Col. Bill Connor

Bill Connor, received his Bachelor's of Arts from The Citadel in 1990. After serving over ten years as an Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army he received his Juris Doctorate from University of South Carolina in 2005. He is currently an attorney with Hamilton and Associates in Columbia, South Carolina. In May 2008, he returned from a yearlong combat deployment in Southern Afghanistan. During that time, he served as Joint Operations Officer for the Southern Region of Afghanistan developing and implementing the US advisory effort for Afghan National Security Forces. This effort occurred during the 2007 Taliban spring/summer offensive. Due to success in that position, he was promoted to take command of the US advisory effort in the volatile province of Helmand. Shortly after arrival in Helmand, he was promoted in rank from Major to Lt. Colonel. In addition to command of US advisory teams, he was the senior American working with the United Kingdom senior staff. Upon return from Afghanistan, he published the book “Articles from War,”a memoir of his experiences and thoughts in Afghanistan.

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The Harsh Reality of Women in Infantry Combat

Mar 8, 2012 — Col. Bill Connor

“I think we would lose something in our ability to defend our nation if they had to be down in the trenches, fighting hand-to-hand with the enemy….....So there should be some sort of a combat exclusion, not based on women`s rights but on the fighting ability of the armed forces.`` General Norman Schwarzkopf, Infantry Officer and Commander of Forces during Desert Storm, testifying before Congress in 1991 about whether Congress should allow women to be assigned to Infantry battalions.