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Nathan Tabor is a dedicated husband and father who lives in Kernersville, North Carolina. He is passionate about applying God’s word to his personal and professional life and helping others do the same as an executive coach, speaker and business growth consultant. He is a businessman and entrepreneur who has successfully founded and owned over 25 businesses since 1999 that have grossed over $150 million in sales. Learn more about Nathan at

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Dyslexia, My Gift

Aug 14, 2017 — Nathan Tabor

I wrote this column to encourage others with dyslexia.  The layout is simple.  The paragraphs without parenthesis are my original words.  The paragraphs with parenthesis are my editor’s corrections.  Please share with others who struggle with dyslexia!

Growing up I didn’t know I had dyslexia.  I couldn’t read until I was in the third grade.  I’ve struggled my entire life to comprehend what I’m reading, to spell words properly, to understand the meanings of words and enunciate them.  Having to go back and read something three, four, five or more times is frustrating.  Especially when I still don’t understand it.  Now, if I hear something I don’t have the same struggles.

(For some kids, school always came easy. Reading, and even writing, seemed to be second nature to them. But in my case, school was a constant struggle. I couldn’t read until I was in third grade. I struggled to comprehend what I read, to properly spell words, to understand the meanings of words, and to enunciate them. Reading something three, four, five or more times was frustrating—especially when I still didn’t understand it. I dreaded tests. In fact, I hated them. My palms would sweat and my stomach hurt. To this day, I still hate the thought of taking a test.)

The True Steps to Becoming a Godly Man

Sep 25, 2016 — Nathan Tabor

What does it mean to be a man of God or a Godly man? It probably depends on who you ask and their unique perception. Some would say that being a man of God doesn’t sound like very much fun, while others would consider a man of this caliber to be utterly weak.

I have personally lived as a “split-rail” Christian for most of my adult life. I was open about my faith when asked and “tried” to live according to God’s word each day. But in reality, I had separated God from my life. I went about my day-to-day business using God when I needed Him and leaving Him out when not convenient. This dichotomy of existence caused internal issues within me that rose to the surface as both the inability to control my temper, frustration and bitterness.

Anxiety in the Workplace: Unspiritual and Self Destructive

Sep 1, 2016 — Nathan Tabor

One of the biggest problems facing today’s American workers is dealing with anxiety and fear in the workplace. Anxiety over performance, anxiety over competition, and anxiety over relationships with bosses and co-workers can all contribute to making your workplace a dreaded environment. Monday mornings suddenly look bleak and foreboding because of anxiety over starting the new work week.

While much has been written about fear and anxiety in the workplace, the underlying cause of that condition is a lack of faith in an omnipotent and loving God. Separation from the Lord leads to anxiety which, in turn, produces actions that sometimes can’t be undone. Those who are suffering from anxiety must remember that Christ expects his people to treat others with both love and kindness. But when you feel stressed or anxious, that’s a tough command to follow. Trust me. I have intimate knowledge with this concept.

Johns Hopkins Hospital Supports Pedophilia?

Aug 24, 2011 — Nathan Tabor

The sexual molestation of children by adults is a serious issue.  This is why I was appalled when I discovered a prestigious professor at Johns Hopkins University was an open advocate of—apologist for – pedophiles and pederasts (adults who have sexual relations with post-pubescent children).

The Radical Education Elite and Agenda 21

Jul 18, 2011 — Nathan Tabor

“The overarching goal of Agenda 21 is to establish international norms of personal behavior that are dictated by a group of the world’s so-called ‘enlightened elite’ who believe they know best how people ought to live therefore they should be allowed to tell the how they should live.”

Quietly We Go Like Sheep to the Slaughter

May 24, 2011 — Nathan Tabor

When President Jimmy Carter and the U.S. Congress created the U.S. Department of Energy, little did Americans know at the time that pencil-pushing bureaucrats would slowly and silently create a colossus centralized government power.

UN Resolution will legitimize persecution of Christians

Nov 8, 2010 — Nathan Tabor

“Remember the prisoners as if you were in prison yourself” Hebrews 13.3

At least 52 Iraqi Christians were killed and over 60 injured in a terrorist inspired bloodbath at Baghdad’s Our Lady of Deliverance Catholic Church. U.S. special forces troops, together with Iraqi security forces, launched a deadly attempt to free the Christian being held hostage by the terrorist captors.

Happy Birthday America!

Jul 1, 2010 — Nathan Tabor

Two-Hundred and Thirty-Four years ago, our Founding Fathers pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor—putting literally their lives, their wealth, and their reputations on the line—- to guarantee freedom for future generations. Because of their sacrifices, America is still the longest on-going constitutional republic in the history of the world. This is a blessing that we too often take for granted, states historian David Barton of Wall Builders.

Rewarding Failure, the Democrat Party Way

Jun 8, 2010 — Nathan Tabor

“We will remain focused on providing every resource we can to support the massive response effort underway at the Deepwater Horizon, but we are also aggressively and quickly investigating what happened and what can be done to prevent this type of incident in the future,” said Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar. 

EPA Jackboot Tactics and the Obama Agenda

May 29, 2010 — Nathan Tabor

While the Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats know that passing so-called environmental legislation will be a tough sell to the American people, the White House is bypassing the legislative process by using the Environmental Protection Agency.

What Happens in DC, Doesn’t Stay in DC

Mar 23, 2010 — Nathan Tabor

The more than $2.5 trillion-per-year American health care industry accounts for about one-sixth of the country’s gross domestic product. Obama’s repeatedly stated rationale for government intrusion into the private sector is that rising medical costs must be controlled because they risk destroying the entire U.S. economy.

Cross the Bridge to Life: Discover Your Adventure

Mar 16, 2010 — Nathan Tabor

Too many Christians have separated their Spiritual beliefs from their Political beliefs. For instance, we can find Pro-Life Christians and Pro-Choice Christians. What do you have to say about Christians who dismisses do not stand on the Truth of God’s Word in Politics.

We Are Not Ashamed; Are You?

Mar 5, 2010 — Nathan Tabor

School administrators in Texas face a federal lawsuit filed on behalf of three students, accusing the school district of refusing to allow children to carry or read the Bible.

The lawsuit, filed in Houston, alleges that a teacher pulled two sisters from class after discovering that they were carrying Bibles and threatened to have them picked up by child-welfare authorities.

An American Charity Slump?

Feb 9, 2010 — Nathan Tabor

The Obama Administration and both houses of the U.S. Congress are fast-tracking a number of programs designed to increase the size of what’s commonly known as the “welfare state”.

An American Charity Slump?

Feb 5, 2010 — Nathan Tabor

The Obama Administration and both houses of the U.S. Congress are fast-tracking a number of programs designed to increase the size of what’s commonly known as the “welfare state”.

Governors Blast Health Care Debacle

Jan 18, 2010 — Nathan Tabor

With the immoral and intrusive Obama health care plan on the verge of passing both houses of the U.S. Congress, twenty Republican governors and governors-elect sent a letter to the House and Senate leaders urging them to pass “meaningful health care reform, not hastily prepared partisan legislation which omits reform and saddles American taxpayers for generations to come.”

Democrats and Patriotism

Jan 14, 2010 — Nathan Tabor

Since the close call on Christmas Day, when a Northwest Airlines flight’s crew and passengers almost fell victim to a Jihadist from Nigeria, the Democrat Party leadership including President Barack Obama, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Senator John Kerry (still fuming over his loss to George W. Bush) and Representative John Murtha are all onboard for the war on terrorism.

Top 3 Things Obama Did Wrong to Families in 2009

Dec 10, 2009 — Nathan Tabor

It’s been quite a year for President Barack Obama. He has taken this nation’s government so far to the left that Bill Clinton sometimes looks conservative in comparison.

A Thanksgiving Revival

Nov 25, 2009 — Nathan Tabor

This past year has been a tough one for many, if not most, Americans. While fighting two fronts in the war on terrorism, we’ve had to contend with economic turmoil, soaring unemployment, political division and a growing sense that America’s best years are behind us.

Top Ten Reasons Why David Letterman Should Resign

Oct 13, 2009 — Nathan Tabor

Late-night talk host David Letterman has made hundreds of millions making fun of politicians who are caught up in major scandals, especially sexual blunders. And judging by his continued attacks against Sarah Palin, one may surmise he will not change a comedic formula that’s worked in garnering him millions of fans and even more millions of dollars.