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Dr. Charles McVety is president of Canada Christian College in Toronto, Executive Producer, of film Besieged, Democracy Under Attack besieged.tv, and Word.caFacebook: McVety Report

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Tanya Granic Allen Bullied Out by Kathleen Wynne

May 7, 2018 — Dr. Charles McVety

Tanya Granic Allen Bullied Out by Kathleen WynneOn behalf of the 110,000 members of the Institute for Canadian Values our President, Dr. Charles McVety says “It is sad that a young, brilliant woman like Tanya Granic Allen has had her political career shattered by relentless personal attacks from Kathleen Wynne. Tanya is a victim who has been bullied with vicious, relentless, harassment because her personal words as a private citizen years ago and taken out of context for political gain.

Trudeau’s Summer Jobs Ideology Test Will Damage Students and Children

Jan 23, 2018 — Dr. Charles McVety

Trudeau's Summer Jobs Ideology Test Will Damage Students and Children
The Canada Summer Jobs program provides over $200 million per year to fund some 70,000 students with seasonal employment.  Just before Christmas, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau changed the requirements for funding which now demands that applicants and employers sign a document to attest that they support “women’s reproductive rights, and the rights of gender-diverse and transgender Canadians.” 

Dr. Charles McVety, President of Canada Christian College and School of Graduate Theological Studies and the Evangelical Association, says “I am very concerned about the children who will be hurt by Trudeau’s ideological test as their favourite camp worker will be rejected for not swearing to support abortion.  It is sad to think of the thousands of Christian students will lose their summer jobs for not attesting to multiple genders, jobs they depend upon to pay for fall tuition.  All so the Prime Minister can flex his muscles to force young people to bow to his decrees.”

McVety goes on to say “Christian leaders from across the country representing several million Canadians are asking Prime Minister Trudeau to withdraw his attack on Christians and come to the table to discuss how to best support students with freedom and equality while recognizing that bible believing Christians will be able to swear support abortion or multiple genders. This Christians Need Not Apply approach will not be tolerated under section 15 of the Charter or by the court of public opinion”.

Trudeau’s Marijuana Bill Allows Children to Possess Ten Joints

Oct 16, 2017 — Dr. Charles McVety

The Liberal Party has been salivating for years at the thought of legalizing cannabis and they are on the cusp of passing bill C45 that will proliferate the sale and use of marijuana across the country.  In their cold, callus way they are going to put our children in jeopardy by allowing little ones as young as twelve years old to possess up to five grams of dried marijuana, ten joints.

For the sake of the children C-45 must be stopped.

President Barack Obama in Toronto to Raise Millions for Liberal Slush Fund

Sep 29, 2017 — Dr. Charles McVety

The former president of the United States, Barack Obama is expected to out-do his June appearance in Montreal as he packed a hall with over 6,000 guests. On Friday, September 29th Obama will speak at lunchtime where he will be raising millions of dollars for Canada 2020, a think-tank closely tied to Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party.  Canada’s big corporations are stepping up to the plate, buying tables and sponsoring the event.  The question is where do these millions go and who benefits?

You would think the Liberal party would have learned its lesson with the Adscam sponsorship scandals that drove them from power last decade, but no.  Here we go again with massive amounts of money going to close friends and an organization so close to the Liberal Party it is hard to determine where one stops and the other starts.

PM Trudeau Attempting to Codify Absurdity, That Islamic Terrorism Has Nothing to Do with Islam

Feb 14, 2017 — Dr. Charles McVety

On behalf of the 105,000 members of the Institute for Canadian Values and like minded citizens, we oppose the Liberal Motion 103. As the western world moves away from nonsensical political correctness, Canada is digging in. Recent elections in the UK and America show that people are tired of ignoring the elephant in the room, the fact that radical Islam is the greatest threat to peace.  Of course no reasonable person believes that all Muslims are a threat, but no reasonable person would state that Islamic terrorists have nothing to do with Islam.  Also Canada already has hate speech laws protecting everyone, including Muslims.

Patrick Brown Cannot Lead by Deceit

Aug 30, 2016 — Dr. Charles McVety

Patrick Brown campaigned to become leader on a pro-family platform, promising to protect children from the radical sex education curriculum of Kathleen Wynne. Thousands believed him, signed up as members, paid the fee and voted for him in May last year. The very next month Mr. Brown reversed his position and marched in the Pride Parade supporting the curriculum.  With another election looming September 1st, Leader Brown switched again, writing a letter to constituents affirming his original position of “scrapping” the controversial curriculum.  The wind started blowing in his face so Leader Brown now says his letter was a mistake and he in fact does support Wynne’s Curriculum.

On behalf of the 110,000 members of the Institute for Canadian Values, President Charles McVety says “It is always sad to see a politician be deceitful, but it is especially troubling when he is so brazen that he will flip three times on the same issue. We have been used, deceived and betrayed. For the sake of our children Patrick Brown must step down and allow a principled, trustworthy person to lead the party”.

Trudeau’s Bail-In Now Law to Allow Banks to Confiscate Your Deposits

Aug 21, 2016 — Dr. Charles McVety

On June 22, 2016 Bill C15 became law along with its controversial “Bail-In Regime”. In the crash of 2008 governments “bailed out” banks with billions of dollars. The next time around banks will be permitted to seize your deposits and exchange them for shares, shares in a failed bank.

Some say that Canadian banks are so strong Canadians don’t have to worry. But the experts say “Canada is in Serious Trouble”. DBRS, Moody’s and Standard and Poors all have downgraded Canadian banks to a “negative” outlook. The Bank of Canada says our housing market is 30% overvalued, Deutsche Bank says 63% and CMHC says 35%. With average house prices now over over $1.3 million in Toronto and Vancouver a crash appears imminent.

Reject Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown’s Promises to Liberalize the Federal Conservative Party

May 26, 2016 — Dr. Charles McVety

On behalf of the now 148,000 members of the Institute for Canadian Values and conservative thinking Canadians we ask delegates to reject Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown’s Promises to Liberalize the Federal Conservative Party

Canadians are sick and tired of politicians saying one thing and doing the opposite. After receiving support of conservative voters so many leaders betray their supporters and adopt liberal policies.  We are concerned that some may make happen to the Conservative Party.

Convicted Child Abuser Dr. Ben Levin Admits He was Responsible for Everything the Ministry Did, Incl

Mar 3, 2015 — Dr. Charles McVety

Toronto, On—In the OISE Newsletter Winter 2009, Adele Halliday asked Dr. Ben Levin in an interview “What were you doing for the Ministry?” Dr. Levin responded “I was the Deputy Minister of Education. In that role, I was the Chief Civil Servant. I was responsible for the operation of the Ministry of Education and everything that they do; I was brought in to implement the new education policy.”

New Ontario Sex Ed Program Seeks to Reform the Way Children Think About Gender and Sex

Feb 23, 2015 — Dr. Charles McVety

In response to the newly released Sexual Education Curriculum in Ontario the Institute for Canadian Values objects to the Ontario government seeking cultural change through “reshaping” our children with radical sexual ideas.

Institute for Canadian Values Saddened by Supreme Court Decision on Assisted Suicide

Feb 6, 2015 — Dr. Charles McVety

On behalf of the Institute for Canadian Values, its 110,000 members and like minded Canadians across the country, the ICV is saddened by the Supreme Court of Canada’s action to strike down the democratically enacted ban on assisted suicide.

Bank of Montreal Should Withdraw Its Attack on Christians

Jan 29, 2015 — Dr. Charles McVety

On March 26th, 2014 the Bank of Montreal wrote a letter to the Upper Canada Law Society attacking a Christian University law school for its support of traditional marriage.  BMO also co-signed a similar letter to the Federation of Law Societies of Canada.  The Nova Scotia Barristers Society then rejected Trinity Western’s application.

Teaching Six Year Old Children to Consent to Sex is Abhorrent

Jan 26, 2015 — Dr. Charles McVety

The Institute for Canadian Values has fought Premier Wynne’s radical sex education initiative for years.  On behalf of the 105,000 members and parents across Ontario who defeated this in 2010 the president speaks out against the latest announcement by Premier Wynne to start teaching grade one children how to give sexual consent..

Please attend Candlelight Vigil for Slain Rabbis

Nov 20, 2014 — Dr. Charles McVety

As Christians United for Israel we are deeply saddened by the slaughter of four Rabbi’s, butchered while praying in their synagogue in Jerusalem. We are compelled to hold a candlelight vigil to reflect, respect and honour the lives that were so ruthlessly taken.

Conservative Budget Bail-in Regime May Allow Banks to Confiscate Customer’s Deposits

May 3, 2013 — Dr. Charles McVety

On March 21st, 2013, Prime Minister Stephen Harper had his Finance Minister Jim Flaherty present their 2013 Budget that included a “Bail-In Regime” on page 145.  The clause will allow banks to convert liabilities into capital in times of need.  The recent events in Cyprus, coupled with the G20 agreement in Mexico City-2012, suggest that this so called bail-in scheme may be used to plunder the savings of Canadians.

Passing Bill C-389 is Reckless Endangerment of Children

Feb 10, 2011 — Dr. Charles McVety

In a rush to please special interest groups, the House of Commons has passed the Gender Identity Bill C-389 with virtually no study, debate or public consultation.  The Institute for Canadian Values calls on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to right the wrong by leading the Senate to perform full and due process and reject the Bill if need be.

Canada’s Censor Board Forces Word TV is taken Off Air “Permanently”

Jan 31, 2011 — Dr. Charles McVety

Jerusalem, Israel—While travelling together in Israel as part of the Christian Ambassadors to Israel mission, 20 prominent Canadian leaders vow to fight Canada’s censor board that has pressured CTS Television to remove Word TV from the air “permanently”.

Word TV Back on Air - Now Censored

Dec 15, 2010 — Dr. Charles McVety

imageWord TV is pleased to announce that it will resume broadcasting on CTS this Sunday evening at 11:00 p.m. however all programs will now be pre-screened and censored.

On December 8th, 2010, the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council announced an indefinite blacklisting of Charles McVety and the show, Word TV.

The Council’s heavy hand of censorship followed months of deliberations in secret. The Council made its final, furtive decision on June 22, 2010. But the Council held back release of its decision until just before Christmas. This is when most Canadians would be pre-occupied with holiday preparations. It was as if the Council had much to hide.

Leaders Pledge to Stop Bill C-389 From Exposing Our Children to Perverts

Nov 10, 2010 — Dr. Charles McVety

Private Member’s Bill C-389 - An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code (gender identity and gender expression) is on the verge of becoming law.  If passed, it will add these terms to the list of identifiable groups listed in sections 318 and 718.2(a)(i) of the criminal code and the Canadian Human Rights Act.

One Year Minimum Sentences for Child Rapists is Not Acceptable

Nov 4, 2010 — Dr. Charles McVety

The Institute for Canadian Values and other pro-family groups have demanded change to Canada’s criminal code to protect our children from sex abuse.  Today the Minister of Justice Rob Nicholson presented new legislation increasing minimum sentences from 14 days to 1 year for a child rapist.