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Extraterrestrials at Grant Park watching Obama’s victory party

Dec 26, 2008 — Judi McLeod

imageAs if omnipresent President-elect Barack Obama’s “King of the World” title isn’t kingdom enough,  Exopolitics is claiming him as one of its own.

  Not only has Obama selected UFO Disclosure Advocate John Podesta who admits “a fanatical devotion to the XFiles” as Transition Team Co-Chair, multiple images of `Orbs’—dimensional intelligences from a parallel universe—showed up at Grant Park on Election Night.

Rosaries in the snow

Dec 26, 2008 — Judi McLeod

imageNorth Easton,Ma.- There were lots of deer tracks but no living soul on our arrival at the walled cemetery where “Rosary Priest” Fr.  Patrick Peyton is buried.  There was only the lonely sound of the wind sighing through the pine trees, which are so common in the beautiful state of Massachusetts.  The snow, more than shin deep, had covered the dozens of grave markers of the priests and brothers of Holy Cross Church. 

Had it not been for the tiny American flags blowing in the wind, we would have missed the grave markers covered in snow.  Half of the brothers and priests buried in the red brick, walled off cemetery had served their country in the Korean and Second World wars. Only the flags recognizing their service, stood out in the snow.

This Christmas won’t be the last for you, the planet or even the polar bears

Dec 23, 2008 — Judi McLeod

image It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere. But not among the Global Warming Goreacle alarmists.

  The disciples of the sky-is-falling Al Gore are getting hotter under the proverbial collar.  It’s Christmas Eve tomorrow and folks heading home for Christmas can’t help but notice being stranded everywhere by winter storms.  Baby, it’s cold out there! 

  According to a nasty letter from Markus Pichler B.Sc. (Env. Sci.), Finders University, Bedford Park, South Australia, “What a pack of mercenary capitalists you both are.”  “Both” being Dr. Timothy Ball and Canada Free Press (CFP),  which Pichler says is “not worth reading”.

Colombia’s FARC to release six more hostages

Dec 22, 2008 — Judi McLeod

imageA message of Christmas hope is sweeping across Colombia tonight.

Colombia’s rebel group of Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) are offering to free an ex-governor, a former lawmaker and four other hostages to help launch talks on a prisoner swap, local news media report.

The families of some 700 hostages, mainly Colombian police and soldiers are holding out against hope that their loved ones will be one of the three police officers and a soldier FARC promises to release first.

Some of the hostages still in captivity in the jungle have been held as long as 11 years.

  “These are the same families left heartbroken last Christmas, when the President Hugo Chavez negotiations with FARC failed to set the hostages free,” Bogota Free Planet publisher Ernesto Pardo told CFP tonight.

CodePink finds new hero in shoe-hurling Iraqi “journalist”

Dec 17, 2008 — Judi McLeod

image  Their main hero President-elect Barack Obama being too busy primping for the Inauguration Ball to pay them any mind, CodePink has a new hero: shoe-throwing Iraqi “journalist”  Muntadhar al Zeidi.

  Tossing their own going away party Sept. 24 from the Berkeley Marine Recruiting Center,  CodePinkers came back today heaping praises on the Arab world’s latest folk hero.

  Members of the group and their hangers-on marched around the recruiting station, holding shoes in the air to show support for al Zeidi,  who hurled both his shoes at President George W. Bush during Sunday’s news conference in Baghdad.

Drawing Christmas Art to earn cowboy spurs

Dec 16, 2008 — Judi McLeod

image  The Christmas morning scene is the same in households the world over.  The presents have been opened and the family dog is happily making confetti out of the gift wrap, Mom is thinking about brunch,  knowing that her brood will be bored after the novelty of the new toys wears off and all of Aunt Minnie’s knitted sweaters have been tried on for size.

  No better time to encourage the small fry to try out their artistic hand with the crayons and paintboxes and art supplies thoughtfully tucked into their Christmas stockings.

  There is no doubt that kids and crayons bring peace to the adults, but this Christmas could be the one when some children go to bed after the Big Day with visions of more than sugar plums dancing in their heads.

The “Break the Wicked-Pedia Link Campaign”

Dec 15, 2008 — Judi McLeod

imageWho ever thought that Joseph Farah would be my inspiration in sending an early Christmas present to victims of Wikipedia?

But it was Farah who launched a “dragon-slaying mission” trying to force accountability on the free, online encyclopedia that inspired CFP techie Brian Thompson’s “Break the Wicked-Pedia Link Campaign”.

“I can’t kill this beast alone.  But with your help and the help of other people of goodwill and good conscience, we can defang this monstrosity,” Farah wrote in his WorldNetDaily banner column today.

Uruknet and al Jazeera news anchor portray journalist who hurled shoes at President Bush as hero

Dec 14, 2008 — Judi McLeod

imageWithin hours of an Iraqi journalist hurling his shoes and an insult at President George W. Bush as he was shaking hands with Iraqi premier Nuri Al-Maliki in his private Baghdad office, uruknet.info portrayed Muntather Al-Zaidi as a “hero”.

  As the two leaders were shaking hands, a journalist sitting in the third row suddenly jumped up, shouting: “It is the farewell kiss, you dog,” and threw his shoes one after the other towards Bush.  Maliki made a protective gesture towards the U.S. president, who ducked and was not hit.

Writing for uruknet.info,  Layla Anwar, whose byline contained the words, “An Arab Woman Blues”, called Americans “dirty motherf—-k—s”.

Rushing Rush off the stage

Dec 12, 2008 — Judi McLeod

imageNow that he’s taking potshots at his own from the side of enemy lines,  former Secretary of State Colin Powell has the temerity to take on the role of advising the Republican Party he betrayed.

  In his newfound zest, Powell is hearing things that the rest of us aren’t.

  “The Republican party must stop “shouting at the world” and start listening to minority groups if it is to win elections in the 21st century,” was Powell’s advice in a CNN interview with Fareed Zakaria yesterday.

Jesse Jackson’s Tears

Dec 11, 2008 — Judi McLeod

imageStraight from the Election Night tableau of Barack Hussein Obama winning the November 4, 2008 American presidency, came the tears of Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Jackson’s tears were captured for posterity by Chicago Tribune photographers out among the throngs at Grant Park, and untold millions later saw Jackson’s crying jag on the Worldwide Internet.

  Unfortunately, only his tears went viral. His nudge-nudge, wink-wink laughter about his son’s future in the Senate to reporters on the very same night,  did not. 

“Pausing between a series of television interviews on the main risers at Grant Park, the Rev. Jesse Jackson said “there’s a joy, there’s an ecstasy”, in Chicago tonight as Sen. Barack Obama draws closer to the presidency.” (washingtonpost.com, Nov. 4, 2008).

Robber baron facilitators won’t pull US economy out of recession

Dec 10, 2008 — Judi McLeod

imagePresident-elect Barack Obama is dreaming in technicolour in thinking former federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker can pull the U.S. economy out of recession.

Mainstream media comment was all but non-existent when Obama appointed big-name Volcker to his economic recovery team.

The last time Volcker was appointed to a high profile investigation into economic malaise, he blew it. Handpicked by then UN secretary general Kofi Annan to clean up UN corruption, Volcker, gave a free ride to the robber barons who had lined their pockets in what has been called the biggest scandal in world history.

Mississippi cheese straws are getting to be a Christmas tradition at my house

Dec 10, 2008 — Judi McLeod

imageLast year, my dear friend and favourite playwright,  Anne Burkart sent me the delicious southern treat for Christmas.

I put a few out on the buffet table for my annual Boxing Day Party and everyone who sampled them was soon demanding the recipe.

So you might imagine my joy today when I spotted the famous name “Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory” on the parcel dropped off at my door today.

  There really is a Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory and it is located in Yazoo City!

Christmas miracle in the Virginia Forest

Dec 8, 2008 — Judi McLeod

imageEvery Christmas seems to come with its own story of inspiration and in the recession shrouded Christmas of 2008 when inspiration is needed most, a Christmas story to stir the soul comes direct from the forests of Virginia.

  It is chronicled for all to read courtesy of the wonderful writing of Jane H. Furse over at the New York Daily News.

  Jane’s story is all about a toddler lost in the cold Virginia woods for a long and uncertain 21 hours and about the two puppies credited with saving him from death by hypothermia.

The shifting North American Unionized Map

Dec 4, 2008 — Judi McLeod

imageNorth America as we know it has changed dramatically since November 4, 2008.

First came the election of an unknown; a man only whose globalist elite masters know where he was born and in which direction he will be taking the liberty-loving United States of America.

Less than one month later, the proud Dominion of Canada is being laid siege to by an opposition-led coalition of the left.  Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, elected with an increased number of seats only six weeks ago, has a date with destiny at 9:30 this morning.

The Capture of Canada

Dec 2, 2008 — Judi McLeod

imageShockwaves are reverberating across the Dominion of Canada tonight.  Without a shot having been fired, and less than two months since October’s federal election, a signed document is on its way to Gov. General Michaelle Jean—informing her that a Coalition of the Liberals, New Democrats Party (NDP) and Bloc Quebecois will now govern Canada.

  Snubbed by voters as recently as October 14,  the Liberals and NDP are jumping into bed with a party that wants to separate from Canada, the Bloc Quebecois.

  It’s a grab for power that is going down without the courtesy of a single Canadian voter.

For the naive, clinging to the belief that this could never happen in democratic Canada, under the Canadian Constitution, the Governor General must either approve the new government or call an election.

Dealing with Terrorism 101 the message from Mumbai

Nov 28, 2008 — Judi McLeod

imageThey’ve been pouring onto the streets of Mumbai by the tens of thousands, hundreds of average citizens coming out of their homes and shops to cheer on Mumbai’s courageous commandos.

“They’re leaping for joy!” said a television reporter from their midst.

It’s day three of the Mumbai attacks and the most recent updating at the time of this writing is that the bodies of five Israeli hostages seized by Islamic militants have been recovered from a Jewish centre in the city.

This sad news came from Eli Belotsercovsky, deputy chief of mission at the Israeli embassy in New Delhi.

There are no Jane Fondas and Cindy Sheehans in Mumbai, just average citizens leaping for joy as they watch their commandos take back control.

In time for Thanksgiving 2008-“The Reagan Revolution”!

Nov 27, 2008 — Judi McLeod

It was on Tuesday night when my friend Pam from Decatur, Illinois sent me a sad note saying how much she missed Ronald Reagan.  “I wish he was here to lead us through these dark chapters,” Pam wrote.

  Early next morning, Canada Free Press columnist and friend Jerry McConnell sent in the following:  “You may have already seen this, but just in case, I had to forward it to you as Michael Reagan mentions you in it.”

Gorbachev among first to pounce on an America in Distress

Nov 25, 2008 — Judi McLeod

imageIt didn’t take former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev the proverbial New York minute to pounce on an America in distress.

Gorbachev came forward last week advising that the Obama administration needs “far-reaching `perestroika’ reforms to overcome the financial crisis and restore balance in the world.

  The former Soviet leader has been trying to put wings on his dream for a worldwide-adopted Perestroika as far back as 1990, when he attended a Forum in Moscow with then-U.N. Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar.

The new world devised by Maurice Strong and George Soros

Nov 24, 2008 — Judi McLeod

Maurice Strong, George SorosHave you ever wondered how capitalism was pushed over the edge of the cliff just six weeks before the American presidential election?

According to financial experts, the world, as we know it will change dramatically by the year 2012.  People, who provided for their families only three years ago, will be desperately searching for food.

The story of the economic meltdown of 2008 begins and ends with the United Nations and its carefully managed One World Order.

Nikita’s Plan, a book for post-election America

Nov 22, 2008 — Judi McLeod

Nikita’s Plan, a book for post-election AmericaNikita’s Plan, by Stephen Kenner with Joanna Whitehall, is a book that reflects the dark days in which we find ourselves.

That’s because even though it is a work of fiction, the plot is straight out of contemporary true life—the transition of America over to One World Government in the middle of a worldwide economic meltdown, and about the average people working desperately to turn it around. 

  Nikita’s Plan is unique because you, as an American, are a character within its pages.