Dennis R. Young

Dennis Young retired to Airdrie, Alberta in 2007 after working for 13 years on Parliament Hill for Garry Breitkreuz, MP for Yorkton-Melville. Dennis is a member of the Calgary RCMP Veterans Association and a Honourary Life Member of both the Canadian Shooting Sports Association and the National Firearms Association. For his 20-year crusade for the rights of firearms owners, Dennis received the NFA's David A. Tomlinson Memorial Award for 2014 and the CSSA's John Holdstock Memorial Award for 2014.

Most Recent Articles by Dennis R. Young:

High River, Alberta Forced Entries, Unwarranted Searches and Seizures

Nov 26, 2014 — Dennis R. Young

High River, Alberta Forced Entries, Unwarranted Searches and Seizures

Last week, we learned that the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP has once again delayed releasing the report of their investigation of the RCMP’s actions during and following the emergency flooding in the Town of High River, Alberta in June and July of 2013.  The Commission’s investigation is looking into the RCMP’s forced entries of 754 homes, their unwarranted search of 4,666 homes, the complaints filed by more than 1,900 home owners, the RCMP’s seizure of more than 600 firearms and the destruction of more than 7,500 pounds of ammunition.

What ” Hard Decisions” did the RCMP make in High River, Alberta?

Jun 6, 2014 — Dennis R. Young

Airdrie, Alberta—I am analyzing every scrap of information released by the RCMP and National Defence, in response to more than two dozen of my federal Access to Information Act requests, hoping to shed some light on the “hard decisions” that RCMP Staff Sgt. Ian Shardlow said were made in High River, Alberta during last June’s flood.

High River, Alberta—The Cover-up Continues

May 24, 2014 — Dennis R. Young

Airdrie, Alberta—On June 20th, it will be one year since thousands of residents of High River, Alberta had to run for their lives to escape flood waters that inundated a large part of that town and flooded many of the 4,000 homes.  A State of Local Emergency (SOLE) was declared by the town council and the town’s people were ordered to evacuate.  Two hundred and seventy-three Mounties and three hundred and thirty soldiers descended on High River.

The Billion Dollar Boondoggle Continues

May 12, 2014 — Dennis R. Young

The Billion Dollar Boondoggle Continues

In my Troy Media column last January, I provided evidence that, “The federal government hasn’t reported the detailed costs of running the Canadian Firearms Program to Parliament since the 2007/2008 fiscal year. “

Pray the RCMP don’t look after your town in a State of Emergency

Apr 1, 2014 — Dennis R. Young

How would you feel if the RCMP kicked in your front door, searched your home, spreading mud from one end to the other and seized your private property, all without a warrant?  The following story is from just one home of more than 1,900 homes that had their doors kicked in by the RCMP in High River, Alberta during eight days last summer.

Real Gun Control Means Controlling Bad Guys

Jan 9, 2014 — Dennis R. Young

Why does Prime Minister Harper treat innocent hunters, farmers and sports shooters worse than criminals just because they own guns? He has repeatedly promised the Conservatives would get tough on criminals - not decent, law-abiding Canadians.