Richard J. "Sarge" Garwood is a retired Law Enforcement Officer with 30 years service; a syndicated columnist in Louisiana. Married with 2 sons.

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No longer political puritans

Jan 18, 2016 — Sarge

While putzing around with the TV remote, I was afflicted with the Fox News Channel’s attempts to interview Chris Christie. It seems Christie, in his effort to be the “chosen one” the Republicans press forth to tilt at the windmill that is Hillary Clinton, is under fire for “pulling a Jindal” by removing himself from his duties as Governor [of New Jersey]. This places Christie in league with Rubio, Paul, and Cruz as each chases their dreams of ruling over the Washington Autocratic Bureaucracy instead of fulfilling prior campaign promises to serve their constituencies as Senators.

Agnostic intellectualism

Jan 4, 2016 — Sarge

I’m a curmudgeon, a cynic, a misanthrope, and a scoffer. I don’t believe in the unfettered altruism of any public servant sucking the blood from the public coffers.

They promote verbal solutions to problems they could instead solve if they simply got off their collective buttocks. Were they living in the real world, they’d be sitting in traffic immediately outside the ivory towers we know as the Department of Transportation and Development, (DOTD) Building and other dustbin collectives of Progressive politics, failing to get the job done while sitting on soft butts and collecting hard money. The fact is, the “NEW” Bridge has been obsolete since the day they cut the ribbon opening it. This is because the motoring public grows DAILY as teenagers obtain driver’s licenses and parents give them cars.


Nov 17, 2015 — Sarge

Where do I start? I know the beginning is the best place, but at this moment I find I’m not ready to go back to a time that was good but would act as a precursor for this moment. I can’t even spell correctly.

NO lone patriot

Nov 9, 2015 — Sarge

“You see there’s a difference between class and style. You got class, and I got style. And before we ever get to the courthouse you’re gonna know the difference between the two.” Larry Flynt

It’s always interesting to note how people grow, or cease to grow when confronted by change. I belong to a group of people seeking to enlighten and educate people to the fact liberal agendas are based on specific socialist principles clearly evident and patently offensive to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Too little too late

Oct 29, 2015 — Sarge

In an effort to look as though they’re doing something, anything similar to taking action, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee started procedures to impeach John Koskinen , the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Koskinen is implicated in a case of abuse of power where Tea Party organizations were punitively targeted and effectively stalled from receiving tax exempt status. Additionally he and Lois Lerner were responsible for giving false information and destroying email communications. Lerner was a supervisor in the system.

Criminally culpable

Oct 26, 2015 — Sarge

Under some criminal law statutes, criminal negligence is defined as any type of conduct that “grossly deviates” from normal, reasonable standards of an ordinary person. It generally involves an indifference or disregard for human life or for the safety of people.  Legal

After enduring hours of Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony wafting live over the airwaves like a methane miasma from a waste treatment plant, I believe there’s little to no hope for American government to return to its once hallowed position exhibiting truth, justice and the realization of the American dream (whatever the hell that’s morphed into).

Speedy Gonzales Syndrome

Oct 21, 2015 — Sarge

Senator David Vitter’s effort to challenge the “Sanctuary Cities” in Louisiana, as well as other states, was killed violently in the Senate. In a 54-45 vote against the legislation the Democrats (and some stupid Republicans) have decided “Sanctuary Cities” are more important than the safety and security of the residents of those specific cities.

Universal suffering

Oct 20, 2015 — Sarge

I wonder at the direction political parties travel in their efforts to become something popular at any given moment. Democrats were once the party of segregation and slavery while Republicans, newly minted as a political force championed the freedom of the masses. Democrats sponsored and endorsed the bondage of blacks while Republicans sought to manifest the deliberate acceptance and process demanded by the Declaration of Independence and recognizing “all men are created equal”. Democrats were Ku Klux Klan members and associates while Republicans were staunch abolitionists.

“Goobernatorial” debates

Oct 16, 2015 — Sarge

From what little I saw of the Goobernatorial Debates in Ruston, Louisiana, last night, I can honestly say a case of the “loosey-goosey” (Explosive Colonic Discharge) would have been more entertaining. Paint drying would have thrilled me more. At the very least, paint drying shows an overall differential from initial application to finished products. In this case nothing’s really changed.

Political hypocrites in action

Oct 15, 2015 — Sarge

Watching politics in Louisiana is similar to watching a tank rupture at a waste treatment plant. The collapse of simple sense is followed by a flowing torrent effluent sure to taint the numbnuts blowing up the structure.

Still fightin’

Oct 14, 2015 — Sarge

My new business card should read: “Sarge, fighting Republican duplicity and ignorance one stupid act after another!”  It’s a dead subject (at the moment) but Representative Kevin McCarthy’s idiotic statements about the House Select Committee’s Benghazi Special Committee shows just how insufferably stupid the Republican Party has become. I was recently advised there are 51 Republican Parties in America. There’s one Republican State Committee for each state and the Republican National Committee (RNC) in Washington.

“The Court”

Oct 13, 2015 — Sarge

This, like any form of commentary is a matter of personal opinion and as such is the moral equivalent of a rectum. Everybody has one and most all of them stink.  The Bill of Rights is a spectacular effort at defining governance and the protections from government and petty tyrants offered the individual. It is stellar in its impact and brilliant in its conception.


Oct 12, 2015 — Sarge

Some people noted I wasn’t publishing much lately. That’s true. I stopped because I go my nose out of joint and a major case of the chapped azz because some people decided I’m either no longer relevant and/or not worthy of being published because they refuse to pay $7 bucks a week for “award winning commentary”.

The quandary

Sep 10, 2015 — Sarge

I find myself in a quandary. I can’t decide which is more important: the saving of hundreds of thousands of Christian refugees looking to escape ISIS in the Middle East or recognizing the fact the migration leaves open the chance for radical Islamists to infiltrate western nations freely and deliver their mayhem with impunity.

Loyalty Pledges

Sep 3, 2015 — Sarge

“I Pledge Allegiance to the Republican/Democrat Party One party under guard without liberty of thought and with injustice for all”. (The New Pledge of Political Allegiance)

This should be the pledge signed by all people seeking to replace the Presidential administration presently in place in America.

Anchor babies/Human shields

Aug 25, 2015 — Sarge

Well, here we are. I warned you it was coming soon. The cannibals in the Republican Party are attacking each other.

I need a hero

Aug 21, 2015 — Sarge

One of the things any commentator must do is stay abreast of what’s going on in the galactic wasteland we know as politics. That means you read, study, dissect, execute moral judgments and valuation or devaluations (dependent on the political leanings of the politician in question and whether or not you agree with them in general) to simply express your curmudgeonly nature by carpet bombing the entire group en masse.

Origami pigeons

Aug 18, 2015 — Sarge

This election cycle is about as interesting as watching paint dry. So many candidates are doing no more than they’ve ever done with the exception of Trump. They’re all involved with the same pat promises, the same trite clichés and the same disdain for the American voting public as exemplified by Clinton.

Picking at scabs

Aug 17, 2015 — Sarge

Okay; so the Confederate Battle Flag is something offends some people and they want it banned. There are protesters demanding the monuments to Civil War commanders and participants be torn down and removed from the sight of those whose ancestors were subjugated to chains. This should be ranked up there with Book Burning, Forced Labor and eradication by race, religion or place of birth. It, in many ways, harkens back to when old Adolph goose stepped his way across Europe. Should we destroy the monuments and edifices devoted to those killed at Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen and Sobibor?

‘Nuff said!

Aug 13, 2015 — Sarge

I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out why it is that nobody ever looks Obama dead in his ugly mug and says: “That’s a lie”! I understand Political Correctness (PC) and scrape it off of my shoe as soon as I smell it. But, in an effort to at least appear PC, I could say: “That’s just not true!”