Bruce Wiseman

Bruce Wiseman is the co-founder of a company that oversees the business and financial affairs of some of the biggest names in Hollywood. He writes and speaks on matters of international finance and banking with particular attention to the oppressive activities of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Bruce has also been an advisor and consultant on the subject of market research, branding and positioning.
He writes a market research newsletter on market research and positioning for such publications as Government Technology and Hotel and Motel Management.

Most Recent Articles by Bruce Wiseman:

I was hoping to fall in love

Feb 10, 2016 — Bruce Wiseman

I watch the Super Bowl commercials like a high school senior at the prom without a date. I look with undisguised longing for an emotional connection.

The Super Bowl has given birth to some beauties: the great Eminem Chrysler commercial; (video below)

the emotionally powerfully Dodge truck commercial, “And so God made a farmer”; (see video below)

And others.

The Tale of two restaurants

Jun 12, 2015 — Bruce Wiseman

Mo’s closed their doors last month.

I feel responsible.

The Revolution in Cyber Security

Jun 1, 2015 — Bruce Wiseman

The droids at the Internal Revenue Service got hacked the other day.

Is a picture worth a thousand words?

Jan 5, 2015 — Bruce Wiseman

“Television and movies are full of immediate scenes, visible to the eye, ready to be experienced first hand. This has influenced stories and novels more than we realize. Twentieth-century audiences now insist on seeing what they are reading.”

Down Under

Jan 27, 2014 — Bruce Wiseman

Australia is for lovers of life and the generous of spirit. The place rocks.

Toasted goliath tarantulas

Sep 8, 2013 — Bruce Wiseman

My brother Dick and I, maybe 7 and 8 years old, were wrestling in the knee-high grass and weeds behind our one bedroom house. The house was nestled near a creek that ran along the backside of the property.

A Touch of KGB

Nov 25, 2012 — Bruce Wiseman

It was a John Le Carre moment.

The Marketing March to Hell

Oct 2, 2012 — Bruce Wiseman

Not to pander, but I am truly curious; how is it that Ad Age, the advertising industry’s preeminent mouth piece, can continue to carry frank, insightful editorial copy about the declining state of ad quality, while its readers – agencies and advertisers alike – continue their marketing march to Hell?


Jun 30, 2011 — Bruce Wiseman

Since the beginning of the Global Financial Crisis, I have had several requests to do reviews of the financial strength of several banks. In the course of some of these assessments, I have found that the bank I was examining was in trouble, or heading for trouble and I recommended another.

Coup d’ etat

Mar 30, 2011 — Bruce Wiseman

imageYour conventional coup d’ etat is the overthrow of a government by a military cabal.

But that’s not what happened on April 2nd, 2009. On that day, the Bank for International Settlements, a secretive bank based in Basel, Switzerland, that had facilitated the financial workings of the Third Reich, carried out the most colossal coup in history – they took control of the central banks of planet Earth.

The Good The Bad and the Ugly

Feb 15, 2011 — Bruce Wiseman

I took a taste of the steaming New England clam chowder and smiled. Heaven in a bowl.

I was in an exclusive restaurant in the nation’s capital some months ago, an eatery known to cater to the warlords of Washington – the lobbyists and members of Congress.

I should have known

Aug 30, 2010 — Bruce Wiseman

I was having dinner with my son and his family at Mo’s, my favorite burger hangout. As we were talking, his youngest daughter, Olivia, was working the keyboard of an iPhone like a telex operator on speed.

Olivia is 4.

The Financial Crisis: The Hidden Beginning

Jun 9, 2009 — Bruce Wiseman

On April 2, 2009, control of the planet’s banks was turned over to the secret decisions of eleven men—board members of a Swiss organization with a troubling Nazi past.

Banking wasn’t always that way. . . .

The purpose of the financial crisis

May 9, 2009 — Bruce Wiseman

A towering citadel housing what is essentially a sovereign state known as the Bank for International Settlements is located in Basel, Switzerland. The bank now controls the financial affairs of planet Earth.

The Financial Crisis: A look behind the wizard’s curtain

Mar 19, 2009 — Bruce Wiseman

I’m tired of hearing about subprime mortgages.

It’s as if these things were living entities that had spawned an epidemic of economic pornography.