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Evil Purpose of the US Government Exposed

Oct 12, 2007 — Guest Column

The Purpose of the US Government Has Been Transformed From Protecting Your Rights to Building a Totalitarian Police State for the New World Order.

The purpose of the US government today has strayed far from its original intent when it was formed over 200 years ago.

Eurocrats Target Poland

Oct 11, 2007 — Guest Column

Last Thursday, Viscount Etienne Davignon, a Belgian who is the chairman of the secretive Bilderberg Group, celebrated his 75th birthday. Mr. Davignon is a former vice president of the European Commission and the author of the 1970 “Davignon Report” that laid the foundations for a common European foreign policy.

White farmers in court for growing crops

Oct 10, 2007 — Guest Column

By Peta Thornycroft, in Johannesburg, The Telegraph

Ten white farmers appeared in court in Zimbabwe yesterday accused of growing crops on their land—in a country where millions of people will need food aid within the next few months.

German Jews: Drop Iranian-born soccer player who won’t play in Israel

Oct 10, 2007 — Guest Column

By Assaf Uni (Berlin) and Anshel Pfeffer, Haaretz Correspondents and Reuters
Germany’s leading Jewish organization has called for an Iranian-born player to be dropped from Germany’s under-21 national soccer team for withdrawing from an upcoming match against Israel.

Miracles Of Modern Technology

Oct 10, 2007 — Guest Column

On Sunday, I watched Comrade Commissar Queen Pelosi (Progressive-Peoples Republic of Kalifornia) in an FNC interview.

Can A Christian Pray To Allah

Oct 10, 2007 — Guest Column

George W. Bush was twice elected President of the United States with great assistance from evangelical Christians, who, almost universally, believed he was a born-again believer. Many still hold onto that belief. In fact, evangelical Christians compose the bulk of the ever-shrinking base of support Bush has left. This is due almost exclusively to this belief that Bush is a born-again Christian.

Savaging Signing Statements

Oct 10, 2007 — Guest Column

Charlie Savage came to national prominence this year for the series of articles he wrote on presidential signing statements.  These articles would earn Savage, the Washington correspondent for The Boston Globe, a Pulitzer Prize.

Leak Severed a Link to Al-Qaeda’s Secrets

Oct 9, 2007 — Guest Column

By Joby Warrick, Washington Post Staff Writer
A small private intelligence company that monitors Islamic terrorist groups obtained a new Osama bin Laden video ahead of its official release last month, and around 10 a.m. on Sept. 7, it notified the Bush administration of its secret acquisition. It gave two senior officials access on the condition that the officials not reveal they had it until the al-Qaeda release.

The Dangers Of Canada’s Multiculti Kool Aid Bender

Oct 9, 2007 — Guest Column

Attempting to pass a liberal opponent by veering over to the far-left side of the political spectrum is what we conservative strategists technically call “electoral suicide”.  But obviously that doesn’t stop some people—like Ontario Conservative leader, John Tory, currently running for the Canadian province’s top job in this week’s elections.  Sounds like someone took a few too many swigs of the multiculti Kool Aid—even managing to drink the Liberal incumbent under the table, which is quite the feat.

Save Belgium: Postmodernists to the Rescue

Oct 8, 2007 — Guest Column

Aaron Timms of The Sydney Morning Herald loves Belgium. In a column this week, Mr. Timms writes

Jesus to Judas

Oct 8, 2007 — Guest Column

For 15 years, Michel Aoun and the Free Patriotic Movement were the symbol, the inspiration, and the dream of Free Lebanon. The flame was kept alive through the few pure souls who believed in something greater than themselves; Free Lebanon. During those dark years, Michel Aoun was revered as our Nelson Mandela, or Che Guevara, our George Washington.

Barroso and Bilderberg to the Rescue of Belgium. Will the UK Be Ousted from the EU

Oct 7, 2007 — Guest Column

Today, day 119 since the general elections of June 10th, Belgium still has no government. Belgium’s politicians, however, expect the country to have a new government soon. Yves Leterme, the leader of the Flemish Christian-Democrats, who last week was reappointed as “formateur” (Prime Minister Designate) by Belgium’s King Albert II, knows that he has no choice but to succeed in forming a government. If he does not, his political career is over. Mr Leterme, who won last June’s elections on a pro-Flemish platform, will have to withdraw all the Flemish demands because the Walloon politicians have vetoed them all.

Yves Leterme Is Too Soft. Will Flanders Join EFTA?

Oct 7, 2007 — Guest Column

113 days after the general elections of June 10th, Belgium still has no government. On Saturday evening, King Albert II reappointed Yves Leterme, the leader of the Flemish Christian-Democrat Party and the winner of last June’s elections, as “formateur” (Prime Minister Designate).

The Future of Today’s Internet

Oct 7, 2007 — Guest Column

The architecture of the Internet has always been driven by a core group of designers, but the form of that group has changed as the number of interested parties has continued to grow. With the success of the Internet, has come a proliferation of stakeholders - stakeholders now with an economic as well as an intellectual investment in the network.

Mission to Mars to be undertaken by humans or robots?

Oct 6, 2007 — Guest Column

For the past year or so we’ve finally seen an uptick in the amount of interest given to space exploration. The Asian space race is on with Japan, China and India seemingly all competing against each other. NASA continue to make strides as they explore past the galaxies outer limit with Voyager and closer to home begin preparations for the James Webb Space Telescope.  Now Google has entered the fray by creating the Google Lunar X Prize, putting $30 million up for the first to send information back from the Moon via an unmanned robot.

A Giuliani Nomination Dooms The GOP And Maybe America

Oct 6, 2007 — Guest Column

This past week, I was interviewed by best-selling author and World Net Daily columnist Jerome Corsi. The subject of the interview was the potential conservative Christian response to the possibility that Rudy Giuliani would gain the Republican nomination for President next year. (We also discussed the cozy connection between the Bush and Clinton families, which will probably be dealt with in a future Corsi column.)

CFR Shadow Government is Destroying America

Oct 5, 2007 — Guest Column

Learn About the CFR Shadow Government and its Connection to the Illuminati Banking Families.

The CFR shadow government is a major threat to American sovereignty.

Moon Base Plans Slowly Evolving

Oct 4, 2007 — Guest Column

You know that you’re living in an interesting time when the idea of constructing a base of operations on the Moon is not met with amused giggles, but studied thoughtfulness. And that’s just where we are, with news of NASA’s Lunar Architecture Team hard at work in designing a human outpost on our closest solar neighbor.

Space Shuttle Discovery at Launch Pad

Oct 4, 2007 — Guest Column

Continuing in our series of articles focusing on the current and future NASA space missions, news from the American space agency is that the next shuttle to visit the International Space Station, Discovery, was delivered to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center launch pad this past Sunday.

Polish ambassador wounded in Baghdad bombing

Oct 3, 2007 — Guest Column

Poland’s ambassador to Iraq was wounded in a triple-bomb attack in central Baghdad on Wednesday which also killed a civilian and wounded three others, Iraqi and Polish officials said.