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Lee Kaplan is an investigative journalist. He is also a regular columnist for Front Page Magazine, the Israel National News.

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Students for Justice In Palestine are major threat in US and Canadian Campuses

Jul 15, 2014 — Lee Kaplan

The Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) today exists as a consortium of campus “clubs” throughout the American and Canadian college systems which work to oppose the existence of Israel and to promote Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against the Jewish state.

Israeli University bars Jewish students from lecture by Arab terrorism supporter

Jun 20, 2009 — Lee Kaplan

Despite the existence of a relentless program by irredentist Arab organizations like the Muslim Students Association and various Palestinian support groups on US and British campuses to divest from and boycott the Jewish state, in many instances bordering on outright anti-Semitism, Israel’s university system is one of the best in the world and maintains close ties and exchange programs with American and British universities.

How the ISM helped create the current war with Hamas

Jan 11, 2009 — Lee Kaplan

In 2003 the International Solidarity Movement began a campaign on behalf of Arab terrorist groups of interfering with IDF operations in Rafah and the Philadelphi Corridor by launching an international propaganda campaign accusing Israel of demolishing the homes of innocent Palestinian Arabs for no reason at all.

2 Ex-terrorists featured at University of Colorado: a big success

May 16, 2008 — Lee Kaplan

An unusual thing happened on April 29th at the University of Colorado.

A decidedly pro-U.S. and pro-Israel event took place on Ward Churchill’s old stomping grounds at the Boulder, Colorado campus as former PLO terrorists Walid Shoebat and Kamel Saleem spoke as guests of the College Republicans to an enthusiastic sold out crowd—without interruption—about the threat of militant Islam on US college campuses. The crowd of 1,100 ticket holders was so large that two hundred people had to be turned away at the door for lack of seating.

UC Police look the other way at guns on campus. Violation state, federal law

May 14, 2008 — Lee Kaplan

anti-Israel protesters at UC-BerkeleyWhile some Americans happily celebrated the 60th birthday of Israel this past 
week, on several California campuses it was the “Nakba” (Arabic for 
“Catastrophe”) that was celebrated instead and American college campuses nationwide also provided the venue for the Israel bashing event by setting up fake “checkpoints” and accosting students for their ID then saying they could not go home to their villages” inside Israel. Meanwhile, as in the past, anti-Israel protesters at UC-Berkeley illegally brandished realistic weapons in order to call attention to “Israeli oppression.”

How Obama’s church and associates link him to the ISM

Apr 1, 2008 — Lee Kaplan

Some media pundits have tried suggesting that Barack Obama’s recent speech about his association with Reverend Jeremiah Wright and the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago is comparable to the Gettysburg Address in calling for national “unity.”

But if one parses some key statements by Obama in that speech, one can see how Obama poses more of a threat of creating disunity in America and how he will probably use racism as a vehicle do so.

Ahmadinejhad’s visit reveals how Iraq Study Group gets it way

Oct 2, 2007 — Lee Kaplan

The US State Department continues a doomed policy through deception

As all the hoopla over Iran’s President Ahmadinejhad visiting Columbia University dies down, the mainstream media missed the real culprit in bringing the tin pot Hitler to an American university. To be sure, Columbia did the inviting and reaped worldwide attention to itself for it, but the real reason Ahmadinejhad was allowed to speak there was because of the US State Department.