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letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
Feel free to hang the little creep.

Dee Wolfe
SLC, Utah
U.S.A. (blood brother)

Dear Editor:
Thank you and your group for going after this slob. Too bad there isn't a way we americans could get him.

Sid Morris
Dear Editor:
Moore is no more a socialist than Kerry or Kennedy, of course the common thread is that they are all wealthy and think that socialism is good for the common people while the elite tell them what to do through ownership of the government. Moore's piggish bad looks and his hypocritical pompous behavior is beginning to catch up with is extremely large derri�re! Now if you would only find a way to bar him from America that would be a true act of friendship and neighborliness.

Thank you,
Tony Garcia
San Jose CA
Dear Editor:
This guy has no guts but to slander Americans of every strip from any foreign country who entertains Moores' contemp for the USA. Personally anything I could say deteramental about his� Dead feeding Magot would only compliment him.

Dear Editor:
Bravo! Bravo! Keep after this lying scoundrel until he gets what he deserves. He has no right under YOUR law to try to influence an election in YOUR country, and it is about time someone deflated his monumental ego.

Mary Hallwachs, New Castle, Delaware, USA
Dear Editor:
Hello, my name is Alex. I am reading about how Moore is most likely going to be sued because of trying to sway votes from the conservatives, and about how a mayor (I think it is) is trying to make him an honorary citizen so it can't hurt him.

I'm not Canadian, I'm not a conservative, but I am an American who thinks Moore should pay, 'cause he does the same things around here. He is being sued here, and I think he should be sued there.

One point I would like to make, as in my subject, being an honorary citizen won't protect him.

To sum up, you're law. He who is not a citizen or permanent resident that sways votes gets a 2k fine or jail time.

Him becoming an honorary citizen does not change the fact that the crime happened BEFORE he became one, so technically, he was a non-citizen when the crime was committed. The only thing becoming an honorary citizen will do for Canada is make it so he will be easier to procecute, and a hidden agenda between this mayor and Moore can be investigated. He was in the movie, so he will now try to help more. Talk about conspiracy.

I mean, common, he puts people in his movies, supports one side, of course he is always going to be covered on some end so nothing can happen to him, but this time he screwed up, and now I hope he pays for it.

If this makes some post please don't post my name or e-mail address
Dear Editor:
Who are you guys kidding? You LOVE Michael Moore. You Love him because he hates America. Your petition will never get off the ground. I read an article that stated 40 percent of your youth believe that America is an evil country. That's right in line with Michael Moore. Soon you'll be giving him medals to pin on his chest and bestowing Canadian citizenship upon him.

Your youth is your future. You will reap what you sow.

Best Regards from America,
Bill Figiel
Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod