Marc Patrone

Marc Patrone has had a long and successful career as a broadcast journalist, columnist and content creator for companies like Sunmedia and Bell Media. His work has been widely distributed and circulated through out the U.S and Canada. He also served as CRTC Commissioner for five years and works as a communications consultant for NY based Third Bridge Consulting. He is a married father of two living in the Toronto area.

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Who edited out the Hillary stumble from last night’s charity dinner?

Oct 21, 2016 — Marc Patrone

Exclusive Interview: Activist Geller for a special prosecutor to investigate Scalia death

Oct 14, 2016 — Marc Patrone

(Editor’s Note: Pamela Geller, whose own life was threatened in Garland, Texas in 2015, would recognize the chilling meaning of the term “wet works” in the shocking Wikileaks released John Podesta email,  apparently referring to Judge Antonin Scalia. Below follows her exclusive Interview with CFPN Liberty Media’s Marc Patrone):

Q: The allegation that Scalia was murdered is an explosive one - how seriously to believe the links to be between Podesta’s “wet works’ reference and Scalia’s death which was ruled to have been due to natural causes?

A:There were questions about his death at the time. The man whose home Scalia was staying in said he discovered him with a pillow over his head. Who sleeps like that? There were already questions about the death. This just compounds them.

Pull the plug on Al Jazeera over alleged Qatari ties to ISIS

Oct 11, 2016 — Marc Patrone

Broadcast regulators in the U.S and Canada should pull the plug on Al Jazeera after leaked U.S government emails allege the Persian Gulf country is funding ISIS.

The latest batch of hacked U.S government emails includes one by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to her campaign chairman suggesting that Qatar is helping to bankroll terrorist atrocities in the middle east and in the west.

That email dated August 17, 2014 was sent to John Podesta who was then advisor to Barack Obama. Clinton, who had finished her stint as Secretary by State by then told Podesta, Qatar and Saudi Arabia “are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region.”

How they’ll cheat:  Hillary knows what’s coming

Sep 26, 2016 — Marc Patrone

Conservative talk radio is abuzz with questions about how Hillary Clinton is going to avoid getting destroyed in tonight’s debate at the hands of a surging and confident Donald Trump.  Think they’ll play fair?  Forget it. There’s too much at stake for the Democrats and their media allies to leave anything to chance.  They’ll cheat and the easiest way to give her an edge is to leak the questions of the debate ahead of time.

In baseball the advantage usually goes to the pitcher.  But if there’s an opposing player on second base, he will try to tip off the hitter to the pitch.  If the hitter knows a belt-high fastball is coming rather than a breaking ball, he’ll be ready for it and be swinging for the fences.  Hillary knows what’s coming because the media and the Democrat party are working together to destroy Trump whom no one is laughing at anymore.  The media isn’t even hiding it anymore and don’t seem to care that few trust them anymore.

Before surrendering the Internet in nine days to the globalists… consider the N. Korean Utopia

Sep 22, 2016 — Marc Patrone

America’s left must salivate at the prospect of state control over communications on par with what North Korea does.  If only the elites could police Internet traffic to the degree Kim Jong-un does, they could cleanse us entirely of counter-productive or hurtful thoughts and words that are no longer part of the new world order.  No more of that messy freedom of speech or archaic talk of liberty, just a strict adherence to acceptable globalist thought and behavior at all times under the firm but loving guidance of the state with a re-education camp handy to help those having trouble conforming.  Ah to dream.

Mind you it’s more than just a dream for the Obama administration, which is taking a step towards the North Korean utopia by handing oversight of the Internet’s technical management a global community of stakeholders.

The Obama administration insists we can trust this global community of stakeholders not to restrict voices that advocate liberty, freedom of religion, and America’s Constitution.  But that’s the same Obama administration that weaponized the IRS into targeting ‘deplorables’.

Health ‘episodes’ during debates will doom HRC’s bid for presidency

Sep 21, 2016 — Marc Patrone

The scheduled topics for next Monday’s presidential debate include security and the economy but Americans will be tuning in to see if Hillary Clinton’s health problems are serious enough to end her bid for the presidency.  If she succumbs to prolonged, embarrassing coughing fits, faints or even shows signs of being glassy-eyed and unsteady, she’s finished.  She’ll be asked to drop out by her party (if she hasn’t already) and if the Clintons dig in their heels, things will get messy. But first things first, can she hold it together for 90 commercial-free minutes?  Democrats are no doubt nervous. 

For weeks, the mainstream press mocked stories of Hillary’s health problems in the conservative media culminating with that pickle jar stunt on Jimmy Kimmel’s show August 22nd.  Things changed after the September 11th commemoration in New York.  When videos surfaced of Clinton appearing to faint, her team scrambled to come up with excuses.  The media, which had been covering for her, were exposed as frauds and any benefit of the doubt Americans had given Clinton over the health issue disappeared.

Trump says debate moderator being ‘intimidated’ into favoring Clinton at next presidential cla

Sep 20, 2016 — Marc Patrone

Donald Trump says the moderator of next week’s presidential debate is being pushed into favoring Hillary Clinton, unlike Matt Lauer did in the last contest.

Trump says NBC anchor Lester Holt is being targeted for intimidation by those in the media and the Democrat party who don’t want a repeat of the September 7th forum in which Clinton was widely seen as the loser.

“Matt did a fantastic job,” said Trump in an interview with Bill O’Reilly of Fox News Monday night.

Trump could boost GOP’s black vote to levels not seen in decades

Sep 19, 2016 — Marc Patrone

Polls suggest African Americans may bid Barack Obama a stinging farewell by handing Donald Trump the biggest Republican share of the black vote in forty-years.  For all the efforts of the Clinton war machine, the media and groups like Black Lives Matter to smear Trump as a racist, the Republican candidate saw his popularity soar among African American voters last week.  Of all the things that went wrong for Clinton in the last two weeks, her falling numbers among black voters may be scaring the Democrats most all.

A Los Angeles Times/University of Southern California daily tracking poll shows put Trump’s support among black voters at 20.1 percent, an increase of 3.1 percent on Sept. 10.  At that rate, he would more than triple the 6% black vote Mitt Romney got in 2012.  Meantime, Clinton’s support among black voters plunged 20 points to 70.9.  Trump’s message of ‘what have you got to lose’ by voting for him may have a struck a nerve with black voters disappointed with what they got from Barack Obama in eight years.

Did Federal Reserve engineer market crash to hurt Trump?

Sep 14, 2016 — Marc Patrone

The current stock market downturn appears timed to help the Democrat Party by scaring investors into rejecting Donald Trump on the grounds he’d trigger a crash if the Republicans win the White House in November.

The Dow Jones fell again Tuesday this time over 250 points due in part, to fears of a rate hike at the Fed policy meeting next week.  These market jitters may well have been calculated for effect, and engineered by Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen in a bid to save her job from Trump who has vowed to get rid of her if he’s elected.

Trump has been harshly critical of Yellen, recently telling CNBC that far from being independent, Yellen takes her marching orders directly from President Obama.  He says she “should be ashamed of herself…because she’s obviously political and doing what Obama wants her to do.”  He says she’s kept rates artificially low to prop up stock markets thereby making her boss look good.  If she’s capable of that, she’s certainly capable of manipulating markets to make a potential upstart like Trump look dangerous.  Talk of hiking rates has spooked investors and could serve the Democrats politically by raising the specter of a Trump-inspired market crash not unlike the one in 2007-8.

Clinton’s ‘Alt-Right’ speech signals shift as DNC orders media to find proof of the ‘Trump-effect’

Aug 28, 2016 — Marc Patrone

With her ‘alt-right’ conspiracy speech in Reno, Hillary Clinton has served notice she’s ditching her ‘run-out-the-clock’ strategy’ in favor of smearing Donald Trump and his core of ‘radical’ followers as dark, dangerous bigots.  The question is why the change in tactics.  Just this week, the Politico quoted Clinton insiders as saying “they can ride out” the latest email and Clinton Foundation controversy by running out the clock until the election.  They see the poll numbers and have decided it’s over.  All she has to do is stay under the radar as much as possible, make no mistakes, and let her media PR department destroy Trump.  So what happened?

In her Reno speech Clinton said Trump is “taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over the Republican Party.”  Hello Breitbart, Drudge, Alex Jones etc.  Liberal reporters will take her attack on ‘fringe’ alternative conservative media as their cue to produce stories that validate Clinton’s warnings about the ‘Trump effect’.

Donald Trump Campaign Song Unofficial

Aug 27, 2016 — Marc Patrone

The song Make America Great is beautifully performed by Washington DC born recording artist Deanna Valli and should be available to download on iTunes for .99 by the end of the week with a portion of proceeds donated to the Trump campaign.