Bob Parks

Bob Parks is a is a member/writer of the National Advisory Council of Project 21. Bob's websites are Black & Right and

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Christmas in DC 2014 — All Lives Matter

Dec 25, 2014 — Bob Parks

Ferguson: The Media’s Problem Is That We All Don’t Think Alike

Aug 21, 2014 — Bob Parks

The ongoing media frenzy over the Ferguson shooting has many of us collectively shaking our heads, as the visuals suggest all black people have been whipped-up into a torch and pitchfork mob, calling for the stringing up of a murderous cop who killed an innocent black youth.

CNN’s Tapper: ‘I Don’t Know’ Is NOT Journalism

Aug 19, 2014 — Bob Parks

On “Day 9″ of the Ferguson, Missouri protests, CNN’s Jake Tapper took to the streets and showed the world he doesn’t fully know the rules of his profession and his channel CNN is clearly driving an agenda.

‘Capital Pride 2014′ Makes History

Jun 7, 2014 — Bob Parks

This was so special….

Obama: The Training Montage

Jun 6, 2014 — Bob Parks

Botched Prediction Of The Day

May 7, 2014 — Bob Parks

Shaq: Hypocrite Of The Day

Apr 30, 2014 — Bob Parks

If I Had a Vote I’d Kick Sterling OUT of the NBA—Shaquille O’Neal, acting all virtuous, until…

Who Are Donald Sterling’s Racist Friends?

Apr 28, 2014 — Bob Parks

If you listen to parts of the deceptively-recorded audio of Vanessa Stiviano and Donald Sterling, he’s clearly concerned about the pic she posted with Magic Johnson, NOT because he’s black, but because of the “call” he’d get from the “culture” that has problems with blacks.

Clippers’ Sterling Goaded By ‘Girlfriend’

Apr 26, 2014 — Bob Parks

NBA investigates alleged racist remarks by Clippers’ Donald Sterling

Not excusing what he said at all, but “girlfriend” V. Stiviano was clearly keeping the conversation going while she knowingly recorded it for future use.

NYTimes And The Deceptive-Edit Of The Day

Apr 25, 2014 — Bob Parks

It’s convenient that you can only watch the Bundy video as a New York Times subscriber, but Media Matters ripped and posted the video with got’cha glee…

Keyes’ 2004 Speech On The Legalization Gay Marriage In MA

Apr 16, 2014 — Bob Parks

Equal Pay For Women: Latest ObamaCare Diversion

Apr 9, 2014 — Bob Parks

Holder Plays Race Card At NAN Convention

Apr 9, 2014 — Bob Parks

Harry’s Koch Habit

Mar 26, 2014 — Bob Parks

‘People Of Color-Only’ Happy Hour

Mar 14, 2014 — Bob Parks

When A Simple Apology Isn’t Enough

Feb 25, 2014 — Bob Parks

Global Warmer of the Day

Feb 24, 2014 — Bob Parks

Dems Shot Down ObamaCare Fix… By Bush

Feb 20, 2014 — Bob Parks


Climate Change Is Real, Now Shut Up Already

Feb 17, 2014 — Bob Parks

Sheldon Adelson’s Venetian Hotel Website Hacked

Feb 11, 2014 — Bob Parks

The website for Las Vegas’ Venetian Hotel has been hacked and is currently down hard.

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