Armand C. Hale

MSgt. Armand C. Hale retired from the U.S. Air Force, has served his country for over 23 years, His many tours of duty included Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. He has a degree in business & management, and has written a book about his experiences in the country of Qatar. You can purchase his book at Amazon and Lulu Books

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Don’t Just Stand There

Apr 18, 2010 — Armand C. Hale

We need to work like never before to stop the federal government from absorbing everything in its sight. Use the information below along to include your time, treasure and talent to make this a reality. November is approaching and time is precious.

Send the National Guard to the Border

Apr 4, 2010 — Armand C. Hale

Following the brutal killing of Arizona rancher Robert Krentz (presumably by illegal aliens), New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has decided to send New Mexico National Guardsmen to help secure New Mexico’s stretch of the U.S. - Mexico border.

Our war on Government

Mar 28, 2010 — Armand C. Hale

I never thought that my own government would be at war with its own people. The federal government has shown its true agenda and is transforming America into a socialist utopia with the government controlling the governed in all facets. Now the battlefield is taken to the states, where the power of the federal government comes from.

Death of Democracy

Mar 22, 2010 — Armand C. Hale

With the passage of the Health Care Bill, our trek into socialism is complete as the triads of socialist passions are happy with themselves. In the Star Wars saga Revenge of the Sith, Senator Amandala exclaims in the Senate, “So this is how Democracy dies, with thunderous applause.”  And don’t forget the backslapping and handshakes as everyone that voted for this atrocity are so pleased with themselves.

More, More, More!

Feb 21, 2010 — Armand C. Hale

We are nearing the end of the second month of the most crucial time in American History. The 2010 midterm elections are the “hope and change” the American people want and demand. Let’s not give up yet. Proceed ahead at ramming speed. Here is more news on the political front to digest.

Going Hunting Next November

Nov 9, 2009 — Armand C. Hale

The recent elections have proven that if you run on a true conservative platform, you can win! Don’t apologize; don’t try to be republican “light” with fewer calories or a RINO version of a liberal. Why do I say that? Pelosi Care has passed 220-215. Every grassroots movement in the nation must push harder than ever before. Get involved locally; get out of your comfort zones, join groups, donating time and throw your hat in the political arena and stay informed. Here is information that you can pass on to everyone in the fight for next November:

Definition of Insanity

Oct 18, 2009 — Armand C. Hale

A good working description of insanity is to be “completely disconnected from reality” so says Fr. John Corapi. All you have to do is just hear what members of Congress, State and Federal Judiciaries and the White House keep deciding and proposing to the American people on a constant basis.

All units BOLO!

Oct 11, 2009 — Armand C. Hale

If you ever have been in law enforcement you know that BOLO stands for, “Be on the Look Out.” It’s a system that alerts authorities to watch for particular persons. Here is my BOLO report for the American people:

Get in Shape America

Sep 23, 2009 — Armand C. Hale

Like any athlete getting ready for the winter Olympics, America must be primed for the 2010 elections. How we’ve trained determines a win, or getting pulverized by all the enemies’ of freedom, Judeo-Christian values and free market systems. This is but a snap shot of what is going on the media won’t report. You need to “be on the lookout” (BOLO) when talking to candidates for public office and propositions on the ballot box.

American, Heal Thyself

Sep 15, 2009 — Armand C. Hale

The federal government’s consolidation of power along with out-of-control spending is a malignant tumor in America’s body.

Stand Up Patriots

Aug 21, 2009 — Armand C. Hale

On Saturday September 5, at 1 – 4 pm in Austin, Texas, a “Stand Up for Texas Rally” will give the Texas people a chance to voice their opposition to health care, cap-and-trade, and other D.C. atrocities. Joe the Plumber will be the keynote speaker at this event.

Obama Care Supporters Beat Citizen Protesters

Aug 14, 2009 — Armand C. Hale

The word is out all over the country. If you oppose Obama Care, exercise your First Amendment rights to speak out against it, you are “Un-American. According to an op-ed penned by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and published in USA Today. America’s protests over government-run health care are Un-American!

The War On Two Fronts

Aug 7, 2009 — Armand C. Hale

The average American citizen is realizing the federal government under the specter of Obama is cracking down on the country with an iron fist just like the old Soviet bloc countries. Government health care is being shoved at us, civil rights for all non-citizens, first amendment rights being stripped away from American citizens. How does the United Socialist States of America sound?

Contract with the Constitution’ gathers steam at San Antonio Tea Party

Jul 8, 2009 — Armand C. Hale

Another tea party has come, but not gone. The momentum is still building in the Lone Star state with other tea parties brewing everywhere! This event was held at the Rio Cibilo Ranch located at 1101 Ulrich Rd in Marion, Texas. Robin Juhl, chairman of the San Antonio Tea Party (SATP) bid all in attendance welcome.

Suckered by Obama

Jul 3, 2009 — Armand C. Hale

Not many people are reporting on the many amnesty bills before Congress this session. Obama is backtracking on his promises to the racist section of the Latino vote to pass amnesty this year. He has canceled several meetings and is down playing the importance of the latest scheduled meeting this last June 25. The open borders Latino organizations of the globalist regime which has hijacked the Executive Branch are about to freak out!

Saving America Is in Our Hands

Jun 26, 2009 — Armand C. Hale

Ever since I attended the last Tea Party, I’ve been trying to keep my ear as close to the political ground as possible. I attended a local grass-roots event that is trying to unseat a liberal congressman in our own district. What we are doing here can be used as a blueprint for Americans to take back our government from the socialist politicians in power at the local, state, and federal levels.

The Veterans Healthcare Commitment Act

May 17, 2009 — Armand C. Hale

I previously wrote an article on the open attack on Veterans Health Care by the new administration, which placed a priority on cutting “Tri Care for Life” from the congressional budget.

Enough Change Already

May 2, 2009 — Armand C. Hale

Obama & Co. have been throwing so much change at American, the average citizen can’t keep their heads above it all. This is more than anyone wanted or could have every imagined in this country. Here is just a small amount of “change” that the new kid at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is fostering:

  • Fanatical anti-gun Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) is sponsoring S.B. 843 calling for background checks on all gun sales in America to include gun shows.

  • They Just Don’t Get It

    Apr 25, 2009 — Armand C. Hale

    Once again this administration is showing its ignorance, arrogance and vile disrespect to the American consumer as it refuses to understand and acknowledge the symbiosis between gas prices and economic stability.

    America’s Tea Parties

    Apr 22, 2009 — Armand C. Hale

    imageI had the opportunity of a lifetime to attend one of the many tea parties that were all over the country on April 15, tax day.  For those of you who couldn’t attend one, here is my personal observation of the San Antonio Tea Party held at the Alamo.

    I was lucky to find covered parking.  I paid the toll and proceeded to the gathering site.  The estimated crowd there was 20,000 people, Americans from all walks of life.

    They were not Republicans, Democrats and independents, or conservative or liberal.  We were all just Americans telling the Pork-a-Saurus government in Washington, D.C., no more spending!  These are the “right wing extremists” that Obama’s Department of Homeland Security is calling us.