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Anna Grayson--Morley is a London based freelance journalist.

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EU - has banned our vacuum cleaners and this is only the beginning

Sep 4, 2014 — Anna Grayson-Morley

London, England –“That’s it! I’ve had it. I am voting UKIP (the party that wants separation from the EU) from now on!” my husband exclaimed to me this weekend when yet another store was out of stock of the high powered vacuum we wanted to buy before they were banned. He has been a Tory all his life, but this personal intrusion into how we decide to consume is consuming him with anger.

European elections – no substantive change and a future of a hard left for Britain

May 28, 2014 — Anna Grayson-Morley

London, England—Now that the champagne corks are no longer popping and that jubilant feeling of being at a great party is wearing off, we are seeing the hard reality after this week’s European and UK local council elections – and it isn’t pretty.

Foetuses incinerated to heat UK hospitals, the result of a heartless bureaucracy

Mar 27, 2014 — Anna Grayson-Morley

WARNING: this article contains descriptions of abortion techniques that some readers may find distressing.

London, England-The UK is in an advanced stage of moral collapse as was seen in a shocking TV documentary aired this week exposing that foetal remains are being incinerated as ‘clinical waste’, many of which are burned in incinerators that produce energy to heat in at least one of the hospitals identified.

UK Floods – farmland wrecked, lives severely disrupted all because of political incompetence

Feb 7, 2014 — Anna Grayson-Morley

London, England-Farmer Hayley Matthews and her family are eating off paper plates because there is no fresh water to wash the dishes or flush the toilet due to the floods. They travel fifteen miles every couple of days to shower themselves.

Sex, socialism and the fall of France

Jan 22, 2014 — Anna Grayson-Morley

London, England“The greatest deception, and the deepest source of unhappiness, is the illusion of finding life by excluding God, of finding freedom by excluding moral truths and personal responsibility” —John Paul II, 2002

L’amour toujours l’amour. Yet another French President in the form of Francois Hollande has fallen into its promise of escape from the humdrum of moral duty, and the British papers are lapping it up.

Margaret Thatcher did not divide, but merely highlighted the divide already there

Apr 9, 2013 — Anna Grayson-Morley

LONDON, ENGLAND—London, England-Three hundred scruffy Glaswegians took to the streets last night popping champagne corks to celebrate Thatcher’s demise. In south London, they went a step further trashing and looting a few shops while brandishing signs like ‘the # is dead’. Meanwhile the head of the Durham Miner’s Association stuck a celebratory fat cigar in his bloated face; pompously claiming the former PM wreaked havoc on ‘MY people, MY communities’.

Now they want our jewellery, paintings and furniture

Feb 28, 2013 — Anna Grayson-Morley

London, England-A new wealth tax is being proposed by the leftist wing (The Liberal Democrats) of our coalition government that will come with unprecedented powers to enter our homes and root through our personal possessions to value rings, necklaces, paintings and furniture, anything that might raise more taxes. If we refuse to be inspected or get our own valuations wrong, we would be facing fines, maybe even a jail sentence.

The Horsemeat scandal is now Europe wide with more twists than a crime novel

Feb 14, 2013 — Anna Grayson-Morley

London England — Have you ever watched that scene from movie Giant when the Benedict kids realize their Thanksgiving turkey is really their pal Pedro that they just fed and played with?  That’s what it feels like to be British at the moment as we grip our stomachs in disgust having learned we just ate Joey the warhorse. Or Seabiscuit. Or Secretariat.

UK –David Cameron’s push for gay marriage is the death knell for the Conservative Party

Feb 7, 2013 — Anna Grayson-Morley

London, England—The Conservative party is deeply divided after last night’s vote on gay marriage in the House of Commons. The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill breezed through the second reading with 400 to 175, a majority of 225, but the real story is that the bill was championed and aggressively pushed by our so-called conservative Prime Minister, David Cameron. Any true conservative would never have allowed this bill to have seen the light of day.

The London Olympics – after the euphoria, where do we go from here?

Aug 15, 2012 — Anna Grayson-Morley

London, England-The past sixteen days, this city has buzzed with elation and pride. Families draped in Union Jacks packed the tube, strangers talked to one another and for the first time in a long time Britons joined together in unfettered joy. It was a blessed relief to put aside the troubles our nation faces and feel a new patriotic emotional high every time a team GB medal was clocked. Even the infamous, intransient British summer cooperated.  It was the best showing for the UK since 1908. The elation was a poignant counterpoint to the psychic tiredness from which Britain suffers.

The London Olympics – celebrating socialism, shopping and sentimental societal justice

Jul 29, 2012 — Anna Grayson-Morley

London, England-It’s the morning after the night before. The games are open, national pride is in full bloom and Danny Boyle, the Oscar winning director Slumdog Millionaire and the deeply disturbing Trainspotting  is the hero du jour. The creative mind behind the opening ceremony has got a unanimous national pat on the back for his efforts as a global audience of 4 billion got to watch London awash in a sentimental lovefest of its cultural touch points. The papers are orgasmic with reports of the “best ever opening ceremony” amidst calls for Boyle’s knighthood.

Ascot hires fashion police to ensure sartorial decorum

Jun 29, 2012 — Anna Grayson-Morley

Ascot hires fashion police to ensure sartorial decorumLondon, England-Foreigners still tend to think of England as a land where everyone talks like Sir Alec Guinness circa 1950, exemplifying the most impeccable manners in decorum, tea drinking and conversation - usually in the rain and being beautifully turned out in Harris Tweed.  HA!-  you wish!  Tourists who actually arrive on our shores are far more likely to run into an unintelligible ‘regional ‘accent ( think of the short lived Cheryl Cole from X Factor USA that no one could understand and hence was fired), inconsiderate behaviour and coffee bars full of people wearing jeans and t-shirts that look like they haven’t seen the inside of a washing machine for months.

Historic Jubilee proves Queen Elizabeth the best value for money UK has to offer

Jun 7, 2012 — Anna Grayson-Morley

London, England— Despite near winter temperature and driving rain throughout this past Jubilee weekend celebrations, Brits came out in their millions to show unabashed approval of their monarch. Other than a handful of republican protesters at the flotilla event, it was all true blue patriotism and a hankering to cling on to the values Britons understand and want their country to represent, embodied in the one woman who has been steadfast in her commitment to this country for 60 years.

UK elderly are “wasting too many bedrooms”

Feb 5, 2012 — Anna Grayson-Morley

London, England-In yet another outrageous piece of social engineering from our coalition government, pensioners will be encouraged to downsize to smaller properties allowing local councils to rent their homes out as council houses and manage the tenancy.

Local authorities will ‘help’ older people move from their homes into ‘more suitable accommodation’. Grant Schapps, the Housing Minister, who is a conservative member of parliament claims the scheme will solve a so-called ‘housing crisis’ as well as creating a system that will ‘permit access to various sources of wealth’ that are currently not being used to pay for care.

A winter postcard

Feb 5, 2012 — Anna Grayson-Morley

imageLondon, England—When it snows in London, it’s a magical time.  Last night it became more Switzerland than the city by the Thames. Any street or park that has even the minutest hint of an incline has a sled on it today. And the British are actually talking to one another in the street, even if it’s just to say ‘Oooch it’s cold today, but rather lovely’. ‘Lovely’ is a superlative for a Brit – it shows they are really happy. I can hear shrieks of delight coming from the kids in my street.

I’ve taken some pictures in my neighbourhood which I think will make some of you hardy North Americans smile. I can almost hear you chuckling ‘Snow – you call that snow? Why that’s a mere dusting of icing sugar on a strudel!’ That may be so, but it’s enough to shake off the mundane and steer even the most hardened Londoner into memories of childhood and stories of winter wonderlands. We were issued a level 3 weather warning (we only have 4) for this. I can hear another wallop of laughter from across the pond.

A UK tale of health care and airport scanners

Nov 29, 2011 — Anna Grayson-Morley

London, England - A new report out by the Equality and Human Rights Commission has thrown a light on the abuses that invariably come when you socialise healthcare. This one focused on home care for the elderly run by local councils. The chronic disregard of pensioners was found to be so appalling many have been left ‘wanting to die’. Of the 500k people that are under government care, 250k experienced horrendous neglect. Here are some examples of what ‘carers’ get up to:

UK Parliament votes NO to the people’s plea for a referendum on EU membership

Oct 27, 2011 — Anna Grayson-Morley

London, England-David Cameron’s government experienced the largest ever Conservative revolt over Europe in the House of Commons on Monday with 82 Conservative MPs defying his orders to vote against holding a referendum on Britain’s membership in the European Union (EU). It was double the number of MPs who last rebelled in 1993 when 41 of them defied John Major over the Maastricht Treaty which gave us the political structures of the European Union we see today and the foundation on which the Euro was created.

A European Spring has sprung but it’s not what you think

Oct 21, 2011 — Anna Grayson-Morley

London, England-Last weekend another bunch of Useful Idiots pitched their tents outside St Paul’s Cathedral not far from the London Stock Exchange and started hollering for capitalism to be brought down along with the banking and all other systems that keep human activity in order and functioning. The unions and other leftist groups like the Socialist Worker party are behind the food and facilities that keep the great unwashed going, seizing their chance to advance the cause, but make no mistake—this is no European Spring.

UK anarchy is the fruit of socialism

Aug 12, 2011 — Anna Grayson-Morley

(Right in the midst of London chaos, Canada Free Press Columnist Anna Grayson sends warning to Canada and the United States.)

London, England—This past week has shook the UK to its core and the usual playbooks have been opened yet again. The media searches for the disadvantaged black youth to parade in front of the cameras, then counters it with the same black disadvantaged youth getting their act together and condemning the violence. The politicians are busily touring the affected areas keen to parade their professional bleeding social hearts in front of the cameras.  What this week has shown is the moral failure that results when the political philosophy of socialism imbeds itself into a society.

Another nail in the coffin of British civility – the death of the dining car

Jun 18, 2011 — Anna Grayson-Morley

image‘Eating is not merely a material pleasure, eating well gives a spectacular joy to life and contributes immensely to goodwill and happy companionship. It is of great importance to the morale’ – Elsa Schiaparelli

I was first initiated to the British mode of civilized behaviour many years ago on a business trip when I was asked by a colleague ‘will you dine tonight?’ Being a fresh import to the UK at the time, my immediate reaction was ‘Are you nuts? Of course I am going to eat after a hard day’s work’.