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Michelle Horstman is a small business owner, artist and mother of three in Texas. Michelle also writes for NewsRealBlog and her personal blog can be found at Benfranklinslepthere.blogspot.com

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A Little Bit About Bitcoin: Is It Right for Your Business?

Jan 22, 2014 — Michelle Horstman

By now, most people have heard about a new currency called “bitcoins”, but bitcoins are still quite misunderstood and maligned. Browsing the Internet, you’ll find wildly diverse opinions on the virtual currency and its future. Despite this, many merchants are beginning to accept bitcoins for payment. Our interest was piqued recently when Overstock.com‘s CEO, Patrick Byrne, announced that Overstock would be accepting bitcoins as a legitimate form of payment. At the same time, he had plenty to say about Paul Krugman’s attack on Bitcoin, Krugman calling it “evil”. Their very different takes on Bitcoin seem to reflect the current diversity of opinions on Bitcoin in general.

The Audacity of Despair: Saving a Hopeless Generation

Sep 26, 2012 — Michelle Horstman

Despair: To lose or be without hope: “to despair of ever knowing”.
Hope: To wish for something with expectation of its fulfillment.  To look forward to with confidence or expectation.

It’s For Your Own “Social” Good

Sep 21, 2011 — Michelle Horstman

Sponsored by Mashable, the UN and 92Y, this week’s “Social Good Summit” in New York is just one more example of the nonstop networking between technology, radical environmental, government and foundation groups towards a communitarian-style global government for your own “good.” As with most of their social justice and environmental efforts, “good” is always in the title, as opposed to the “bad” people not going along for the ride.

The Dream Today: From Hope & Change to Despair & Rage

Aug 15, 2011 — Michelle Horstman

If there is any doubt that we are not right on target, as Obama has moved from the campaign’s “Hope & Change” slogan to the actual blueprint of “Despair & Rage”, let’s take a look at where we are today. An important pre-change stage, according to Obama’s inspiration, Saul Alinsky, appears to be where we are right now:

Dancing With Wolves (in Sheep’s Clothing)

Jun 3, 2011 — Michelle Horstman

Hey, kids! What are you doing this weekend? There’s a cool event going on this Saturday, June 4th at the Jefferson Memorial. Everyone is planning to meet and dance at the memorial. They did it last weekend to let “the man” know that no one can tell us when and where we can peacefully dance. It’s called “civil dance obedience”! Several protesters were arrested doing this last weekend and video shows some rough treatment. This seems unfair! None of us are against dancing, are we, and none of us want to see unnecessary force used. Shouldn’t we all turn up Saturday and dance?

This Weekend’s “PowerShift 2011”: Organizing for Socialism?

Apr 14, 2011 — Michelle Horstman

It is hard to keep up with the nonstop deluge of radical weekend retreats and workshops coming from the far left progressives these days. This weekend’s special event, Power Shift 2011, is billed as the largest organizer training session in history, with over 10,000 youth activists anticipated.

The Soros Media Power Grab

Apr 7, 2011 — Michelle Horstman

It should be clear to almost anyone how vitally important George Soros and his fellow progressives see the media as their winning ticket to cementing in their “change” agenda. Slated for this coming weekend, Dan Gainor with FoxNews.com has highlighted the Soros sponsored event “National Conference for Media Reform”, featuring the “Change the Media, Change the World” slogan. Be sure to read his piece to learn more about the players and the agenda involved with that event.

The Anti-Tea Party Fighting to Take Down Global Economies

Mar 25, 2011 — Michelle Horstman

When Glenn Beck tells you that an attack on our economic system has already begun, he’s not kidding. One of the major groups working towards “economic justice” is USUncut.orgJust launched in mid-February,USUncut is linked to the UKUncut group. Although billing itself as a spontaneous, grassroots “Tea Party for the Left”, USUncuts is also linked with SEIUand other98.com. You may recall that The Other 98 put together the “Celebrate the Dream” event in Washington last August in an effort to counteract Glenn Beck’s event.

Gamers of the World Unite!

Mar 9, 2011 — Michelle Horstman

Would you be concerned if you were to learn that there is an effort to indoctrinate young gamers into a progressive and revolutionary agenda using video gaming? Leaving no stone unturned when it comes to indoctrination, this is just one more tool in the progressive tech toolbox. It is imperative that we be aware of how this is happening and who is behind it.

More Disturbing Associations Coming from Movements.org

Feb 10, 2011 — Michelle Horstman

The unrest in Egypt has brought out many troubling associations in the past few weeks, followed by many unanswered questions. As outlined earlier this week in a piece by Judi McLeod, the State Dept. along with Google, Twitter and many corporate sponsors, have been backing Movements.org, where overseas radicals have been trained in using social networking to organize revolution. Following the continued activities of Movements.org, I have been disturbed to find further associations with anarchists, socialist groups and others whose main goal is the destruction of capitalism.

Academic Freedom Affects Us All

Oct 26, 2010 — Michelle Horstman

Reading David Horowitz’s latest book, “Reforming Our Universities: The Campaign for an Academic Bill of Rights”, reminds us of just how overwhelming the indoctrination is in today’s universities.

New Age Marxism: The Influence of Riane Eisler

Jul 27, 2010 — Michelle Horstman

In Parts One and Two, we talked about how today’s New Age movement has influenced Progressive thought and this administration’s agenda. We took a look at Lynne Twist, one of the major organizers in this effort, and her ever expanding network including names such as Van Jones, Maurice Strong and Marianne Williamson.

New Age Marxism: Meet the Players

Jul 15, 2010 — Michelle Horstman

In Part One, we talked about how the New Age Marxists are calling for a “shift” in our consciousness, closely aligned with goddess/feminist theology, to a Marxist utopia where the white, male “takers” of society are deindustrialized and disempowered, leaving us all in perfect harmony.

New Age Marxism Determining Obama’s Agenda

Jul 9, 2010 — Michelle Horstman

Taking a look at just three of this week’s big stories, can you identify what they have in common? Though very different stories, these along with many others have the same strong, underlying theme.