full Story

Don’t Let Your Dignity Kill You

“Why In the Name of Heaven do I submit to this procedure every five years?  To be forced into such an undignified position makes me wonder each time if there’s a God.”

By Dr. Gifford Jones - Monday, August 31, 2009 - Full Story

How To Prevent The Wrong Leg Being Amputated

Are you scheduled for surgery in 2010? If so, you should know that agreeing to an operation involves some risk. This is a fact of life, and there may never be a way to reduce the risk to zero. But a study from The Harvard Medical School shows there’s a proven way to cut deaths following surgery by 40 percent.

By Dr. Gifford Jones - Sunday, August 23, 2009 - Full Story

Build Muscle Strength From a Bottle?

How can young people prevent being in a wheelchair late in life? Visit any nursing home and you will see examples of “Sarcopenia”, a loss of muscle strength, that robs the elderly of their independence. But can you stop this creeping frailty and build up muscle strength from a bottle? Or is a steak a day, jogging or weightlifting the best way to prevent sarcopenia?

By Dr. Gifford Jones - Monday, August 17, 2009 - Full Story

What you should know about breech births

What’s one of the worst things a baby can do to a mother (and her partner) at the time of delivery? It decides to be born feet or bottom first, rather than head first. Wrong-way birth is called breech birth, and it can have major health consequences for the baby. Women and their partners should never make a hasty or emotional decision on whether or not to have a cesarean section.

By Dr. Gifford Jones - Saturday, August 8, 2009 - Full Story

Hey Guys! There’s Another Kind of Headache

“Not tonight dear”. We all know what that message means. But there’s a type of pain that isn’t at all questionable and 99.9 percent of males haven’t a clue about it. But can you blame them when so many people have no idea of their own anatomy?

By Dr. Gifford Jones - Sunday, July 26, 2009 - Full Story

Calcium Causes 64 Percent Increase in Hip Fractures

How many of us are not taking calcium supplements today? Not many if my patients are a good sample of what’s happening. But do you know that calcium supplementation may cause an increased number of hip fractures? And can meat help to make stronger bones?

By Dr. Gifford Jones - Sunday, July 19, 2009 - Full Story

The Error That Ended James Bond’s Life

Can you prove anything you want by statistics? You bet. But here’s one case where there’s no need to manipulate figures to prove a point. It’s a straight, simple, indisputable fact that women live 5.4 years longer than men. So was the Almighty just unkind to men or is this problem the result of their own stupidity?

By Dr. Gifford Jones - Sunday, July 12, 2009 - Full Story

How Embalmed Psychiatrists Could Help Patients

Are you worried that you may need psychological help? Or have you been diagnosed with an emotional illness and desire a second opinion? Today, getting speedy appointments isn’t easy if you’re concerned about mental illness. But there is a way to solve this dilemma. And also, what should you know about embalmed psychiatrists?

By Dr. Gifford Jones - Monday, July 6, 2009 - Full Story