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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
I'm a cuban american from South Florida.Your reserch in reference to Mama T was not useless. It has been difused in our local media here in� Miami. We are extremelly concerned if Kerry were to win, Keep writing these wonderful articles, all is not lost, millions of people are very in tune. Raul Martinez, Hialeah's mayor, has dug himself a grave. His cousin in Cuba is in the Air Force and is the person who gave the OK to down the Brothers To the Rescue Planes. Remember that? Every day he gets more vocal and vulgar and Cubans, especially republicans (in Hialeah we are majority)44,080 vs. 17,000 democrats now despise him and can't wait till next year's election to kick his butt.

Ana V Amador,
Dear Editor:
Your article on Theresa Kerry and her funding of what is clearly criminal intent was an excellent piece of investigative journalism. I suspected that she has dirt underneath her fingernails, and you proved my suspicioun correct. Kudos for a brave and lucid article!

I hope you do more research on Ms. Kerry, and dig into the hidden nooks and crannies to find where her money is going. I believe she is corrupt. John Kerry refinanced his house to fund his political campaign, and the new mortgage is higher than Mr. Kerry`s Senate salary. Who is footing that bill? Theresa, of course! This is an attempt to slither around the McCain/Feingold campaign laws (which Kerry and company demanded be put into place) since Theresa is limited in what she can donate to Kerry. I am also very suspicious about the sudden surge in internet donations to Kerry-I suspect Theresa and George Soros are laundering money via the internet (remember Al Gore and the Buddhist monks?) in violation of campaign law. If you could blow the lid off of this it could make your career! SOMEONE needs to dig into this, and the New York Times certainly won`t.

Keep up the Good Work!
Timothy Birdnow
St. Louis, Mo.
Dear Editor:
Thank you for your article. This is just one reason Mrs. Kerry should be releasing her tax returns. When someone supports groups the likes of Tides, there should be full disclosure.

Joan Cummins
Troy, MI
Dear Editor:
That the First Lady wannabe funds these lunatics shows that she and her poodle husband shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the White House!

Palm Springs, CA
Dear Editor:
I just read your article "New York ruckus brought to you courtesy of Teresa Heinz-Kerry by Judi McLeod" and would just like to say I was very impressed.

North America would benefit if it had more Canadian thinkers (like yourself).

John Rosen
Phoenix, AZ
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