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Felicia Benamon is a conservative columnist who writes from a political perspective, but occasionally deviates to write about other concerns facing her country. She comes from a military background and is currently a freelance reporter residing in Tennessee.

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It’s all political

Aug 7, 2011 — Felicia Benamon

The economy.  It’s all political, folks! It isn’t about doing what’s right. No. Because if it was about doing what’s right politicians would be following the model of Standard and Poor’s (doing business responsibly), the agency responsible for handling the credit rating for many countries in the world.

Time is of the essence

Jul 30, 2011 — Felicia Benamon

“Liberty means responsibility, that’s why most men dread it.”- George Bernard Shaw

House Speaker John Boehner’s debt bill passed 218-210, the second bill presented with conservative or rather common sense approach to spending in mind—with no Democrat support!  The second bill was tweaked to try to gain some compromise but, to no avail and failed negotiations. Twenty-two House Republicans voted against the bill.

The pressure cooker that is the debt talks

Jul 21, 2011 — Felicia Benamon

You raise taxes; you will squeeze the American people who are already struggling. Yet, that approach to dealing with the country’s debt issue is what President Obama advocates.

And with gas prices either at $4 or hovering, that cost is passed on to the business owner, and in turn is passed on to the consumer.

Disaster Awaits! What will you say to future generations?

Jul 20, 2011 — Felicia Benamon

It seems our country is headed in a downward slide. I cannot sit back and not take notice…even as I have been out of the political writing arena for some time.

Lies by Omission: Media and Obama withhold truth from voters

Oct 19, 2008 — Felicia Benamon

It’s time to cut through to the truth since some representatives of the media are shying away from it. And Barack Obama sure won’t disclose the truth about his socialist ideas. These days, he’s covering up his true intentions as he’s sounding more and more like a liberal trying to espouse Republican values to fool the American public. He is for the working class, the “average Joe” in that he says he wants to cut taxes. Barack Obama has left quite a bit out of the picture, lying by omission.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus…What about Earth?

Oct 18, 2008 — Felicia Benamon

We’ve all heard the saying. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Yes,  it would seem too many times that either sexes are from different planets. But at least women come down to Earth once in a while to look at reality. We don’t continue to float out in space, continuing to be entertained by various wares.

Earth to guys…at some point, you must grow up. It’s time to become more grounded.  The times call for it. This is for you guys, young or old.

Reflections on the Presidential Race

Oct 9, 2008 — Felicia Benamon

I’ve had some time to relax and reflect on the direction of our country and what steps we should take to ensure its prosperity.

Communism on Full Parade in China

Aug 8, 2008 — Felicia Benamon

As far back as I can remember, the Games were supposed to be about a friendly gathering of nations’ athletes to compete for the title of the world’s greatest athlete in various sports. The Games are not to show the world how crass and smothering a nation can be.

Can We Close Pandora’s Box?

Aug 7, 2008 — Felicia Benamon

It’s times like these when I see the distress America and the world faces that I wonder…can we close Pandora’s Box? Can we reverse and fix the damage that’s been done?

Obama: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Jul 27, 2008 — Felicia Benamon

Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.  By their fruit you will recognize them.”—Matthew 7: 15, 16 (NIV)

Where is the BIGGER candidate?

Jul 25, 2008 — Felicia Benamon

“America needs someone who’s bigger than their speeches.”—Kevin Costner, Swing Vote

Patriots Sound the Alarm to Washington to listen to the People

Jul 18, 2008 — Felicia Benamon

Disgruntled Republicans and conservatives…are you disgusted with John McCain as the Republican nominee? Democrats, are you annoyed and tired of Barack Obama?

Companies/Governments Eager to Hand over America’s Innovations to Foreigners

Jul 16, 2008 — Felicia Benamon

When you look at someone, you should be able to pick up on some character traits. There was a time when the world looked at the United States and saw innovation, resourcefulness, creativity, independence, and determination.  America was a nation of go-getters and trend setters.

Birds of a Feather

Jul 6, 2008 — Felicia Benamon

Birds of a Feather Flock Together. That saying simply implies that those of similar interests and like mind share a bond and will “flock together.” So it goes for politicians. With whom a politician prefers to line himself/herself with will give the voter insight into what they believe. It will help the voter decide if a politician is truthful when the time comes when a politician comes to “court” a group of voters.

What does the 4th of July mean to you?

Jul 2, 2008 — Felicia Benamon

We live in extraordinary times. Times that try men’s souls, as Thomas Paine would say.

Handing Down Moral Degradation to Current and Future Generations

Jun 17, 2008 — Felicia Benamon

It’s not enough to keep the moral slide of the Baby Boomer generation contained in those outlandish years of the 60s and 70s.  All of the drug use and immorality is being reintroduced to a new generation of Americans.

Seeing through the candidates

Jun 7, 2008 — Felicia Benamon

As you can imagine, the end of the Democrat primary is the talk of the town.

Vaccinations and Drugs are being forced on the Public, Part IV

May 27, 2008 — Felicia Benamon

Indeed the public is being forced to take vaccines and drugs.  My last article gave testimonies from various physicians who bring to light that there is coercion on the part of the government for parents to vaccinate their children.

Continuing the Discussion on Race in 2008

May 21, 2008 — Felicia Benamon

I am a military brat who has traveled to many places. I was blessed to grow up around different types of people. With those people, I got along with them beautifully. Life, I remembered, was just fine.

From the heart of a woman who is tired of the racism

May 16, 2008 — Felicia Benamon

I often wonder why the issue of race has been brought up much lately, and with such emphasis in the media. Especially during this year’s race for the White House. Race is more and more, earning a spotlight in the media.