Infrastructure Report

The Water Main Break Clock:

For The United States and Canada
On average in the United States and Canada there are 850 watermain breaks per day.*
Water, a valuable commodity, once sent from the filtration plant is at the mercy of the pipes carrying the water to your tap. Any break exposes your safe, clean drinking water to danger.
The next time you see a work crew replacing another broken watermain, think twice as to whether your government is allocating enough money to the infrastructure to ensure your safety.

Since January 1, 2000, an estimated watermains have broken.

Costing dollars.**

Since you have been on this page more watermains have broken in The United States and Canada.

This has a cost of Dollars.

Additional Sources of information: * Corrosion Not Age is to Blame, Jim Lary, Water World June 2000. ** Canadian Dollars, From the National Research Council.