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Michael Campbell . Host & Publisher, MONEYTALKSOne of Canada`s most respected business analyst, Michael is best known as the host of Canada's top rated syndicated business radio show MoneyTalks, and Senior Business Analyst for BCTV News on Global.

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Riding In Style On Your Wallet

Aug 25, 2016 — Michael Campbell

It only cost $1700. to ride around in a limousine for a day, so why should anyone be upset with Health Minister Jane Philpott’s taste in travel? Besides everyone in Parliament is doing it. Maybe she’d be in a little less trouble if she had been more truthful when confronted with her perfectly legal expenditure of tax dollars….

If It Weren’t So Expensive It Would Be Funny

Aug 25, 2016 — Michael Campbell

In a superb lesson in market timing, after all of the howls of protest peaked and Vancouver passed a law to make housing more affordable sales have just collapsed.

The law has barely taken effect and recent numbers released show single family Vancouver home sales down over 70%. Down 86% in the suburb of Richmond!

It is going to be expensive for some people. Is it a bear market or correction?


Eric Coffin’s 11 gold stocks - average rise 340% - what now?

Aug 22, 2016 — Michael Campbell

Writing an investment news letter is the ultimate “what have you done for me lately” game. Hard Rock Advisory’s Eric Coffin has had a dream year - 11 new recommendations - 340% average return. It seems only natural we’d ask what’s now.

List of Rapid Technological Changes Here Now!

Aug 18, 2016 — Michael Campbell

In this Mid-Week update Michael lists Technological changes that are so exciting and loaded with opportunity….. at the same time many protest severely disturbing effects for a significant list of employees. Will technological change win out positively in the end? It certainly is going to change the delivery of so many services we have become accustomed to. That is for certain!

We’ll worry about it later.. it’s just our kids

Aug 3, 2016 — Michael Campbell

Let’s choose between politics and kids… politics it is. Have you noticed that you never hear about our children’s education unless there’s political drama attached? Politics always wins out. In the meantime, what’s your guess - is the world changing 10 times, 20, 50 times faster than the education system? Whatever your answer it’s not good news for our children.


The Capital Flood & All-Time Stock Market Highs

Jul 21, 2016 — Michael Campbell

A failed Turkish coup, Italian Banking crisis, Brexit surprise, bloody terrorist attacks & negative interest rates destabilizing Governments has money flooding from Europe seeking safety and some kind of a return. North American assets are the best looking nag in the glue factory and the torrent shoots Stocks to all-time highs. Meanwhile the big trigger looms…. Read More…

Time For Concern

Jul 20, 2016 — Michael Campbell

To understand the proposed changes in the “enhanced” Canada Pension Plan is to understand the better ways for you to save for retirement.

The Dominant Driver of Capital World Wide

Jul 19, 2016 — Michael Campbell

The decline in confidence In the political establishment is the main factor affecting prices in Currencies, Bonds, Stocks & Precious Metals. Misunderstanding this trend will be expensive. The recent new highs in US Stock prices an example as money flees Europe. The ultimate reflection of the decline in confidence in Government will come when investment in US Treasury Bonds will no longer be seen to be safe.

Opportunities Everywhere

Jul 18, 2016 — Michael Campbell

Michael interviews one of his favorites, Paul Beattie, founding partner at BT GLobal Growth Fund. Paul brings his bracing and refreshing insights right off the bat starting out the interview with his frustration at missing some great investments in this complicated market.  If you haven’t heard Paul before you are in for a treat. No punches pulled, no fools unchallenged and no sacred market cows allowed!