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Katy Grimes is an investigative journalist, Senior Correspondent with the Flash Report, ReaganBabe, and Senior Media Fellow with Energy and Environmental Institute. A longtime political analyst, she has written for The Sacramento Union, The Washington Examiner, Watchdog.org, The Pacific Research Institute’s CalWatchdog, The San Francisco Examiner, The Business Journal, E&E Legal, The Sacramento Bee, Legal Insurrection, Canada Free Press, and Laura Ingraham’s LifeZette, and can be heard regularly on many talk radio shows each week.

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Shut Up and Act: ‘The Perfect Idiot’s Profession’

Dec 20, 2016 — Katy Grimes


The American people have spoken. Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, in a free and fair election (despite cybertampering by DHS…). But ignoramus Hollywood actors are urging members of the Electoral College to select someone other than Donald Trump.

Liberals Belong in Day Care

Dec 14, 2016 — Katy Grimes

It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels. ~ Saint Augustine

Liberals abhor competition. Liberals are not only sore losers, they are vile winners. There is no grace or humility in winning or losing, to a liberal.

It doesn’t matter what they fail at, liberals always blame someone else—it’s never their own fault. And when they don’t like outcomes, they throw tantrums and demand that others must change their behavior.

Patriotic State of Jefferson is No CalExit

Dec 13, 2016 — Katy Grimes

I hold it, that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.—Thomas Jefferson

Hundreds of thousands of Northern Californians are seeking a return to a representative government that serves the citizens and not itself.

California Democrat Vows to ‘Fight in the Streets’ Over Illegal Immigration

Dec 9, 2016 — Katy Grimes

California’s new Democrat supermajority used Monday’s usually congenial legislative swearing-in ceremonies to ram through Assembly and Senate resolutions insisting President-elect Donald Trump abandon his immigration deportation policies—at least in California.

California is home to the largest illegal-alien population in the country, with 35 sanctuary cities. President-elect Trump has vowed to build a border wall and deport immigrants that have a criminal record, which he estimates to be two-three million.


Dec 4, 2016 — Katy Grimes

Calling for enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws struck a nerve with certain California politicians.

In response to my column, “Mayors of Sanctuary Cities Who Flaunt Federal Law Should Be Arrested,” the former press secretary for recently termed-out California Senate President Darrell Steinberg, sent an email to the publisher of the Flash Report website, expressing his disdain that I called for upholding federal immigration law, and arresting those Mayors who flaunt their Sanctuary Cities in the face of the law:

Mayors of Sanctuary Cities Who Disregard Federal Law Should Be Arrested

Nov 30, 2016 — Katy Grimes

The United States is either a nation of people ruled by laws and Constitution, or we are a nation ruled by ideological tyrants. One example of this is the illegal protecting by “Sanctuary cities” of convicted criminals.

“It is time to start locking up local officials like Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for interfering with the enforcement of federal immigration law,” Matthew Vadum of Canada Free Press recently wrote.

California’s Sanctimonious Hypocrisy and Legislative Fraud

Nov 22, 2016 — Katy Grimes

California politicians and their union bosses lack all shame in their self-enrichment at public expense. Their outrageous conduct has ravaged the once-prosperous Golden State, consigning taxpayers to $1.5 trillion in debt and another $1 trillion in pension debt. Yet the voting public seems oblivious.

The rest of America has watched without much empathy as California’s politicians deal death-blow after death-blow to the once Golden State through insane, hypocritical and often unconstitutional legislation.

Trumping Crazifornia: What Donald Trump Means for California

Nov 16, 2016 — Katy Grimes

In his historic run for the United States Presidency, Donald J. Trump faced YUGE opposition from the establishment of both parties, and unprecedented vitriol from the media. Despite the barrage of negative, unflattering media, Trump voters resoundingly elected him the 45th President of the United States.

Trump’s victory was a needed repudiation of the political establishment, which has failed millions of working-class Americans who are suffering economically and continuing to fall behind.

NeverTrumpers: Condescension is Not A Strategy

Nov 2, 2016 — Katy Grimes

Bellyaching NeverTrumpers, that group of self-focused “Conservative intellectuals” and “thought leaders,” have done everything possible to sabotage GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign. Short sighted and childishly selfish, they could have helped the Republican nominee construct rock-solid conservative plans… if they were indeed, as Conservative as they profess.

“By conservatives,’ I mean actual conservatives, the people who believe in limited government, a strong national defense, American federalism, and who reject the nanny state in all of its smothering incarnations,” wrote Tom Nichols, a NeverTrumper.

Spare me your grandiloquence.

“However, NeverTrumpers never actually address the millions of Trump followers,” said my good friend and colleague Lance Izumi. “Condescension is not a strategy,” he added. Indeed.

“Some of the GOP’s best brains are now With HER,” boasted The Daily Beast. “And, according to a source within the Clinton camp, highlighting Republicans who’ve crossed over will be a key fixture in campaign ads this fall.”

Orange County Register Endorsement of Prop 58 Bilingual Ed; A Case of White Guilt?

Oct 27, 2016 — Katy Grimes

Language Immersion programs are the optimal approach to learn a language. This is never more evident than in the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA, a Department of Defense educational and research institution which provides linguistic and cultural instruction. They use classroom teaching as well as immersion techniques for maximum results.

Immersion is also the best way to assimilate immigrants into any culture.

California Proposition 58, “Non-English Languages Allowed in Public Education” would put an end to the educational concept of English Language Immersion in California’s public schools—something that legions of educrats and radical Latino activists have been actively promoting since 1998.

Prop. 58 effectively would repeal the 1998 Proposition 227 that required English language learners in California schools be taught largely in English only.

Will California Town become Another Flint, MI?

Oct 19, 2016 — Katy Grimes

The town of Apple Valley, California, deep in the heart of the Victor Valley of San Bernardino County, has a ballot initiative battle grappling with accountability for bond debt. But it’s gotten political with citizens claiming elected members of the Apple Valley Town Council have ceased making decisions in the best interests of their community.

Nearly 4,000 Apple Valley residents signed petitions to bring Measure V to the Nov. 8 ballot to require voter approval of any Town project of $10 million or more, including the Town Council’s attempt to take over the existing Liberty Utilities’ water system.

The citizen-initiated Measure V, called the “Right to Vote on Debt Act,” was also unanimously approved by the Town Council to be on the Nov. ballot. But then the so-called Republican Apple Valley Town Council pulled a fast one and initiated and passed its own ballot Measure W, to compete with Measure V. San Francisco law firm Remcho, Johansen & Purcell was hired by the Apple Valley Town Council to write the alternative measure. This law firm represents the California Democratic Party, and wrote Gavin Newsom’s anti-gun measure Proposition 63.

Gov. Jerry Brown and Democrats Undermining Law and Order, Dismantling California

Oct 6, 2016 — Katy Grimes

California’s capital city of Sacramento has a big problem: violent criminals are terrorizing Asian immigrants. City officials pride themselves on tolerance and diversity, but have responded with little more than political appeasement, leaving Asian communities afraid and vulnerable, and forcing them to take matters into their own hands.

A recent report in the Sacramento Bee found a crime wave has swept over South Sacramento’s Asian neighborhoods. According to the city’s crime report database, robberies in daylight, muggings, and frequent home invasions have targeted 300-400 Chinese immigrants. “Some residents have become so fearful that they’ve packed up and left Sacramento, said Tom Phong, owner of Welco Supermarket, who brought 2,000 signatures to the council demanding action. “We have nearly a dozen families who have moved out, even selling their house below cost just to get the hell out,” said Phong, who has lived in Sacramento for 35 years.”

Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Jerry Brown

Sep 26, 2016 — Katy Grimes

The inconsistencies of California Gov. Jerry Brown’s climate change policies, together with his immigration policies, are formidable and deliberately deceptive — one policy is driving taxpayers and businesses out of the state, and the other is driving droves of unskilled, unemployed aliens into the state.

Last year, in 2015, Gov. Jerry Brown claimed California has an overpopulation problem, and the ongoing drought was proof that the explosion of population in California has reached the limit of what the states’ resources can provide.

“We are altering this planet with this incredible power of science, technology and economic advance,” Brown told the publisher of the Los Angeles Times. “If California is going to have 50 million people, they’re not going to live the same way the native people lived, much less the way people do today.… You have to find a more elegant way of relating to material things. You have to use them with greater sensitivity and sophistication.”

Self-annointed ‘Principled Conservatives’ know little about Principles

Sep 11, 2016 — Katy Grimes

“2016 Is the Flight 93 election: Charge the cockpit or you die. You may die anyway. You—or the leader of your party—may make it into the cockpit and not know how to fly or land the plane. There are no guarantees except one:  If you don’t try, death is certain, to compound the metaphor: A Hillary Clinton Presidency is Russian Roulette with a semi-auto., with Trump, at least you can spin the cylinder and take your chances.”  —Publius Decius Mus, Claremont Review

Real Clear Politics has a ridiculous video article, A Tragic Election Cycle for Principled Conservatives, in which establishment Republicans who claim to be more principled than say me, talk about why Trump is wholly unqualified across multiple criteria.

Let’s get one thing straight: If they are voting for Clinton, they aren’t principled.


Aug 29, 2016 — Katy Grimes

I think it’s been hard for people to understand how Islam can be a good religion, and yet the Islamists are evil.  Those of us who have had experience with Islam understand this, just as we understand the difference between snake handlers and people going to church on Sunday morning.P. J. O’Rourke

In one of the most contemptible acts of the year, the California Legislature passed a House Resolution to create and celebrate “Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month,” while at the same time passing legislation to strike down religious freedoms for Christians.

Yes, this is what California has become under leftist Democrats.

The Voting System is Rigged—Part Three

Aug 26, 2016 — Katy Grimes

The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.Karl Marx

Democrats insist that fraud during elections is a myth. They claim voter fraud is “virtually non-existent,” buying votes is too difficult and too “legally risky to pull off,” tampering with voting machines is a misnomer because they are often backed up by paper ballots or other means of auditing (except for the 2000 election between George Bush and Al Gore, which Democrats still insist was stolen from Gore).

The facts, however, tell a very different story, especially in 2016.  And it’s not just Donald Trump’s “Rigged-election Paranoia,” as Vanity Fair claimed.

California Senate Bill Benefits Taxpayer-Financed Union Slush Fund

Aug 23, 2016 — Katy Grimes

The Labor-Management Cooperation Act of 1978 is rearing its ugly head once again in the California Legislature, as it roars to the end of the 2015-16 session. The idea behind the “Labor Management Cooperation Committee” ostensibly is to improve communication between representatives of Labor and Management, expand and improve working relationships between worker and managers, and to ensure health and safety working conditions in the construction industry, among other stated goals. But really, it is to put non-union companies out of business.

Senate Bill 954 by Sen. Robert Hertzberg, D-Van Nuys, would redefine what benefits employers can pay into as part of their obligation to pay workers on public works projects the prevailing wage. Specifically, the bill qualifies certain prevailing wage benefit payments, but only if they are made by an employer “obligated under a collective bargaining agreement.”

California Legislative Spending Rampage Continues

Aug 18, 2016 — Katy Grimes

All Democrat-authored bills

  • AB 1770 (Asm. Luis Alejo) makes non-citizens who are in the U.S. legally eligible for the California Food Assistance Program.  AB 1770 is on suspense.
  • AB 1809 (Asm. Patty Lopez) eliminates the consideration of an individual’s assets as a condition of eligibility for CalWORKS. AB 1809 is currently being held in a committee.
  • SB 1010 (Sen. Ed Hernández) requires health plans and insurers to report information about prescription drug pricing to the State.  Requires Department of Managed Health Care and Department of Insurance DOI to compile a report regarding the overall impact of drug costs on health care pricing.

The Voting System IS Rigged

Aug 10, 2016 — Katy Grimes

“It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”—Joseph Stalin

With all of the election fraud reported in California on Primary Election Day June 7th, it is particularly interesting that former President Bill Clinton met with California Governor Jerry Brown behind closed doors in California the week before the Primary. “They discussed foreign and domestic politics, and yes, the presidential campaign,” said Brown’s spokesman Evan Westrup, the Los Angeles Times reported.

I’ll just bet they discussed foreign and domestic politics… just the way Attorney General Loretta Lynch said she and Bill Clinton talked only of grandchildren, golf, and their respective travels, in a private jet on a tarmac in Arizona.

The Real History In this Election Is Trump

Aug 6, 2016 — Katy Grimes

Hillary Clinton may shatter the proverbial glass ceiling by being the first women nominated as the Democrat Party’s Presidential nominee, but Donald Trump is also significantly historical.

People say Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for U.S. President is historical only because she is a woman. Blah blah blah. Feminist author Camille Paglia called Hillary Clinton an “ethically challenged incompetent,” and has repeatedly challenged Hillary’s feminist credentials.

Why is Donald Trump’s candidacy also historical? Trump is the first candidate in U.S. history who is not a politician, government worker, political appointee or a top military officer.