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Leigh Bravo works in the Hospitality and Marketing Industry. Leigh considers herself a concerned citizen interested in reaching those people who may not be aware of the entire truth. Leigh is happily married and a mother of three looking towards a better future for her kids. Leigh also writes for thetrumpet.me

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Marriage: A Ceremony Complicated By Government Interference!

Jun 30, 2015 — Leigh Bravo

The Supreme Court has ruled that gay marriage is the new norm.  But the real question is, should the government have any say in what constitutes marriage at all? What if there was a way to stop the controversy? What if we took government out of the business of marriage completely?

We have seen, over the past 6 years, government remove any signs of “Faith” from our schools, our government offices, our memorials, our military and our foreign policy.  But why then, are we allowing the government to make a decision about what most believe is a religious ceremony?

Where Does the Buck Really Stop?

Jun 18, 2015 — Leigh Bravo

It has recently been reported that illegals have been charged in over 120 murders. The finger of blame is being pointed at Homeland Security and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) officers. However, the blame lays squarely on President Obama’s desk.

One Bad Apple Destroys the Whole Bushel!

Jun 11, 2015 — Leigh Bravo

Eleven teachers in Atlanta have been convicted for the largest cheating scandal in the nation’s history. So what does this tell us? ALL teachers are cheaters!

A Northwestern University professor violated the sexual harassment code by getting a student drunk then kissing her and groping her while she blacked out. What does this tell us? ALL university and college professors are sexual predators!

Pedophiles Off The Hook?

Jun 5, 2015 — Leigh Bravo

In this day and age of social media and technology, we have all been made more aware of sexual predators and their actions than ever before.  The question remains, do we still believe that sex with children is a crime, or are we now giving a pass to pedophiles in the name of sexual freedom?

Liberals and Islam; Just A Misunderstanding?

Jun 5, 2015 — Leigh Bravo

Who is Eric Allen Bell?  He is a Liberal described as slightly left of center. I recently came across a video via social media where he was filmed discussing the meaning of Liberalism and his “counter jihad” cause. After listening, I felt it was important to share it. Could it be possible that when it comes to Islam and Muslims that liberals and conservatives might be on the same side, but just don’t understand each other? If we were not all so polarized, might we have a discussion and discover that we agree on more than we disagree? One issue is Islam and the views that all Muslims support terrorism.  Below is the transcript of the video, but you can also watch by clicking on the link above. It is well worth the listen.

Full Disclosure For All!

May 27, 2015 — Leigh Bravo

Our government has pushed food labeling to the extreme. Demanding that calories, fat, sugar and other ingredients be fully visible to the public in order for them to be able to make informed decisions about the food they eat. But what about informing the public about the news they receive on a daily basis?

The Chains of Government Strengthens as our Morality Weakens

May 9, 2015 — Leigh Bravo

“Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”- Benjamin Franklin

What has happened to the United States? Many say that it is a natural progression that is inevitable, but is it actually the breakdown of our morals, our ethics, our family structure and our school systems? Is it the inevitable “chains of government,” that have slowly but surely bound us with the very freedoms we claim to embrace?

In the name of progression, we have thrown out the very things that made this country great. Our leaders have shunned the very thought that the United States is a Christian Nation and our freedoms are slowly being taken from us on a daily basis. Government of the people, by the people, for the people, exists no more!  We are now being ruled by the political elite who have adopted “political correctness,” as the new rule of law.

What Does History Tell Us About Slavery And Racism?

Apr 20, 2015 — Leigh Bravo

Which political party really supported slavery and continue to further the cause of racism? Most people will immediately point their finger at Republicans and Conservatives. You know those evil old white folks who would rather see you encased in chains than an actual contributing citizen of the United States? Well if you believe this, then I have some swamp land in Florida I need to sell. If you look at history, it will definitely prove you wrong.

Democrats Push Voting Rights for Non-Citizens to Ensure Election Wins!

Apr 13, 2015 — Leigh Bravo

President Obama in a recent interview, admitted that he would pass his agenda items by “hook or by crook.” Was he just waving the green flag to all Democrats to do whatever is necessary to win and in turn, further the liberal agenda? This seems to be the new platform for the Democrats. If you can’t accomplish it on your own steam and through the proper channels, then lie, cheat, and steal to get it done. By “hook or by crook!”

Obama Choses Demonization over Faith!

Apr 8, 2015 — Leigh Bravo

The resurrection of Jesus changes the face of death for all His people. Death is no longer a prison, but a passage into God’s presence. Easter says you can put truth in a grave, but it won’t stay there. -Clarence W. Hall

Americans Held To Different Rule Of Law Than Our Elected Officials!

Mar 28, 2015 — Leigh Bravo

What would happen to any American citizen if their computer servers were subpoenaed and they responded by destroying them?  Do you think jail time would be a potential outcome?  Obviously, Hillary Clinton believes she lives by a different “rule of law” than the average American.  These are the very people who decide what the rule of law will be and obviously, who will be required to live by them.  As we have seen year after year, and term after term, our law makers and our president live by a completely different set of rules than the American citizens.

Meanwhile, Back on the Home front….Crooks, Fraud, Liars and Thieves!

Mar 25, 2015 — Leigh Bravo

While the news has taken flight over the entire Iran nuclear arms disaster and Obama’s petulant tantrums regarding Bibi Netanyahu, the public’s attention has been pulled away from the continued fraud and deceit going on around us here on the Homefront, directly under our noses!

Obama and Democrats Now Targeting Lawful Business?

Mar 24, 2015 — Leigh Bravo

Is the Obama Administration now targeting lawful businesses?  Mike Hawkins, owner of Hawkins Guns, LLC received a notice from his bank on November 13, telling him his business account was going to be closed because he was a gun dealer.  Upon visiting the bank, he was able to record a conversation with the bank official who said,

Taxpayer Dollars Allegedly Misused by Obama Administration to Oust Netanyahu!

Mar 16, 2015 — Leigh Bravo

We all know that the Obama Administration has never been a cheerleader for Benjamin Netanyahu or Israel.  However, when the majority of the United States population support Israel and its Prime Minister, and we want senate approval of the Iran nuclear deal, shouldn’t the White House follow the wishes of the people? Are we still a government of the people, by the people and for the people, or have we become a country of Obama, by Obama and for Obama?

I’m Mad As Hell, And I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore!!

Mar 3, 2015 — Leigh Bravo

“The president has far exceeded his constitutional authority. … We all want to do things to stop the president from his illicit activity.” - House Speaker John Boehner

“It is time to allow this Homeland Security funding measure to come to the floor. This is our colleagues’ chance to do exactly what they led their constituents to believe they’d do: defend the rule of law, without more excuses.” - Mitch McConnell

Finally a Real Leader Speaks! Thank you, Netanyahu!

Mar 3, 2015 — Leigh Bravo

Prime Minister Netanyahu delivered a speech to the Congress and the American people this morning! Wow! So this is what a real leader looks like and sounds like? I have forgotten how nice it is to actually feel pride during a speech to the country. It felt really good to finally have a real leader stand up and not only speak the truth, but show his love and appreciation for the United States.

Obama’s Little Shop of Horrors!

Feb 27, 2015 — Leigh Bravo

“Feed me!  Feed me now!! Feed me all night long!  If you feed me, I can grow up big and strong.” These are lines spoken by Audrey II, in the movie, “Little Shop of Horrors.” The plant that grows bigger every time he eats and is never quite satisfied. He always wants more. It is never enough! “FEED ME!”

When is Enough Enough?

Feb 24, 2015 — Leigh Bravo

The President of the United States is now claiming that in order to win the fight over terrorism we must sit down and actually address their grievances? Maybe if we find terrorists jobs they will stop killing? The media are the problem not ISIS?  Climate change is the biggest threat to the United States today?

Clint and Cooper Do Right By Kyle

Feb 7, 2015 — Leigh Bravo

Have you seen ‘American Sniper’ yet?  Funny how the Liberals and the US haters attempt to spin the movie into something it is not! Glorification of war? If you believe that, then you obviously have never seen the movie, read the book, fought in a war to defend the United States or lost a friend or loved one who was selflessly standing up for our country.

Without Obama We would Never Know….

Jan 29, 2015 — Leigh Bravo

If it were not for President Obama and Democrats, would you know that the Taliban is not a terrorist organization but just an “armed insurgency?”