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Jeffrey A. Friedberg is an American, a former, Big City, licensed private detective, who operated his own detective agency out of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and has worked in other east coast states of America. He has also been an undercover anti-crime operative, a DOD-cleared security provider, a nuclear plant security clearance investigator, and an Internet website optimizer and promoter. He earned a BA degree by majoring in English Literature, with a minor in Sociology. Also, at Temple University, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he studied: infrastructure of the Kuomintang, the Yakusa, counter-insurgency, Soviet and Nazi propaganda techniques, Shoto-Kan Karate (under Teryuki Okazaki), Judo, and other matters. His favorite beer is Canadian, Moose Head. Drawing on his investigative experience, Friedberg has made himself the author of seven paranormal and satirical political thriller books on Amazon.

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Nov 5, 2016 — Jeffrey A. Friedberg

This is about so-called, “immigration,” to what is still called by many, “America.” The USA.

Is it good; is it safe; do we need more of it; do we even want it?

Speaking about immigration, Hillary Clinton said in an interview on CBS…’I would like to see us move from [the current] 10,000, to 65,000 and begin immediately to put into place the mechanisms for vetting the people that we would take in….’”

So, as I read it, there are no current “mechanisms for vetting the people that we would take in.”


Nov 5, 2016 — Jeffrey A. Friedberg

No matter what happens in this election, no matter what the uncertain future may dump on us or blossom into—they can never take our most divine moments away, miracles of American happiness, American Spirit, and American creation, because we already done did it.

There are many more I would like to include here.

But do you want to feel better? Do you want to visit a Vanished Age?

Cab Calloway; the Andrews Sisters; Benny Goodman with Gene Krupa; Fred and Ginger:

Does Hillary Clinton have/use body doubles?

Nov 4, 2016 — Jeffrey A. Friedberg

First of all: the vaunted “Theresa Barnwell” is no Hillary double, although she is somewhat of a minor look alike. To propose her as a working Hillary Clinton body double just leaves the whole idea vulnerable to denial because she clearly is not. Theresa Barnwell makes a nice distraction smoke screen from the possible truth.

That’s out of the way.

Election got you down in the dumps?  Just waiting for the other shoe?

Nov 3, 2016 — Jeffrey A. Friedberg

Ya say this election has got you down in the dumps?

Ya say you’re on pins & needles over what Obama might do?

Ya say you are just waiting for the other shoe to drop?


Are any of these even Hillary? Who, or what are you trying to elect?

Nov 2, 2016 — Jeffrey A. Friedberg

“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?” —THE SHADOW, 1937

Look for yourself, at photos of “Hillary” taken at the 9/11 Memorial, on September 11, 2016; in Florida, on October 29, 2016; and, in Ohio, October 31, 2016. Compare them. Look at other photos taken throughout 2016. 

Tell me they are all photos of the same woman? Do you think so?

Just who the hell are they “running” for President? Just who the hell will they install in the Oval Office if “Hillary” wins?

Notes from the High Desert

Nov 1, 2016 — Jeffrey A. Friedberg

Hi, Kids.

I wanted to take an opportunity to maybe cool us all down from the current insanity in this world.

Earth is in the balance, but I see no reason to maybe panic or despair. Pretty much, the dice are already cast.

So I made this little video for you, expecting you to view it, herein.

For your benefit—I think back to an earlier Age; an earlier time; a golden moment where the war of the worlds had just ended.

Confidence, and manliness, and the brilliant essence of the divine feminine ruled Earth.

... In the end, humanity wins


Oct 31, 2016 — Jeffrey A. Friedberg


Director Comey’s limo’ pulls up to his parking spot under the FBI building and stops. Someone has dumped a half-ton of trash and beaver droppings there and his spot is covered over and blocked. He shrugs, gets out and walks to the elevator.

The elevator does not seem to be working, so he gamely heads for the stairs. As he pulls open the door he realizes too late that the handle has been smeared with vaseline and ground chili peppers. He takes the steps two at a time, trying to outdistance what sounds like loose dogs behind him; last week it was rabid gerbils. Running now, he breaks into a sweat and inadvertently wipes his forehead, getting chili pepper in one eye.

He ultimately staggers out of the stairwell but as the door opens it dumps a bucket of chicken slops and latte which splashes over his Armani Collezion,  $1,895 suit.


Oct 30, 2016 — Jeffrey A. Friedberg

“With the help of Gigis, [her servant,] Parysatis [the Queen Mother] cut [the cooked meat] in two with a little knife smeared with poison on one side, thus wiping the poison off upon one part only of the bird; the undefiled and wholesome part she then put into her own mouth and ate, but gave to Stateira the poisoned part…The king, therefore, at once set out upon the inquest, arrested the servant [Gigis] and table-attendants of his mother [Parysatis], and put them on the rack…Now, the legal mode of death for poisoners in Persia is as follows. There is a broad stone, and on this the head of the culprit is placed; and then with another stone they smite and pound until they crush the face and head to pulp. It was in this manner, then, that Gigis [the servant] died; but [Queen Mother] Parysatis was not further rebuked or harmed by [King] Artaxerxes, except that he sent her off to Babylon, in accordance with her wish…..”   ~Plutarch’s, Life of Artaxerxes, 75 AD.

We are told if Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency, she will “be indicted for her poisonous crimes”—but that Barack Hussein Obama will give her a Presidential Pardon. But we are also told if she instead loses to Donald Trump, Obama will still give her a Presidential Pardon anyway. We are told that during the course of these “legal” atrocities, many others will be crushed and destroyed in a general Government “war.”

But no harm will come to Hillary—again. And not to her running mate, Barack Hussein Obama—again. This could be seen as similar to the way Queen Mother Parysatis got away with murder and King Artaxerxes crushed his opponents and sent Parysatis, safely away into freedom.


Oct 29, 2016 — Jeffrey A. Friedberg

I noticed this photo of Hillary Thursday evening. In paying neutral attention to the details of I.D. photos, from habit, I noticed the right side of her face clearly appears swollen. Look at her right eye-bag, and compare it to her left eye-bag: the right eye seems very different from the left eye. The right side of her face appears very different fro the left side of her face.

It’s swollen.

What the hell happened here? It almost looks like Hillary Clinton sustained trauma or infection. Did she fall? Did she take a punch? Does she have an infection somewhere in her teeth, face, or head? Is she receiving some sort of treatment or radiation? Is it an allergenic reaction to something? Is it a foreign-body reaction?


Oct 28, 2016 — Jeffrey A. Friedberg

In 2012, I was desperate to try and help prevent the reelection of Barrack Hussein Obama. The only way open to me was to try and write a book—to try and help warn America who and what they would be voting for. I now find the book seems to presciently described today’s current battle for control of Earth by Hillary Clinton, or by Donald trump.

I called this book, “Kill the Media.”

** If you want, you can click on the book cover below, and go to Amazon for free; Then Click on the book cover there, for free. And then you can read a bunch of pages for free. For one thing, it would be especially important to read how Police Captain Bonner describes the hijacking of the English language, by the rabid, mad-dog, lying left. There are other points made that might also interest you.

In writing this book,  I planned a fantastical version of circumstances and events, but based upon truth, upon what I saw, and upon my analysis.


Oct 27, 2016 — Jeffrey A. Friedberg

I read the other day, in, and, also, in, that, “The media must be destroyed.”

This is apparently a reaction in direct reaction to the media’s own actions; it’s a a law of Nature and physics.

Because, now, in addition to attacking and lying about Donald Trump for a documented 91% of their time, they have also taken to attacking and lying about YOU.

They now lie about your having caught on to their lies, omissions of the truth, and their twisted, socialist, Marxist, Islamist, anti-American, anti-YOU, disgusting plot.

Black “youths, teens, juveniles, teenagers, youngsters, flash mob” attack, beat white students

Oct 26, 2016 — Jeffrey A. Friedberg

“Flash Mob Of Over 100 Teenagers Assault Temple Students, Punch Police Horse

“North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – A massive group of [black] teenagers attack and rob [white] Temple University Students. One of the teenagers even punched a police horse in the face.

“Robberies and assaults happened all around the Temple University campus Friday night after several hundred [black] teenagers met up for a flash mob style get together. Local authorities report…..” BlueLivesMatter.Blue

Some of these white students were reportedly beaten mercilessly, by black mobs. If you want to research it for yourself, you can still do that.


Oct 25, 2016 — Jeffrey A. Friedberg

“I can’t vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton,” is what I hear from an apparently alternate breed of political character during this Presidential campaign, 2016.

Is this something new to Presidential campaign politics? Or is this a type of person who has always been there? Maybe imagining some sort of ideal Mr. Rogers President or a shining city on a hill—like Teletubbies on a sunny day?

Oh. Teletubbies always have sunny days. Because they’re not real.

But Presidential campaigns do not always have sunny days. Because they are real.

“I can’t vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, for President,” is what I hear from the type of potential Republican voter who say they are neither liberal nor are they, “that” conservative.

What does it mean?


Oct 24, 2016 — Jeffrey A. Friedberg

As time grows shorter, and ever shorter…and the battle for the Presidency grows crueler and crueler…I feel justified in abandoning politeness and tone.

I mean nobody talks that way, anyway.

So, here we are, you and I at the kitchen table. And I have a revelation I’d like to share….

While you were worrying about Donald Trump maybe touching some woman’s hotspot in 1776, or Donald Trump talking like a man among other men, or Donald Trump maybe having bumped a woman’s boob, in 1492, Obama and the Democrats were driving America toward nuclear war with Russia which will kill you, kill your family, and obliterate everything you ever knew or might have known.


Oct 24, 2016 — Jeffrey A. Friedberg

From “In his latest video commentary of GQ magazine, Keith Olbermann weighed on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s refusal to say he would absolutely accept the outcome of November’s general election.

“Trump told moderator Chris Wallace at the final presidential debate he would have to wait and see if he would accept those results, to which Olbermann said was ‘the moral equivalent of treason.’

“’This is the moral equivalent of treason,’ Olbermann declared. ‘When, Republican leaders, will you speak up? Speak up not in your self-interest, not as a strategic move for your own campaign, not as positioning for the future. When will you speak up for the Constitution? When will you speak up for democracy? When will you speak up for the United States of America?’”

Without bothering to review this jackass’s failed record of a failed career and steadily sinking relevance, let’s just say he’s apparently running out of desperate acts to try and please any potential, new Masters.

The First Media Sellout Traitor—but by no means the Last Media Traitor

Oct 24, 2016 — Jeffrey A. Friedberg

In 66 AD, Gamala was an ancient city-fortress built on the slopes of a ragged, dragon-tooth mountain. The city itself spread upward along the very steep gradient and clung there like a stone carpet. Gamala was walled and considered invulnerable.

Gamala was the last bastion of freedom in Judea. It was the last outpost of truth, justice, and the way of humanity.

The invading power, however,  sought to conquer and subjugate all Humankind to their suppressive rule, their many false gods, their inhuman laws, and their national blood sport of obliteration in the arena.


Oct 22, 2016 — Jeffrey A. Friedberg

“In the planned society of WE, no one rises above the mass, except those men who run and operate and propagandize the mass…Official reality says surrender. Official reality says a paradise is waiting for us if we dispense with our uniqueness and individuality.” ~Jon Rappoport.


Hi, kids, remember Obama’s, “Yes we can?” Worked out great, right?

Or, how about, Obama’s, “We are the ones we have waited for…” and, “We don’t hear the future, we shape it”?

Even now, President Barack Hussein Obama is still churning out winning, uplifting, and inspirational “We” slogans, drawing upon his glorious past, and snappy TV jingles, like this one, from July 27, 2016: “We don’t look to be ruled.”


Oct 21, 2016 — Jeffrey A. Friedberg

One of the scariest-looking, dumbest, most slavishly pandering women on the planet (Earth) made some lying, ugly, sensationalist remarks about Donald Trump:

“Actress-comedian Kathy Griffin has a message for Donald Trump in a new mock campaign ad: ‘F*ck off.’”

Beautiful, right? Credible, right? And so worthwhile.

The fact seems to be that this week—and probably well into the future—there is so much bullsh|t, crapp, lies, and insanity inundating the airwaves and websites of the world that they rival the prevalence of UFOs,  ghosts, and time travelers on YouTube.


Oct 20, 2016 — Jeffrey A. Friedberg

Oh, hey!

Of course, I don’t mean literally “death” to the media!.

Hahaha! No.

No, no, no.

Yeah, no: I mean like when Iran’s Ayatollah said, “Death to America.” I only mean what he later said he actually really meant: “It goes without saying that the slogan does not mean death…this slogan means death to the…policies, death to arrogance.”


Policies and arrogance.


Oct 18, 2016 — Jeffrey A. Friedberg

“I do slovenly swear (or affirm) that I will never grab pu$$y, or otherwise notice, touch, caress, or express feelings toward pu$$y, unless it is Huma’s Woo Hoo, and that I shall faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States—-as in wipe it politically the fck out—- and will to the best of my ability, pre-swerve, object to, and offend the Constitution of the United States.”-New World Order Oath of Office for the President of FUSA (Former USA).

“Wolf! Just listen to those marching drumbeats fade dramatically into the distance with the raucous banjos of the Philadelphia string band, and the swoon of the adoring crowds, and the victorious campaign theme music on the loudspeakers. And what a magnificent floral arrangement on the dais and podium where this magnificent swearing in will any moment take place, magnificently! Wolf, I feel faint!”

“The flyover by Larry David and Supergirl was moving.”