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Publius Huldah is a retired lawyer who lives in Tennessee USA. She writes on the U.S. Constitution. Before getting a law degree, she got a degree in philosophy where she specialized in political philosophy and epistemology (theories of knowledge).

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Recess Appointments by the President: What Our Constitution Really Says

Dec 1, 2011 — Publius Huldah

Much misinformation about The Constitution is put out by those who seek to circumvent its clear provisions. In Peter Schroeder’s recent article in The Hill, he reports that David Arkush, director of Public Citizen’s Congress Watch division, makes two arguments which Arkush claims permit the President to make a “recess” appointment of someone (Richard Cordray) whose nomination has already been blocked by the Senate.

The President’s Enumerated Powers, Rulemaking by Executive Agencies, & Executive Orders

Aug 30, 2011 — Publius Huldah

On election night, November 2, 2010, Rep. John Boehner said in his victory speech:

...While our new majority will serve as your voice in the people’s House, we must remember it is the president who sets the agenda for our government. ... [emphasis added]

Why the “Balanced Budget Amendment” is a Hoax - and a Deadly Trap

Jun 27, 2011 — Publius Huldah

You can not responsibly support a proposed Amendment to Our Constitution unless you have read and understand the proposal and how it would change our Constitution. You must look behind the nice sounding name! Will the Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) really “reign in” the federal government? Will it really “show them” that they have to balance their budget the same as we do?

Nullification: Smacking Down Those Who Smack Down The Constitution

Apr 17, 2011 — Publius Huldah

In response to a recent article in the National Review by Allen C. Guelzo, a nullification denier and history professor at Gettysburg College, and two responding letters to the Editor,1 one “Celticreeler” posted an astute rebuttal you can read here.

The Oath Of Office: The Check On Usurpations By Congress, The Executive Branch, & Federal Judges

Mar 29, 2011 — Publius Huldah

Rush Limbaugh recently 1 castigated our putative president for announcing that his regime would not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act. Rush said:

...He’s ordering his Justice Department not to defend a federal law. Nobody has said the law is unconstitutional other than Obama and Holder, and they don’t have the power to do that ... For a president to ignore a federal law ... for him to act as legislature and court hugely troubling ...

Progressive Education & Bad Philosophy Corrupted The People & Undermined U.S. Constitution

Mar 6, 2011 — Publius Huldah

Throughout human history, the prevailing belief system changes from time to time & place to place; most people unthinkingly absorb whatever happens to be the prevailing dogma of their time & place. Here, I will show the radical differences between the philosophy of our Founding Era and the philosophy of today. And when I have done so, you will understand why our Country is declining and what you can do about it. In a nutshell, the Enlightenment philosophy of our Founding Era, which was based on Reason and the recognition of the existence of Fixed Principles, was taken away from us; and replaced with the subjective philosophies of Pragmatism & Existentialism, both of which reject Reason and deny the existence of Objective Truth & Fixed Principles. These are now the prevailing dogma of our Time; and unless we promptly repudiate them, we will fall.

Why the Balanced Budget Amendment is The WORST Idea Ever

Feb 24, 2011 — Publius Huldah

Senator Jim De Mint (who should know better) is supporting The Balanced Budget Amendment. Proponents of this “fix” trumpet these supposed benefits: That the amendment would:

  • Require Congress to balance the federal budget each year
  • Prevent Congress from spending more than 20 percent of GDP
  • Require a 2/3 super-majority vote to raise taxes

Why States Must Nullify Unconstitutional Acts of Congress

Jan 24, 2011 — Publius Huldah

imageDuring August 2010, the People of The State of Missouri approved Proposition C and nullified key parts of “obamacare”.  As a matter of constitutional principle, may the People of the States lawfully do this?  Or must they submit to every law made by Congress whether it is constitutional or not?  Are federal judges the final authority?

I will prove that the States have the Right and the Duty to nullify unconstitutional acts of Congress.  The only real question is whether Americans have the Will to reclaim our Constitutional Republic & the Rule of Law, or whether they will submit to the rulership of men who “don’t care” what the Constitution says, and who see obamacare as a way “to control the people”.

Judicial Abuse of the Fourteenth Amendment: Abortion, Sexual Orientation & Gay Marriage

Jan 11, 2011 — Publius Huldah

imageIn the January 2011 edition of the California Lawyer, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia correctly says the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution does not apply to sex discrimination or sexual orientation cases. 1

Activist federal judges, on the other hand, see the 14th Amendment as a blank check to legalize whatever conduct they happen to approve of, such as abortion, homosexuality, & gay marriage.

What The Constitution Really Says About Voter Qualifications and Exposing The “Elections Clause”

Dec 5, 2010 — Publius Huldah

In the recent opinion of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in Gonzalez v Arizona 200, Judges Sandra S. Ikuta & Sandra Day O’Connor overturned an initiative (Proposition 200) passed by the People of Arizona which ... [prepare yourself] ... requires Arizona “residents” who apply to register to vote, to provide ... [this is really quite shocking] ... documentary proof of citizenship! Yes, THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF ARIZONA, which has been overrun with illegal Mexican aliens, want to ensure that only citizens vote.

Do Our Rights Come from God, the Constitution, the Supreme Court, or Congress?

Oct 31, 2010 — Publius Huldah

The future of our Posterity depends on a proper understanding of the Source of our Rights. I will explain four views; show you which one is True, and why the other three are False and lead inexorably to the destruction of any country which embraces them.

The lie of “Separation of Church & State”

Oct 24, 2010 — Publius Huldah

1.  How did it happen that our country became a land where Christian children are forbidden to use the word, “God”, in the public schools; public school students are forbidden to say prayers at football games; and religious speech is banned from the public square?  Read on, and I will show you how judges on the supreme Court perverted our Constitution, prohibited the Free Exercise of Religion, and abridged our Freedom of Speech.

Congress’ enumerated powers

Oct 17, 2010 — Publius Huldah

1. With the U.S. Constitution, We The People created the federal government. It is our “creature”, and has no powers other than those We granted to it in The Constitution.

Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language (1828), says re “constitution”:

The Sword & Shield to Stop the Islamization of America

Sep 20, 2010 — Publius Huldah

This is an encouraging paper, because it explains the moral and constitutional justifications to stop the islamization of our country. 

We face a grave threat - the Muslims are infiltrating our country and taking over. We seem powerless to resist: Our governments won’t acknowledge the threat; we are told Muslims have “constitutional rights” to come here, proselytize everywhere, build mosques, and implement shariah in their communities and in the public square; and our governments are letting them do it.

Must Supreme Court Judges Obey The Constitution?

Aug 18, 2010 — Publius Huldah

In my last paper, I showed that Our Constitution requires that the federal government’s lawsuit against Arizona and Gov. Brewer be tried in the supreme Court; and that federal district court judge Susan Bolton has no constitutional authority to preside over the trial.

But many responded that the case is properly before Judge Bolton because Congress & the supreme Court have said that cases where a State is a Party may be tried in federal district court.

ONLY the US Supreme Court has Constitutional Authority to Conduct the Trial

Jul 30, 2010 — Publius Huldah

Does anyone read the U.S. Constitution these days? American lawyers don’t read it. Federal Judge Susan R. Bolton apparently has never read it. Same goes for our illustrious Attorney General Eric Holder. But this lawyer has read it and she is going to show you something in Our Constitution which is as plain as the nose on your face.

How Federal Judges Violate Our Constitution.

Jul 16, 2010 — Publius Huldah

1. Read Article III, US Constitution. This Article establishes the federal courts (the 3rd branch of the federal government).  Section 2 enumerates the categories of cases which federal courts are allowed to hear.  Section 2 also distributes the “judicial power” (the authority to hear cases) between the supreme Court and the lower federal courts.

The Arizona Immigration Law And The Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution

Jun 4, 2010 — Publius Huldah

The Sovereign State of Arizona recently made a law which provides for the cooperative enforcement - with the federal government - of federal immigration laws throughout Arizona. The People of Arizona are suffering terribly from massive Invasions of their Southern Border; and because the federal government refuses to repel the Invasions, the People of Arizona are forced to defend themselves.

The Invasion Of Arizona

May 4, 2010 — Publius Huldah

Article IV, §4, U.S. Constitution, requires The United States to protect each of the States against Invasion. It says:

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion... [emphasis added]

What Should States Do When the Federal Government Usurps Power?

Apr 2, 2010 — Publius Huldah

1. In Federalist No. 46 (1st para), James Madison says the ultimate authority over both the State and federal governments resides in the People. What, then, are the People of a State to do if the authorities in their State refuse to resist encroachments & usurpations by the federal government?