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Austin Hill is an Author, Consultant, and Host of Austin Hill's Big World of Small Business," a syndicated talk show about small business ownership and entrepreneurship. He is Co-Author of the new release "The Virtues Of Capitalism: A Moral Case For Free Markets."

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Winners, Losers, And Unequal Pay: Lessons From The Superbowl For A Troubled Labor Market

Feb 1, 2015 — Austin Hill

Are you ready for some football?

Super Bowl Sunday is a day for fun, food and friends - and a good time to enjoy friendly rivalries as fellow Americans, rather than seeing one-another through “liberal” and “conservative” lenses.

Will State And Local Governments Shutdown The New Generation Of Small Business Owners?

Dec 7, 2014 — Austin Hill

If you own a house or car, should you be free to do what you want with it? If your plans for your personal property include making money, then you may find out the hard way that, no, you can’t do as you wish.

Private Enterprise A Casualty In Ferguson And Beyond

Nov 30, 2014 — Austin Hill

“Burn this b**** down.”

Some believe those words, shouted by Louis Head, stepfather to the late Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri, are what touched-off three days of rioting, violence, and untold property damage across the U.S. and elsewhere.

Obama Post-Election: More Hurt Ahead For American Workers, Business Owners, Taxpayers

Oct 26, 2014 — Austin Hill

It’s noteworthy that the President is saving his surprise until after this year’s elections. And it’s difficult to know if he can be stopped, regardless of who wins in November.

The Enterprise Of Maligning Enterprise (And The Clergy Who Make Matters Worse)

Sep 6, 2014 — Austin Hill

“MCDonalds Mcdonalds, can’t you see…Seven-forty is not for me…”

The chant, recited through a megaphone, was being led by a man identified as a Christian Pastor (“Reverend Charles” we’ll call him), near a McDonalds restaurant in Detroit last week.  Dozens of people in the parking lot uttered the chant with him, as the crowd sought to malign McDonalds restaurants while at the same time demanding a $15.00 per hour wage.

Americans Must Stop State, Local Lawmakers From Damaging Emergent Small Business Revival

Aug 16, 2014 — Austin Hill

Participation in the US labor force is at an all-time low, consumption of taxpayer funded welfare services is at an all-time high, and the greatest level of “job creation” is in the part-time category.

The “Sharing Economy”: Will Americans Embrace The Entrepreneurial Revival?

Aug 3, 2014 — Austin Hill

Back in the first century a poet named Juvenal surmised that his fellow citizens of Rome would put up with just about anything from their government, as long as they had enough food and entertainment.  “Give them bread and circuses, and they’ll never revolt” he wrote sarcastically.
In the 1920’s Fascist Prime Minister Benito Musolini said much the same thing of his fellow citizens in Italy.

“Deeply Disturbing:” Clinton, Democrats Seek To Undo Religious Freedom For America’s Business Owner

Jul 13, 2014 — Austin Hill

“Deeply disturbing.”

That was, in part, how former First Lady / U.S. Senator / Secretary of State Hillary Clinton described the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that business owners with religious objections can refuse to pay for health insurance policies that cover contraception.

ACLU, ADF Call “Foul” Over University’s Treatment Of The First Amendment

Jul 4, 2014 — Austin Hill

Idaho’s Boise State University (“BSU”) is world-famous for its telegenic “blue turf” football field and a roster of impressive bowl game appearances.  But if current trends continue, the school might be on its way to fame of a different sort: on the same weekend that Americans celebrate their nation’s founding and their liberties, BSU is simultaneously under fire from three separate legal defense groups all of which are alleging violations of students’ free speech rights.

No Big Deal: American Media Fail To Scrutinize Obama’s Economic And Foreign Policy Mishaps

Jun 7, 2014 — Austin Hill

“The U.S. economy shrinks, but it’s not a big deal.”

“Just Believe”: The Closing Of The American Progressive Mind On Matters Of The Economy A

May 11, 2014 — Austin Hill

Just Believe: The Closing Of The American Progressive Mind On Matters Of The Economy And Energy

Have you noticed that the cries of the cultural and political “left” in the U.S. are becoming more venomous and shrill?  As President Barack Obama flails on the international stage and approval for his domestic agenda and his party in Congress slips away, so-called “progressive” Americans are also watching something else slip away:  the chances of politicians and government bureaucrats getting a strangle-hold on the petroleum energy industry.

More Jobs Or More Political Power?  The President Can’t Pursue Both

Apr 27, 2014 — Austin Hill

Should President Barack Obama give approval for the Keystone XL Pipeline project?  Or should he continue to oppose the venture that would undoubtedly grow business, increase jobs and create new wealth for middle class working Americans, all for the sake of saving the planet from “global warming?”

Other Story From Rural Western America: Federal Agencies Choking-Off The Farming Industry

Apr 13, 2014 — Austin Hill

Good news: the U.S. Department of Agriculture has published research indicating that there are lots of un-filled jobs and career opportunities in the farming industry. Bad news: the Obama Administration has been cannibalizing the nation’s farmers for the bigger part of the last six years.

But It Sounds Good: Democrat Economic Rhetoric And America’s Critical Thinking Deficit

Mar 30, 2014 — Austin Hill

How can the United States of America jump-start job creation? Obviously there’s nobody better to answer that question than a politician who’s been on the U.S. government payroll for nearly half a century and has never owned or operated a business – Vice President Joe Biden.

Which Way, USA? America At A Crossroads With Economic And Energy Policy

Mar 23, 2014 — Austin Hill

Will Americans continue allowing a radicalized environmental agenda to animate Washington, one that prohibits the utilization of natural resources – oil in particular – and that squelches the nation’s economy? Or could it be that, at such a time as this, rationality might take-hold in the USA yet again?

A Teachable Moment: Lessons From The Obamacare Debacle

Mar 16, 2014 — Austin Hill

The President’s popularity is crashing, congressional Democrats are on the run, and America is about to make a shift to the “right” in the upcoming elections –right?

This Just In: Low Information Voters Serve Up A Bad Economy

Mar 2, 2014 — Austin Hill

If you’ve ever wondered how the United States got in to its current mess of a stagnant economy and out-of-control government, I have a suggestion. Take a good look at what a handful of voters in one of America’s finer suburbs did to themselves and the rest of their community, and realize that it is a microcosm for what’s happening all across the country.

“Epic Fail:” America’s Boomers and Gen-Xers Leave A Legacy Of Foolishness

Feb 23, 2014 — Austin Hill

“Completing this form is a critical start to completing your education,” noted First Lady Michelle Obama. It was a Wednesday in February, and she had traveled from the confines of the White House to a nearby Virginia high school to lecture students on applying for “free” federal financial aid for college.

Yes, It’s A “Major Issue:” The Industrialized World Is Abandoning The U.S.

Feb 16, 2014 — Austin Hill

Vice President Joe Biden announced two days ago that the American people agree with the Democrat party “on every major issue.”  Whether or not this is true remains to be seen, but this we can know with certainty:  on issues of economics, enterprise, and environmental policy, the other industrialized nations of the world have been moving in the exact opposite direction of President Barack Obama and the U.S. federal government for at least the past two years.

Does America Still Want To Prosper?

Feb 9, 2014 — Austin Hill

“Completing this form is a critical start to completing your education,” noted First Lady Michelle Obama. It was Wednesday February 5, and she had traveled from the confines of the White House to a nearby Virginia high school to lecture students on applying for “free” federal financial aid for college.