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Virginia Governor, Republican Bob McDonnell, signs Voter ID into law

Mar 26, 2013 — Robert Laurie

Whether you believe voter fraud is a huge problem or just a minor annoyance, there’s no way you can argue that it doesn’t happen. Virtually every recent election has been marred by reports of people voting under fake names, voting multiple times, or casting fraudulent ballots.  Supporters of Voter ID laws have long argued that there’s a simple way to stop most of these problems from occurring: require a photo ID from each registered voter in order to cast a ballot.

Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee threaten filibuster 2.0: gun control

Mar 26, 2013 — Robert Laurie

Shortly after he ended his epic 13 hour filibuster, Senator Rand Paul said that it was “just the beginning.”  He didn’t elaborate, but you knew he was serious.  The Constitutional fight was on. Now we know that he and his allies, Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, are ramping up for another battle.

North Korea working overtime on ‘U.S. invasion’ propaganda films

Mar 25, 2013 — Robert Laurie

North Korea really specializes in releasing weird anti-western propaganda films.  You may recall the bizarre “We Are the World” spot they created last year.  Then a few weeks ago, we saw them release clips showing New York in flames and Barack Obama burning in the wake of an apparent nuclear attack.

Jim Carrey: Pro-2nd Amendment people are ‘heartless [email protected]

Mar 25, 2013 — Robert Laurie

Warning: There’s some saucy language in this morning’s piece, so if you’re easily offended, watch out!

IRS spends $60,000 to make the worst Star Trek episode ever

Mar 24, 2013 — Robert Laurie

If you’re burdened with an almost limitless stream of confiscated taxpayer dollars, there’s only one thing to do.  Throw a big party, call it a “conference,” and tell the public that it’s going to boast a wide variety of “training seminars.”  At least, that’s what you do if you’re the IRS.

Bloomberg: Drones are here to stay and you’ll have less privacy. Deal with it

Mar 22, 2013 — Robert Laurie

This morning, during his weekly interview with John Gambling, Mayor Michael Bloomberg was asked about the NYPD using domestic drones in the city.  Bloomberg’s answer is…disturbing.

Texas 5th graders being taught that 9/11 was America’s fault

Mar 22, 2013 — Robert Laurie

Every day we’re presented with a new example of modern education indoctrinating our kids.  Normally, it’s gun control and global warming.  Today, however, it’s 9/11.

Obama: Israel vs. Palestine, U.S. vs Canada…whatever, It’s all the same

Mar 21, 2013 — Robert Laurie

Check out this clip, which comes to us via the Washington Free Beacon.

Obama in Israel…joking about the nuclear ‘red line’ on open mic

Mar 21, 2013 — Robert Laurie

Barack Obama.  He’s always such a comedian.  He also seems to have a problem with saying the wrong thing in front of open mics.

Charlie Rangel: ‘Millions of kids dying’ because there’s no weapons ban

Mar 21, 2013 — Robert Laurie

Jay Carney gives Bush credit for Iraq’s brighter future…just barely…sort of

Mar 21, 2013 — Robert Laurie

For years, the left has been telling us that George W. Bush is some kind of evil war-monger who lied, went into Iraq, and prosecuted an illegal war designed to trade blood for oil.  He’s a monster, a war criminal, and the very face of tyranny.  Today is the 10th Anniversary that conflict.

Illegal aliens make commercial demanding free healthcare

Mar 20, 2013 — Robert Laurie

Ah, California - that imploding, tax-obsessed, bankrupt, left-wing Mecca by the sea.  There’s nothing the state loves more than doling out the taxpayer funded freebies, is there?  Of course there’s not.

Liberal professor fired for attacking liberal student protesters - Warning: Language

Mar 19, 2013 — Robert Laurie

Warning…the language gets pretty foul in this one, so if you’re easily offended, now’s a good time to move on.

Up next on Bloomberg’s ban list? Visible cigarettes

Mar 19, 2013 — Robert Laurie

Obviously, there’s only one reason that people - particularly kids - start smoking.  It’s because they see cigarettes on store shelves.

Bill Maher: Liberals ‘could lose me’ over high taxes

Mar 18, 2013 — Robert Laurie

Usually, when Bill Maher is impacted by liberalism, it makes him spout racist, misogynist, one-liners that he passes off as “jokes.”  However, all is not well in Maher’s lefty-land.  Progressives are taking too much of his money in taxes, and he’s not pleased.

Allen West discusses the liberal fear of black conservatives

Mar 15, 2013 — Robert Laurie

A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece featuring five things the GOP needed to do if it hoped to regain its prominence.  The first thing on the list was: Stop conceding defeat before the fight starts.  For decades the Republican Party has simply assumed there are states - and cities - that it can’t possibly win, so they’ve stopped fighting for conservatism in those locations.  As a result, they’ve created a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Ted Cruz brings the Consitutional fight to Dianne Feinstein over gun control

Mar 14, 2013 — Robert Laurie

Central to the arguments made by gun control zealots is the notion that your rights are not absolute - that they can be limited by the whims of the federal government.  Dianne Feinstein’s proposed gun ban takes this idea and runs with it, outlining a list of weapons she feels should not be protected by the 2nd Amendment.

Dr. Ben Carson: Ryan’s budget works - Obama using sequester to punish Americans

Mar 13, 2013 — Robert Laurie

In case you missed it, Dr. Ben Carson appeared on Fox and Friends yesterday and took a few questions. His most interesting comments were aimed at the Ryan budget, which he says “works” and is a “Step in the right direction.”  You can kind of tell that, like most conservatives, he doesn’t think it goes far enough, but - for now - it’s better than the alternative.

Rand Paul’s filibuster is forcing the middle to take sides

Mar 12, 2013 — Robert Laurie

Make no mistake about it; Mike Huckabee is hardly a true conservative.  Back when he was running for President, he leaned heavily on his anti-gun control stance to try and paint himself as a constitutionalist.  That, coupled with his inarguable appeal among Evangelicals put him at the forefront of the 2008 GOP pack.  At least, it did, until people realized the reality was something quite different.

Pelosi claims Obama has been ‘SO respectful’ of GOP. Allen West disagrees…

Mar 12, 2013 — Robert Laurie

Over the weekend, Nancy Pelosi made the rounds as part of Barack Obama’s new “charm offensive.”  Essentially, the President knows that he’s perceived as an obstructionist bully, so he’s sending his minions out to “remind” everyone what a nice, sweet, compromising figure he really is.